Training in Human Design for Business Owners, Coaches, Counselors and Educators

Do you know that it is your calling to help others expand their awareness and enrich their lives? If you answered, “Yes!” then I invite you to watch our video to discover your next step!

In Human Design, you will have a tool of incomparable power.

Used with skill, it will bring profound and lasting change to your clients. As a Human Design practitioner, you will have the privilege of watching people discover their own Design — often hidden from them since birth. You’ll see them begin to break free of conditioning and unfold their lives in alignment with their real nature.

Professional trainings with Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in your Human Design practice. The trainings strike a balance between theory and experiential learning, and ensure you acquire both the know-how and the confidence to practice effectively.

Successful completion of the training provides you with a respected Certificate as a Human Design Practitioner.

Human Design Consultant Training, Level One

Origins and Synthesis of Human Design

The Life Chart- Introduction to Basic Components

  • Calculation and Definition
  • The Function of the Nine Centers- Defined/Undefined
  • Conscious/ Unconscious Activations and Definition
  • Split Definitions in the Life Chart
  • A Study of The Five Types:    Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Reflector
  • Introduction to 6 Lines
  • Introduction to The 12 Profiles
  • Introduction to the Six Types of Authority
  • Decision Making Process/Authority
  • Study Guide and Preparation for Level Two
Human Design Consultant Training, Level Two

Linking the Basic Elements: Circuitry and Channels

Review Centers, Types, and Decision-Making, Lines and Profiles

  • Introduction to Circuitry
  • Circuitry and Reading Circuit Groups in Design
  • Comprehensive Overview of the 36 Channels
  • The Creative Channels
  • The Direct Manifesting Channels
  • The 11 Generator Channels
  • The Projector Channels
  • Study Guide, Group Coaching Sessions and Preparation for Level Three
Human Design Consultant Training, Level Three

The 64 Gates, Relationships, Transits & Returns, and an Introduction to the structure of the 112 Incarnation Themes

Review- Circuitry and The 36 Channels

  • The 64 Gates in the Life Chart
  • An Introduction to Basic Relationship Dynamics in Human Design
  • Relationships, Example Charts
  • Relationships, class participation
  • Introduction to the Human Design Reading
  • Linking all Elements in the HD Life Chart
  • Class participation, Reading Segments
  • Introduction to Planets, Chiron and the Nodes
  • Planets in Gates
  • Transits, and Example Charts/ Current Events
  • Origin and Make-up of Incarnation Themes
  • Class Materials, Specialized learning notes, Group Coaching Sessions and Preparation for Level Four- Professional Certification Program
Human Design Consultant Training, Level Four

Reading the (Incarnation) Life Themes and "Giving the Reading" Overview, Structuring and Practice

This is a LIVE, Five Day Immersive training with Three Practicum sessions.

Intro to Professional Certification

  • Reading the (Incarnation) Life Themes, A guided practice session
  • Gates Overview, written quiz: Name and describe the 64 Gates
  • Channels Overview, quiz: Name and describe the 36 Channels
  • Beginning the Reading: Intro Reading Formula


Overview, Type, Authority, Profile

  • One to One Process~ Practice with charts provided in partners
  • Reading for Reflectors
  • Remainder of Reading Formula
  • Integration of chart factors
  • Intro to Reading the Lines and Demonstration


Giving the Reading

  • Review Reading Formula, Sharing 
  • Practice giving Readings
  • Continue, Practice the Reading Formula, with Feedback
  • Discussion, Recommendations for Improving Reading Delivery
  • Professional Reading Demo
  • Practice: Giving HD Reading
  • Relationship Readings, The Formula
  • Demo Relationship Readings
  • One to One Process~ Relationship Reading practice
  • The Complete Reading: Demo
  • Practice Giving Complete HD Reading
  • One to One Process
  • HD Reading practice
  • Group Sharing about Readings
  • Setting up Professional Practice; Ethical Principles
  • Practical and Business Aspects of Conducting a Private Practice


Our next Live, in-person training will be in 2020. Dates to be announced soon!

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