Astrology, Human Design & Living Your Best Life: Part 1


I have recently noticed a significant upsurge in the interest in astrology throughout the world. And this is especially true among younger people. And as someone who spent the better part of her life practicing the discipline, I welcomed this news with open arms. However, this tidal wave of new interest in astrology brings with it some misconceptions. So, what is astrology? What is it capable of doing? What are its Limitations? And how do astrology, human design, and other disciplines work together to make a healthier happier, more successful you?


I have spent the past 33 years writing about, teaching, and practicing astrology, so I firmly believe in the value it offers. But I’m also inspired to clear up some common misunderstandings about what it does and point out a few of its relative limitations.


Astrology is extremely valuable when it comes to giving us the ‘why’ of our lives. That is to say, it can help us to understand why we are the way we are. However, many people who are new to astrology seem to carry the misguided belief that it is a complete system for solving all of life’s problems. It is not…but more on that later. First, I’d like to explain some of its key benefits.


What Are the Key Benefits of Astrology?

Astrology can help us to look back on key events in our past with a fresh understanding of how they have contributed to who we are. This, in turn, helps us to reframe some of the major challenges we’ve faced in our lives. In this respect, it can be extremely cathartic and therapeutic, in that it puts major events and life challenges into an entirely new perspective; we begin to see the gift of every event.


Astrology can also be helpful in our relationships. It can give us detailed insight into the minds and the characteristics as well as the life purpose of our loved ones, colleagues, and partners in life. This is helpful in teaching us how we can better communicate with one another in order to avoid conflicts and reduce the friction in our relationships. When we accept each other fully, we create an atmosphere in which love can flourish.



Astrology can also help us to look into the future and discover what energies lie ahead in our various cycles. This can help us to know when to expect challenges, the nature of these challenges, and the soul-purpose behind them, as well as when to expect certain opportunities for personal growth and professional success.


In these respects, astrology can be a very powerful tool. As we travel the sometimes rocky roads of life, astrology can guide us a great deal. It tells us a very important part of our stories. But it doesn’t give us the whole story. And that’s where its limitations arise. And that’s where we begin to see the benefits of what some have called “The New Astrology”: Human Design.


What are the Limitations of Astrology?

While astrology gives us the ‘Why’ and often, the ‘When’ of our lives, it does not give us the ‘How’. While it might help us to understand why and when we might face certain challenges, it does not tell us exactly how to overcome them. And while it might tell us why and when we might find opportunities for success, it does not tell us exactly how to take advantage of them. As a 21st Century awareness system, Human Design comes in to complete the picture.


In my next blog post, I will delve deeper into this key difference and explain how Human Design integrates astrology into a synthesis of key life diagnostics in order to offer the ‘How’ of understanding and navigating life.


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