2016 and Beyond

We open 2016 in the Theme of Tension, giving us all an impulse to adjust our lives, dramatically if need be, and realign with the present and upcoming times and seasons. Change is in the air, and more so at this time than ever before in living or recorded memory. This Theme of Tension plays out 4 times a year, at the beginning of January, April, July and October and helps us ‘stay on our toes,’ and be prepared for any needed course corrections in our actions, beliefs or theories about life that are shown to us to be out of date, unrealistic or misguided.

The major trends for the world continue around human rights issues, including gender, racial, health, financial, political, international and religious rights, as the planet Pluto moves between Gate 38, Opposition, “The Fighter” who as an “individual stands against perceived untruth,” and Gate 54,”Ambition, both material and spiritual” and “committing first to your independence and then to outside sources that can assist.”**

In 2016, we will experience a breakdown in many institutions that do not pass scrutiny in a 21st Century environment. Everyone, without exception will be challenged in regards to their belief systems, especially ones that are held on traditional ties that cannot be substantiated morally, factually or by scientific means.  If Edward Snowden’s exposés and Julian Assange’s WikiLeak’s revelations of the past years have shocked the world, then get ready for even more outrageous surprises.  There is a threshold of personal and collective tolerance that will be broached in many arenas.  It is up to each individual whether to be outraged enough to make personal adjustments, or get swept up in political and/or moral indignation and be distracted from their life’s journey.

As Jupiter transits through 64, “Diverse Possibilities,” and 47, ”Realizations,” we can expect big personal perception shifts that help us overcome limiting beliefs about ourselves and who and what we have been told to trust in life, particularly concerning the truth concerning religions, finances and diplomacy/politics.  At any time in your life when you have been told something was real and to be trusted, and you accepted this belief, only to find out later that what you had accepted was anything but trustworthy, you will have experienced intense disappointment in whoever convinced you to accept their belief, in yourself for accepting it blindly, and in the belief itself, even reacting dramatically against it and persuading yourself never to be so foolish again.

  • 2015 has seen outrageous misuse of power based on religious beliefs that somehow maintain life is better after death (provided you follow some arbitrarily interpreted rules beforehand).
  • 2015 has seen an obvious fact established, namely that 1% of the world’s population hold as much wealth as the other 99%.
  • 2015 has seen a 2/3rds drop in the price of oil, the “essential” power source, potentially bankrupting oil-producing countries that rely on its production to stay afloat financially, and rearranging the balance sheets of many global corporations.

Jupiter can be expected to trigger plenty of wake-ups in 2016 that will not only affect every individual personally, but also affect the ways politics, religions and financial structures throughout the world operate. From September onwards, as Jupiter starts moving through all the “Spleen Center Gates,” we can expect great revelations in medicine and a reinvigoration of personal wellness regimens, particularly in terms of establishing who gets health care, and what is really needed to be healthy and what foods and drugs to avoid to be healthy.  

(Over 50% of Americans have been persuaded to have some form of prescription pharmacology in their daily lives). This “healthiness” tendency will also touch into politics and a recognition of how whole populations have been motivated, even terrorized by real or mostly imaginary fears. (WMD, Cold War, Jihad, Economics, Global Warming, Pandemics, Jews, Russia, China, End Days, Raptures, Asteroids, etc….).

The writing is on the wall for the fossil fuel industry.  To date, oil has been a major factor in sustaining several dynasties through organized cartels and price-fixing. New technologies are appearing as the planet Uranus that triggers creative diversity, continues to transit through Gate 51, “The Arousing,” and then Gate 42, “Increase and Growth,” where there begins a rather dramatic balancing of wealth and power that has been previously based on energy prices.  It might take a few years for replacing technologies to take over, by the seeds of change are planted.  It is not just Mr. Musk with his Tesla cars, vacuum trains and reusable rockets who is clear about fossil alternatives, we are close to having fusion reactors, levitation and other means of accessing essential energies that have always been available but remained “undiscovered.”

Neptune continues her movements through Gate 37, “Friendship and Family” encouraging us all to “come together” as a world citizenry.  It dips into Gate 63 “Doubts” from April 24th to August 5th adding impetus to our remembering who and what are important to us, and why.  The encouragement for engaging in the best way with Neptune’s gifts is to be clear and present in all meetings and all interactions with anyone we meet at this time.  The easiest way to know if you have been present is to remember the color of the person’s eyes before you break contact.  Neptune always carries a mystical quality and her presence in Gate 37 opens the doorway to meetings that may have greater significance than we can necessarily appreciate at the time. (In another aspect of Neptune’s presence in our lives, creative fantasy, e.g. Star Wars, and “based on a true life story” movies will tend to dominate in the cinemas).

Saturn moves back and forth through Gate 9 “Applied Details” and the need to have our facts in order before implementing anything in our lives; and Gate 5, “Timing” and the need to be in touch with natural timings to any events in our lives.  This will likely mean that we are to trust our attentiveness and inner guidance more than ever in 2016, rather than go along with any presumed facts and timetables we have previously relied on.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of 2016 is the retrograde (apparent backwards) motion of Mars between April 17th and June 30th.  Mars represents our forward actions and is not particularly suited to “retreating,” but does so every two years.  The effect on our lives is to rearrange whatever projects and trajectories we have going on.   Mars makes a turn in Gate 9, of “Applied Details, Attentiveness” and Line 4 “Being dependable, Staying present and focused despite distractions,” where Mars adds the particular flavor : “Habitually pushing past essential details, you will eventually succumb to outside pressures.” The indication here is that we need to be completely clear in the vision for our life, and particularly clear in exactly who and what we are committing our life energies towards.  Distractions are going to come at us from all sides, and if we are not clear in our purpose, we will be dislodged.  On June 30th, when Mars turns direct again, it does so in Gate 43, of “Breakthrough and Insight,” and Line 5, “Being Forthright, implementing any new insights requires great thoroughness,” implying that whatever views we had held about our lives, our purpose and our activities has the opportunity for substantial rearrangement, IF, we recognize and establish the insights we have received into new and practical ways.   Once we have established these insights, there is no going back for at least 2 years.  In this time of massive changes, here is an opening to actualize our presence as co-creators on earth in positive and meaningful ways.

Much more can be said about 2016, and I leave off now with the encouragement for you to join our Energies and Opportunities 2016 Program, and for you to be present on our monthly calls (accessible worldwide), and get the latest updates! Learn more here… 

**From The Book of Lines, A 21st Century View of the IChing, written especially for Human Design.

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