Human Design Basics: Relationships


We’ve all experienced relationships that just simply don’t work 


It could be an impossible work partnership, a friendship that soured, or a marriage that fell apart. Sometimes two people just can’t seem to figure out how to be together in a way that’s healthy, productive, and understanding. Learning the Human Design Basics Can Help.

More often than not, when a relationship falls apart the two parties end up blaming one another. Everyone who has ever left a bad relationship walks away with a laundry list of reasons why the other person is at fault. That’s because we are all experts at finding faults in others, and generally hopeless when it comes to recognizing our own shortcomings. But even when we are able to recognize our own faults and try to learn from them, we often still find ourselves running into similar problems in our next relationships.


Why is that?

When we enter a new relationship, we often do so blindly. Now, usually, when people say this, they mean that we fall in love and become blinded to our new partner’s flaws. But We’re talking about a different type of blindness here. Not a simple blindness to our own faults, but a more general blindness, a blindness to who we truly are.

So many of us end up sacrificing our own needs. We make compromises and concessions in service to the relationship. This can lead to a major buildup of resentment further down the road. And we often do this unknowingly. We don’t notice we are sacrificing our own needs because most of us don’t really know exactly what we really need to thrive in a relationship.



Here’s Where Learning Human Design Basics Comes in Handy

What Human Design does is offer a crystal-clear road-map of exactly who you are at the core of your being. A detailed illustration of our true identity and the authentic roots of our soul’s truth. When we possess this information, we are equipped to enter any relationship with our eyes wide open. We also discover exactly who we are and what we need in order to work, communicate, and love—completely—with our partners.

This eliminates the problems of self-denial, resentment, and blame that cause so many relationships to stumble. And when both tune-in to the various dynamic relationships between their respective Designs, the possibilities truly begin to blossom.

Imagine being in a partnership where neither of you has to guess what’s going on in the other’s mind when something seems to rub them the wrong way. What if you didn’t have to ask yourself if it’s best to give your partner some space? Imagine knowing exactly how to interact, communicate, and relate with each other in each and every situation. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to feel truly understood, seen, and supported, without having to worry about how you might be received, then now is the time to get started learning Human Design basics by getting your free Human Design Report. Now is the time to experience the relationship you never thought was possible.



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