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Discover Your Blueprint for Success in Love

Did you know that your relationships have their own unique Designs?

This comprehensive 12-Module course with Live Q&A will give you step-by-step guidance on how to attract love and cultivate highly fulfilling relationships

What does your love-life look like in the post-pandemic world?

After a year of being shut in, isolated and lonely, how do we let love blossom and truly nurture those relationships that bring us joy?

What if you could easily transition into a place where love comes easily?

Where you can communicate freely and feel seen, heard and accepted by your partner at all times?

Where you can relax into an atmosphere of love, laughter and ease in your relationship?

Our “Love, Revealed” program offers you the opportunity to build, or revitalize a relationship that truly fulfills your needs and desires while supporting you in becoming a better partner for the one you love.

Do you wish you could find real and lasting love, and grow a meaningful relationship with your romantic partner?

Are you searching for a way to truly understand yourself and your partner, and learn how you two can thrive together?

Do you find yourself second-guessing your relationship every time you hit a rough patch?

Are you frustrated because you can’t resolve issues with effective communication?

Do you wonder how love fits into your life and how your romantic relationship can propel you to become the person you are destined to be?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then read on, because we have some truly exciting news to share with you…

Here’s the situation:

Falling in love and building a relationship are two very different things.

One is easy—instinctual, even—and the other takes conscious intent.

But the happiest couples know there is an art to living in love and nurturing a relationship that fuels passion.

It’s an art that takes dedication, practice, and willingness to fully know one’s partner.

What about YOU?

The fact is, YOUR romantic life is primed and ready to bloom.

But first you must understand you and your partner’s Relationship Design to reap the rewards of a truly extraordinary relationship.

Without this knowledge, you’re left to your own uncertainties and insecure tendencies, relying on past experiences to guide you, which is like sailing with a broken compass.

But when you have the right guidance you can find and maintain deeply fulfilling and inspiring Love.

It’s time to journey into
the heart and soul of your relationship…and
transform your love life forever..

To accept them unconditionally.

To love them fearlessly.

To rise above daily challenges and see the relationship from a new perspective–as the force of nature that it is and always will be.

If you want to create lasting harmony in your relationship, then join us for our 8-module Love, Re-Invented course, and we’ll show you how to:

Get totally clear on your relationship blueprint, so you can attract the love your heart desires.

Learn how your relationship is connected to, and serves your purpose.

Receive inside knowledge to understand your beloved, and learn how to relate in ways that keeps your love expanding!

We use charts of celebrities and celebrity couples to illustrate the Human Design fundamental relationship principles you will be learning and we bring the teaching material to life with examples we can all relate to.

Have your own charts with you during each module, where the world of relationship success will open up, as we guide you through a simple, easy to follow 3-step process that reveals your relationship patterns.


In our 8-module course, you will learn:

How your relationship inspires you to become the person you are destined to be

A powerful process for ensuring that you attract the right person for you

Have a clear vision of your beloved, and know what works best for him or her

What to teach your lover so you feel truly cherished

How to release fears and expectations so you are free to attract and nurture the love you desire

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Enroll in Love, Re-invented today, and you’ll have access to:

8, (eight) 60-minute video teaching classes, with Human Design and Love Relationship Experts, Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn.

Examples of celebrity or famous people’s Human Design relationship dynamics to help you connect the information to real life experiences we can all relate to.

Class materials and illustrations to help you remember and integrate the success principles you will be learning

Access to our private member center, where you can view each class and download class materials

FREE Yourself from the pain of loneliness or the despair of
unfulfilling relationship patterns.

Learn how to create lasting harmony in your love life

Read what one of our students has to say about how working with us helped her restore the love she cherished…

“The falling in love part was easy, but my husband and I used to struggle with every disagreement, so much that I began to question if we’d ever be happy again. Learning our Human Design dynamics with Chetan and Carola was a life-line for our love! I would never have been able to be in the love I am now with him without the understanding I got from Human Design about myself and certainly about my husband.”

Lynn Pollock, writer, professor of English Literature and Yoga Teacher, San Diego, CA

Reserve your place and experience unbridled
romantic fulfillment in your life!


Join us, and tap into the transformative power of love, no matter what your age, or how long you’ve been in a relationship.

Full Payment

One-time payment of $997

Payment Plan

$347 deposit today,

then 4 monthly payments of $197

Start seeing sparks.

Your blueprint for romantic success is here.

But, deep and lasting love doesn’t just happen on screen,
or in castles in far-away lands, the happiness and fulfillment of a loving relationship is possible for each one of us!

Read what one of our Human Design Students, Beata Wasiluk has to say about how Human Design has impacted her relationships…

“Human Design is a self- transformation, self- empowering tool… when you are in that restful space of yourself, you will see a ripple, and then a miracle will happen… And that is the whole power of Human Design.

I am a parent, and raising children with that awareness, allowing them to be who they really are and also allowing myself to be who I am as a mother has had a tremendous ripple effect to the world and to my closest significant others.”

Beata Wasiluk, Warsaw, Poland

In Jack Canfield’s forward to our newest book, The Book of Destinies, he says…

“My work with Chetan provided me with “Chicken Soup for the Soul” of an entirely unique nature—my life’s purpose was suddenly decoded and laid bare, in easy to understand language, allowing me to come to the inescapable conclusion that my soul had provided a perfect plan for orchestrating my life’s journey, even before I was born.

Having unequivocal acceptance of the people closest to us, and knowing that they deeply understand and accept who we are, has the potential to take our relationships to new levels of deep connection and profound fulfillment.”

Jack Canfield, Best-selling author, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, co-author of The Success Principles and a featured teacher in the movie, “The Secret”

Read what Becky Robbins, Co-Creator with Anthony Robbins of “The Giant Within” has to say about the power of Human Design in relationships


“Human Design unlocked an inner code I’d never encountered in other disciplines. This multi-faceted system also enabled me to understand the ‘designs’ of others, shining a light on certain behaviors and attitudes of those intimate in my world, including my children and friends… Carola’s gift of allowing an altered state of consciousness to pour through her affects me each time and I wouldn’t dream of navigating and negotiating this life without her!”

Becky Robbins, Artist, Writer, Philanthropist

While this course will help up-level your romantic relationships…
your family and business relationships will flourish too!

Full Payment

One-time payment of $997

Payment Plan

$347 deposit today,

then 4 monthly payments of $197

Reserve your place and unlock the secrets of lasting,
meaningful love and contentment!

Here’s what you’ll learn in each module:

The First Foundational Principle:

How we think, and what we believe, determines the way we experience our reality.

Human Design Principle One

Understanding the Centers:
Each of the nine HD Centers describes our unique expression of a Human Function, for instance, our way of processing information and how we communicate. There are nine Centers and the way each one is expressed is unique to each person.

The Second Foundational Principle:

 Whatever we imagine, when imbued with passion and repetition, ultimately becomes how we experience our life.

Human Design Principle Two

Understanding your HD Type, Part One:

The Three Energy Types; Manifestor, Generator, and Manifesting Generator. These HD Types are fueled by tremendous life-force or manifesting energy, or a combination of both

The Third Foundational Principle:

Love is a verb. The act of sharing love, creates more of it!

Human Design Principle Three

Understanding your HD Type, Part Two:

The Two, Non-Energy Types; Projector and Reflector. These HD Types are designed to advise and guide the life-force or creative energy exerted by the energy types.

The Fourth Foundational Principle:

Creating is an art form that has little to do with talent, and a lot to do with persistence.


Human Design Principle Four

The Six Authorities:

Each of us has a unique way of making personally correct decisions for every choice we ever make.

The Fifth Foundational Principle:

Good communication is the one essential factor for relationship fulfillment that flourishes over time, through the years and decades.


Human Design Principle Five

The Mutual Authorities:

In relationship, we learn to distinguish between our own way of coming to the right decision, and our partner’s way, which can be quite different. We are introduced to the process of mutual decision making, by Design.

The Sixth Foundational Principle:

Using visualization and holding positive expectations with the understanding that we are co-creators of our life is the fastest path to success, unless we are attached to an outcome.

Human Design Principle Six

Combining Charts, The HD of our relationships:

Using Celebrity charts as examples, discover what a HD Relationship chart can reveal

The Seventh Foundational Principle:

Creating true intimacy involves being willing to be fully transparent and speak our Truth, with love

Human Design Principle Seven

The voices; learning the unique ways we express:

Discovering the impact of our speech and understanding our partner’s unique way of expressing

The Eighth Foundational Principle:

Be true to yourself and become the person your Soul Mate will desire, respect, and cherish.

Human Design Principle Eight

An introduction the entire HD Life Chart:

Overview of Simple HD Essentials: Centers, Type, Authority, Expression and Relationships. HD Principles, and HD Resources

When we love, we risk everything… we put our hearts on the
line, and an amazing transformation happens!


Join us for an exploration of your Relationship Design, and
Learn the success principles you need, to
Create the love and fulfillment you desire.


Get Access Today, and tap into the transformative
power of love, no matter what your age, or how long
you’ve been in a relationship.

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One-time payment of $997

Payment Plan

$347 deposit today,

then 4 monthly payments of $197