Carola Eastwood

Carola Eastwood has been a Human Design consultant, teacher and coach since 1999.

Prior to that she had an established counseling practice and an Astrology clientele in Santa Fe, NM and in San Diego, CA. She has been author of the monthly column, “Planetary Cycles” published by the Life Connection since 1988, and is a highly acclaimed astrological consultant, intuitive counselor, and transformational Business Success Coach. Carola has appeared on national TV, hosted radio shows, and spoken at national conventions.

As a young woman, Carola discovered her passion to help others awaken to a richer view of themselves and their world, through finding their inner essence, that core of being within each of us that is our Spirit expressing in form.

She participated in years of post-graduate training in a variety of human development disciplines, including psychology, psychosynthesis, past life healing therapy, intuitive reading arts, and the science of spirituality. When she discovered Human Design, she realized that this was the missing piece of the puzzle in helping others to change their consciousness, transform old patterns and create their own destiny.

Today, she co-presents Human Design seminars and trainings alongside her husband and partner, Chetan Parkyn. Carola created the Human Design Experiential Seminars as a tool to quickly get in touch with one’s own Design, and with the Designs of others, so her clients and students live a highly empowered life. She also assists Chetan in presenting their ground-breaking Human Design Consultant Trainings. 

Recently, Carola co-authored “The Book of Destinies: Discover the life you were Born to Live”, published by New World Library, 2016.

Find out how you can qualify for a no-cost, 20 Minute Personal Discovery Session with Carola to learn how you could benefit from her ground-breaking “Life Path” readings. . .

“Carola has an amazing gift that will open your eyes.”

“I have worked with Carola for approximately the last 5 years. I cannot recommend her more highly. This is an amazing process, an amazing journey… learning about probably the most important thing in your life, which is knowing yourself. She has an amazing gift that will open your eyes… through Human Design and her Astrological work.

I still to this day look back on my chart [readings] and find things that I see coming into play now, and it’s exciting, enjoyable and fun!”

Deborah Read, Film Director and Actress, Santa Monica, CA


“Working with Carola helped me to get access and connection to my soul’s path and to the deeper purpose of my work…”

“I came to work with Carola at a point in my business where I had kind of maxed out my growth and I really didn’t know how to get beyond where I was. It was as if my own sort of strategic, rational mind had gone as far as I could take it. I needed guidance in terms of what was beyond that. Working with Carola helped me to get access and connection to my soul’s path and to the deeper purpose of my work. And to resolve some experiences in my life that were holding me back. I am very grateful for that…”

Ron Wilder, CEO, Aligned Action


“My life has magically changed!”

“I’ve been working with Carola for over a year, and my life has magically changed as a result. Her tremendous gifts of healing, transformation, counseling, coaching, and insight coupled with her incredible wisdom of astrology and Human Design make her truly unique and absolutely perfect as a guide and mentor for me to step into the full expression of who I am and the work I am here to do in the world. I have grown more than I thought possible over the last year, and as a result, am stepping into a much bigger role of service and contribution in the world than I never allowed myself to imagine, but knew somewhere deep down inside was my true purpose. I am eternally grateful for her love, friendship, devotion to my true unfoldment and her amazing presence. She is a guide among guides!”

Nancy Monson, Executive Coach