Loose Cannon Syndrome (Part II)

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The phrase “Loose Cannon” has two meanings, one historical, and one more idiomatic:

  1. (nautical) A cannon that breaks loose from its moorings on a ship during battle or storm, which has the potential to cause serious damage to the ship and her crew.
  2. (idiomatic, by extension) An uncontrolled or unpredictable person who causes damage to their own team, faction, political party, country, planet, etc.



In Part 1, I described how the times and Universal energies are changing radically, and affecting the levels of consciousness on earth. Things are not going back to any semblance of what they were even a year ago, at least not for another 27,000 years, in case there is still life on this earth.

We are firmly through and into the threshold of the Aquarian Age, and as such are in a time of shifting our consciousness into a higher realization. This means not only rearranging how our minds work, but also raising our emotional awareness to realign once again with our spirit nature, and attuning our bodies to a whole new paradigm of healthiness.

Religions have always talked about spirit as being something separate from us.  Now we are coming to the time when we embody spirit once again, so there is no longer any sense of separation between body and soul, the physical and the otherworldly, the material and the spiritual. Love is the glue. Self-love the best glue!


I grew up in a household in England that would have clearly seen itself as politically Conservative in nature.  My father was a wealth-maker who contributed through his genius into the lives of thousands of people who worked for his company. He had a photographic memory and on seeing one of his employees, knew the person’s name and what that person’s work involved. Every employee received a Christmas and birthday bonus, and every employee’s wife flowers when a new child was born.  It was a different age of the conservative/capitalist model.

My father retired from his company in the early 60’s and three years later it was taken over by a corporation. Within a couple of years, the assets were stripped, the company terminated and the employees disbursed. What had been a highly successful company existed no more, and several thousand people had to find new employment. No gold watches were handed out anymore.

Watching this phenomenon take place in my teen years, I caught a sense of where industry and employment was going. Business was becoming less personal, and corporations were becoming faceless entities that justified everything through profits.

Ultimately profits went to CEOs and shareholders rather than the employees.

Moving on in time, this scenario has been playing out as the set piece for the whole world, expanding a huge divide between the assets of rich and poor. The boss and the worker. It is an old and outdated model.

During my engineering apprenticeship, watching the stampede to the factory gates when the end-of-day whistle went off, convinced me something was very wrong in the manufacturing industry.  It all made me very leery about joining any kind of corporate business. Salary alone, paycheck to paycheck was never going to be enough for the energy I put into my life and work.

We are not so very far away from times when people were considered to be “property.” In fact, in certain circumstances there exists still an attitude that slavery, indentured servitude and gross manipulation of individuals, young and old, is still present. The coming times will sweep such attitudes away entirely.


The statement that “the robots are coming” is already obsolete. The robots are already here, as is the age of Artificial Intelligence. The concept that we have careers or jobs that span our lifetime and through which we give ourselves titles and labels is vanishing fast. Signing up to become a lawyer or a doctor is very questionable as these pursuits will evaporate as a standardized online Logical Law system is implemented, and a Universal interconnected Artificially Intelligent Medical system takes over, leaving very few niche specialist jobs in the future.

With the implementation of the self-driving car, who needs a license to drive? With the arrival of flying cars, who needs roads and freeways to maintain? We are in a natural trajectory towards the end of the age of the wheel. (There are ancient cities in India whose passageways are too narrow for any wheel-drawn vehicle, indicating there are previous ages that have not needed wheels).


Right now, the concept of making something “great again” is ridiculous unless you are a Luddite and a Conservative/Regressive. So much of what has been considered great, or even necessary is gone. Three-D printers will become household basics, just like fridges and kitchen sinks have been, and humans involved in manufacturing factories will give way to robots.

Continuing to overpopulate the planet because of obsolete religious doctrines, blindly polluting the land, oceans and atmosphere as though nothing was being permanently affected, pretending that school systems are actually providing education and that politics and politicians are really capable of solving anything is ludicrous. The future is calling urgently to visionaries and not powerbrokers.


So, what happens when your job, career, or ”essential” lifestyle evaporates? What happens when there is no commute, no need for you to be on-call or to be busy producing something? When you are no longer considered “necessary” in a world moving away from its purely material nature? When you are no longer paid or honored materially for your efforts?

The tendency has been when material resources are stripped away or material imbalance is overwhelming that suffering, crime, revolution or ultimately war take place. In an intelligent consciousness, these outcomes are impossible. The question for the world is whether we can make the shift from an out-dated tendency involving victimhood and violence, to calm and creativity. Can the world divert a third (or more) of its energy from destruction (Guns, Bombs, Armaments, Military, Cyberwarfare, Racism, Politics) to Creative pursuits?

Can we, as a global population divert our attention from a mindless continuation of following materially-driven leaders and patterns that are obsolete, and engage with our gifts for creativity? Can we side-step the potential to become ships without rudders, or loose cannons without a secure harness, and ease towards our natural creativity?

In the third article in this series, we’ll have a look at some of the loose cannons in various places and institutions around the world, and consider whether we really need to pay attention to them, or simply open the gunwales and sluices and pitch them overboard.

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