Loose Canyon Syndrome (Part I)


  • Loose Canyon Syndrom (Part I)
  • Global Shift
  • A Natural Progression
  • Past Ages
  • The “New” Aquarian Age
  • Accepting our Unique Part as Individuals

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The phrase “Loose Cannon” has two meanings, one historical, and one more idiomatic:

  1. (nautical) A cannon that breaks loose from its moorings on a ship during battle or storm, which has the potential to cause serious damage to the ship and her crew.
  2. (idiomatic, by extension) An uncontrolled or unpredictable person who causes damage to their own team, faction, political party, country, planet, etc.


The world is going through massive changes on multiple levels of consciousness. All people and living creatures are being affected by these changes whether they have realized it or not.

In earlier times, humanity would look to their leaders and statesmen to make qualified decisions for the betterment of the world around them. In these times, such traditional ways are no longer as feasible and need a radical update. 

The world is always seeking to find a balance, whether that happens through nature making needed adjustments to the Earth’s environment because of apparent local changes, or because there are events in the Universe around her that require modifications.

The apparent local changes involve things like climate change and a rearrangement of water levels in the oceans and underground water-tables, and weather patterns throughout the world. 

Some of the more gradual but equally dramatic Universal changes that directly affect human (and other) levels of consciousness, are brought on by the ever-so gradual tilting of the Earth’s axis towards other parts of the Universe, as our Solar System spins around the center of our Galaxy.


  This rotational process has been called the “Progression of the Equinoxes,” and one complete

revolution has been considered to take around 29,920 earth years

In our place in our Galaxy, we are over the threshold into what we can call the “Aquarian Age,” as our planet Earth aims towards the star systems of Aquarius.  As such, consciousness is being subjected to some very different Universal frequencies for the first time in 29,290 years. No wonder things are getting stirred up!

Some of these changes of the Ages have been recorded previously, but because these changes can bring about such completely different instances for human consciousness, much of the reality, lifestyles and events of these ages has been lost to myth and legend.

Inevitably there are still today monuments, mostly in stone or rock, left behind by these previous ages that defy modern-day explanation in terms of their technical achievements. Places like the Ellora Caves in India, the Pyramids and temple structures and paintings in Egypt, the Nasca formations in Peru, Pyramids and temples in the Chinese hinterlands and Central America to name a few.


There was an Age of the Bull, celebrated by Minoan and other cultures, when our Earth was tilted towards the “Taurus” part of our Milky Way Galaxy.

This was followed by the “Arian” Age, and documented as the time Moses led Jewish people out of enslavement in Egypt, and his concerns with a worshipped “Golden Calf” that was relating to a passing Age. This Aries Age opened a time of husbandry involving sheep, goats and other varieties of livestock, and also an age of mental development, monotheism and military action around the world.

Next came the “Piscean” Age, starting approximately 2400 years ago, during which fish were used as symbols, and many different religions and dynastic traditions and followings came into being.

The Piscean Age, which we have been leaving for many years now, represents a time in which our lives were based in faith. This faith would take many forms, creating all kinds of followings from empires to religions. And these followings would have a figure head to represent their people’s motives, morals and ideals.

And so came emperors, kings and queens with “divine rights,” popes, sankaracharyas, priests and others who would literally hold power over people. And they would appoint ministers of other ranks beneath them to represent them and to hold that power.

The integrity of each following was based on the integrity of the people in charge. So long as the figure heads were responsible and had capable ministers, their system worked.  This was because faith in the leader was a part of Piscean Age consciousness. And the leader could be a human, a “divine” emperor, a pope (or equivalent), a Master, or a consideration of something or someone called God.


The Progression from one Age to another doesn’t happen overnight, however, there are obvious signs of the termination of the Piscean Age in the year 1781, when the budding scientist Herschel discovered the planet Uranus.

The planet Uranus is closely tied to the astrological sign of Aquarius, and from the astrological point of view Uranus is considered to be the “Awakener.” The Awakener shakes us out of a somnambulist state tied to three-dimensional matter and aims our attention to a higher consciousness.

As consciousness in human form, we have been waiting for this time….for Ages!

The discovery of Uranus coincided with a time of inquiry and discovery through what has been called science, to find out about our place in the Universe. Some of the most creative and also the most destructive things have come out of these early days of science.

Right now we have to realize that the rules for our lives are changing. Radical change is happening whether we like the idea or not. The question really revolves around whether we are going to adjust naturally to these natural changes, or attempt to prevent the inevitable and suffer the results of apparently “unforeseen” yet totally foreseeable upheavals?


The nature of the Aquarian Age for humans, simply put, is Personal Responsibility.

Taking Personal Responsibility implies that we let go of the “tried and true,” the blind dictates of traditional leadership, the “business as usual” approach to life, and get a grip on who we are as individuals, and how to adjust our consciousness to a different and higher frequency, in accord with these times.

This is no longer a time to follow the directives of the insane, the dogmatic, the rigid, the deniers, the terrified, the “completely-out-of-touch,” and most dangerous, the “loose cannons,” that are hurtling about. It is a time for self-realization. It is time for personal responsibility. It is a time for love and appreciation for the world around us, and the people who live on this world with us. We are all in this massive shift together. It is time for “all hands on deck!”

In Part 2 we’ll look more closely at the “Loose Cannon” scenario, and consider ways to quieten or move those aspects of life out of our consciousness altogether.


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