The Human Design Chart and How to Step out of Your “Comfort-Zone”.

How many times in your life have you been told to “step out of your comfort zone”? We are all constantly told to take risks, to break out of our routines and collect new experiences. Yet, so few of us actually do it. Why is that? Your Human Design Chart might hold the secret.

The simple answer is that stepping out of our comfort zone and taking big risks is, well…risky. It is perfectly natural to fall into a comfort zone, to reduce your stress and risk by limiting our activity to safe, predictable patterns. After all, the world is an unstable place, so it’s extremely tempting to try to minimize our anxiety.


Human Design Chart


But what happens when it doesn’t work? When staying in our comfort zones actually increases anxiety? More often than not, staying in our comfort zones, while making us feel safe, leaves us feeling dull and unfulfilled. It can leave us with a nagging need to get more out of life, a deep yearning for vibrancy and excitement,for challenges and problems to solve.




And this in and of itself can sow the seeds of resentment and anxiety. And it is this phenomenon that makes the comfort zone anything but comfortable.


This is also why we are so often told to break out of our comfort zones and try new things. But usually what people mean by that is to superficially break up the mundanity with short-lived excursions like traveling to an exotic destination, skydiving, etc. These superficial breaks from the ordinary certainly have their value in helping us decompress and add a colorful pop of excitement to our lives here and there. But, then it’s back to the same old routine, and the same old unfulfilled feeling.


If all we do is take breaks from our comfort zones only to return right away, that feeling will always be there. That’s because that feeling has always been there. That feeling is our soul, our center, our truth-telling us that it lives for something more, that it isn’t satisfied with the current routine. And no amount of skydiving or trips to Morocco will trick the soul into feeling fulfilled. So how do we break out permanently? How do we find a new zone, one that offers not just comfort, but joy, abundance, and deep soul-level satisfaction?


The answer is within your Human Design Chart.



We are all born with a purpose in this life. When we come into the world, we enter as our authentic selves, untouched by the influences of society and unburdened by the weight of expectation. Our souls know the path we are born to follow in life. But, as the world begins to interfere, we lose sight of it. And that is when we become susceptible to settling for what’s comfortable, rather than following our inner truth.


That is why your Human Design Chart is such a powerful ally in this life. By delving into every aspect of your personality and revealing who you really are on the genetic level, Human Design strips away the marks left on us by outside influence and social pressure to reveal our authentic selves and realign us with our original path and purpose.


This process frees us to have the courage to take that leap out of our comfort zones, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that we are doing what’s right for ourselves.


This leap can take many shapes. It can mean a career change, a new relationship, a big move, or just a new way of relating to yourselves and others. But no matter what shape it takes, the feeling of coming into alignment with your purpose is amazing.


Understanding your Human Design Chart is like opening a door to a new world of opportunities and new levels of potential success and growth. And once you step through it, that nagging feeling that you want something more out of life begins to dissipate, because you finally know what that “something more” is, and you know how to get it.


If you’d like a sample of what your Human Design Chart might be able to tell you about yourself, you can get your free Human Design report here.


Warmest Wishes,








Chetan & Carola

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