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Every Human Design Life Chart tells a story …… and describes a life journey in so many different ways. There are countless single aspects within a chart that go towards describing an individual, and it is always a bit of a challenge to pick out the most salient details and weave them together to fit in one short article. However, the beauty about any Human Design Life Chart is that we are looking at a genetic continuity …. everything in the chart is holographic and interrelated, painting a coherent picture that perfectly describes the person at the center of their life.
In this article we look at the Life Chart of Donald Trump, a man who delights in forcefully playing many roles in life …. exactly what we would come to expect of someone with his Manifesting-Generator Chart and a completely open Self Center!

In Donald’s Garden

‘The Donald’ is born into the Incarnation of ‘The Garden of Eden’ entering into a lifetime of sensing there is always room for improvements in the ways things happen on earth. Those born into this Incarnation arrive with particular abilities and a certain brightness in themselves that they tend to equate with their environment and with what happens to them in it (rather than necessarily what’s going on inside them).

This brightness is severely challenged within the first 5 years of their life when they are shocked to find that the people around them are not operating in integrity, in fact, generally the people around them are consistently disgracing themselves. Those with this Incarnation Theme feel devastated, completely let down and easily react by devoting themselves to rebuilding their ‘Garden of Eden’ in any way they can through their activities and relationships. Their whole life can be spent chasing moments of bliss in partnerships and hasty interactions, business triumphs and disasters, unrealistic diversions, crises situations, ego stimulation and whatever it takes to give themselves that thrill or taste of brightness again. They can go through multiple relationships, jobs, associations, businesses, living situations, trends, diets, drugs, fashion tastes and money often blaming others for any problems and misunderstandings experience and whatever they might consider gets in the way of their sustaining access to their ‘Garden.’

Ultimately, anyone born into this Incarnation has to come to appreciate the Garden is within themselves and that they are responsible for their own environment by finding and holding to an inner balance. When they come to appreciate and accept this, their life takes a completely different turn. Of course, some arrive at this understanding sooner than others, and unfortunately, some never get it at all during their whole life.

Now to Donald’s Life Chart:

As I’ve mentioned, he has a Manifesting Generator Chart, with a particular emphasis on the ‘Manifesting’ part …. He has the Manifesting Channel of Transitoriness (35 -36) that gives him a direct connection between his Emotion and Throat Centers, a hallmark of someone with multiple fleeting interests and a relatively short attention span. Being colored pink, this Channel is a part of Donald’s unconscious makeup, and activated by his unconscious Sun placement (inherited from Dad) in Gate 36, ‘Crisis Resolution,’ and Line 3 ‘Breaking Out; Finding the Point of Transition from Darkness to Light,’ and his unconscious Uranus, (the planet of Awakening) in Gate 35, ‘Progress,’ and Line 3 ‘Combining; You tend to take a pivotal role in everything often disregarding other peoples’ roles.’ Anyone with this Channel speaks with emotion in their voice, and as we know, emotion not only sells but it unsettles the senses of others to either be in strong accord or strong disagreement.

Donald’s Money Channel

With his defined manifesting ‘Money Channel,’ (21 – 45), Donald has applied himself to the realms of money, property and wealth all his life, forging empires and persuading people to engage in owning shares in his properties. Surviving several close brushes

with bankruptcy by negotiating deals with banks and lenders, and attaining a strong business profile he appears to have come to a point of stability in his financial affairs, enough by which he can sponsor his own political ambitions (an expensive affair in the United States).


Intimate Donald

Donald’s Channel of Intimacy (6 – 59) is again colored pink, and activated by his unconscious Earth (Mom’s genetic input) in Gate 6, ‘Conflict Resolution’ and Line 3, ‘Having Reservations; Achieving emotional clarity comes by making and breaking commitments with alertness,’ pointing towards a life of increasing confidence in making and breaking agreements and deals, and his unconscious Moon activation in Gate 59, ‘Intimacy/Dispersion’ and Line 6, ‘Being Discerning; You develop a sense over time of how, what, when and who suits you in your intimate life.’ For anyone on the receiving end of Donald’s ‘intimacy,’ they will come to appreciate they have been hand-picked because they have the qualities that he senses are right for his disposition, or off-handedly dismissed because they do not measure up (as in: “you’re fired!”).

The Organizer

Donald’s fourth Channel is that of ‘The Organizer,’ (17 – 62) between Mind and Throat Centers. This particular Channel has the means to express concepts in such a compelling way that it is hard to disqualify them. All statements that are made through this Channel have a kind of logic behind them that can be disputed but not easily over-ruled ……. as to whether the statements are accurate, consequential, and relevant is another matter. Donald’s Gate 17, ‘Following/Opinions’ is activated by his unconscious Venus in Line 2, ‘Assessing; You prefer company that moves you to a higher appreciation of life,’ inclining him to have people around him who share his points of view, and his Gate 62, ‘Applied Details’ activated by his conscious Saturn (self-discipline) in Line 4, ‘Being Patient; Being watchful for principled opportunities,’ involving principles that are entirely subject to Donald’s appreciation, timing, and platform, and conscious Venus in Line 6, ‘Accepting Limits; Recognizing practical limits in all your endeavors,’ indicating that Donald is very savvy when coming to terms with what is able to be applied practically.


In the next article, we’ll draw together these different aspects of Donald’s Design as well as his Human Design Profile with the undefined areas of his Life Chart and outline exactly ‘where’ Donald is coming from in his life journey.

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