The Human Design Reading and Awakening in the Age of Sleep

What does it mean to wake up? Not from a nap, or a deep restful sleep, but from the sleep of life. What does it mean to truly awaken to yourself and your destiny? And how can a Human Design reading help you do it?


We are living in an age of sleep.

This may seem counterintuitive because we are currently living in an incredibly frenzied world full of mass anxiety. But it is precisely this state of frantic anxiety that gave birth to the current age of sleep.

As life grows more hectic and confusing, people sometimes feel forced to turn inward. Some of us begin to repress our desires, dreams, and authenticity in order to get along and handle the day to day tasks of life.

We enter this world with a clear, distinct purpose and the clarity to accomplish that purpose. Then, over time, as we are inundated with a multitude of social and economic pressures, many of us lose sight of our truth.

Overburdened by work and arbitrary ideas about what we need to do in order to be considered “successful” in life, our once crystal-clear vision of our purpose is diminished. It gets reduced to a dull feeling of yearning. That feeling you get when you think about an alternate path you might have taken. That feeling of wanting, and needing, more out of life.

Modern technology and the nonstop hamster wheel of daily life keeps us busy, distracted and exhausted. It prevents us from being with ourselves and being in ourselves, and in turn prevents us from being able to express ourselves.

At that point, many of us stop listening to that inner voice calling out for more. We stop searching for our truth and our purpose. And instead we turn our energy toward accomplishing those same daily tasks we never set for ourselves in the first place. This is sleeping.

So, how do we wake up?

Now, We’re not trying to paint an overly dreary picture of life here. And this is certainly not to say that there is no happiness or pleasure to be found in this state of “sleep”. But what we miss when we live life in this condition is the deep soul-level joy and fulfillment that comes from living the lives we were born to live.

If we could point to one thing that has transformed our own lives more than anything else, it would be the first time we had a Human Design reading. We immediately saw—literally, in bright living color—exactly how we were struggling to live up to our purpose and potential.

And by revealing our true paths, the paths we had strayed from long before, our Human Design readings helped to jolt us out of our slumber. It showed us the life we had been missing out on. It allowed us to see our lives as outside observers. Which enabled us to witness all those little details and blemishes we missed when we were stuck in sleep.

When we are able to do this, to tap into our foundational purpose and access the deep authentic core of ourselves, we truly experience ourselves. We once again see, with that original unfiltered clarity, exactly what we are meant to do in this life, and how to do it.

We begin to feel the power surge of that previously repressed essence of our one-and-only selves. And we are able to release the entirety of our natural potential into the world. The resulting feeling is one of absolute freedom. Freedom from expectation and self-doubt. freedom from past resentments and that nagging feeling of wanting “something more” from life.

This is awakening. And it all begins with a Human Design reading.


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