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Human Design - Going Beyond Horoscopes to Discover the Person You Were Born to BE!

The New Key To Self-Knowledge

We each have our own unique Human Design — a blueprint of our individual nature that includes the Human Design Type, Authority and Profile. Yet, few of us live in accordance with our Design, because we don’t know what it is. Instead, we try to mold ourselves to the expectations of other people.

Once you know your Design, you begin to live in alignment with your own nature, and therefore with all nature. You can finally just be yourself. You begin making the right choices at every turn, interacting more synergistically with others, and utilizing your talents and abilities to the fullest.

There are Three Keys to your Design:

Your Type:

This is the bedrock of the Human Design system. It best describes our internal and external sources of energy. There are five Human Design Types and knowing which is yours provides the basis for living in alignment with how to engage in all actions and interactions naturally.

  • Generator

Those with Generator Designs make up over 30% of the world’s population. They have access through their defined Sacral Centers to a natural wellspring of life-force energy. Generators provide energy to everything in their lives and have to learn how best to commit themselves. Once a Generator is involved with someone or something, and they have built up momentum in their activities and commitments, it is difficult for them to quit. Generators have within themselves what is called a “gut response” that indicates one of two possibilities in any situation. The first response is a commitment to engage, the other possible response indicates “not now.” When a Generator is familiar with these two possibilities and exercises them consistently, they have automatic access to a wholesome life in which they commit their considerable energies in consistently constructive and healthy ways.

  • Manifestor

Those with Manifestor Designs find themselves outnumbered by the other Types because they make up only around 11% of the world’s population. Manifestors are the natural catalysts for activities, triggering undertakings and actions both through themselves and for those with whom they engage. Manifestors will often find a certain resistance to their activities from others and need to realize that the resistance stems from fears or concerns that they will upset other peoples’ lives with their manifesting abilities. Manifestors have the choice to put all their energy in fighting other’s resistance or bypassing people altogether, or they can inform others of their intentions and will find the resistance fades and is often replaced by support and assistance.

  • Manifesting Generator

The Manifesting Generator Design includes over 35%of the world’s population. Anyone with a Manifesting Generator Design is equipped to manifest with a huge momentum of life-force energy behind them, but only after they have received an affirmative “gut response” followed by a gradual try-out of what drew their response. The Manifesting Generator has what can be called a “moment of truth” as they move from response towards a potential manifesting opportunity. In that moment of truth their engagement either will shift from a movement of responding to manifesting, or stop. Once the Manifesting Generator is in manifesting mode, nothing can stop them, so it is really important that they find their clarity before making their complete commitment to anyone or anything.

  • Projector

Projectors make up over 20% of the world’s population and are the natural guides for humanity. In literal terms, a Projector Design is a non-energy Type, unlike the Generators, Manifestors and Manifesting Generators, and Projectors must be clear that they do not get swept up in the ways that these energy Types do, otherwise they will find themselves exhausted and ultimately rejected. Projectors live in an environment of “invitation” both given and received. Through invitations, Projectors are drawn into relationships, projects and commitments, and sometimes a single invitation can open up the way for many other connections and realizations.

  • Reflector

The Reflector Design is the rarest of all Types, involving less than 1% of the world’s population. Like the Projector Type, the Reflector is a non-energy Type and is entirely empathic to the people and goings on around them. Being so sensitive, it is very important that Reflectors appreciate this difference about themselves and allow themselves space to contemplate and decompress from the activities of others. Hence, Reflectors are advised to have time to themselves on a regular basis and to reflect on what life puts in front of them. Reflectors play the role of reflecting the world and the people in it back to themselves.

Your Authority:

When we talk about Authority in Human Design terms we are relating to our inherent decision making process. Perhaps the most important thing we can ever know about ourselves is how to make decisions that work for us in any and all situations. Built into your Design is the means for this and once you engage with it consistently your whole life will change in positive and beneficial ways. There are six different Authorities and we each have one for our lifetime. Knowing your own Authority is essential, but knowing other peoples’ Authorities is also illuminating!

  • Emotional

Any Life Chart that contains a defined Emotions Center has a decision making process that is closely intertwined with emotional feelings. As we all know, feelings can rise and fall to extremes of ecstasy and great excitement to feelings of failure and despair. To their cost, most people have never been made aware how to gauge their feelings and are prone to act on impulse or conditioning rather than through finding their emotional clarity before making decisions. Emotional clarity comes from identifying a still point that is not attached to outcomes — a still point that is not absorbed in the “highs” and “lows” of any presumed endings but is committed to the journey to, through and beyond those “endings.” Even if you do not have Emotional Authority personally, it is likely that your relationships and interactions with many of the people around you will involve finding emotional clarity as emotions tend to override almost every decision making process – just ask retailers!


  • Sacral

If your Emotions Center is not defined (colored in) but your Sacral Center is, then you have Sacral Authority. This Authority is based in the Center we have identified as the core to Generator and Manifesting Generator Designs. The Sacral Center is a powerhouse generating life force energy that is constantly looking for an outlet. The Sacral decision making process is simply a gut response. The gut response is an actual movement of energy rising in response towards something or someone with an implied “yes,” or it is a falling of energy that indicates “not now.” There can be a sacral noise like “ah-ha!” (yes) or “uh-uh” (not now), that gives emphasis to the interest or not. Because the Sacral energy once committed cannot be stopped easily, it is essential for those with Sacral Authority to recognize and employ it at all times.

  • Heart

If your Emotions, Sacral and Spleen Centers are undefined (colored white) and your Heart Center is defined and makes a connection to the Throat Center through defined Channel(s), then you have this very particular Authority that decrees “what you want is what needs to happen.” It is a Manifestor Design implying that you are a catalyst for all kinds of willful activities, and the most important issue here is that you are clear in your heart-of-hearts what you want. When you are true to your own Authority you will find that it serves the people around you whether or they appreciate that immediately or not.

  • Spleen

If both your Emotions and Sacral Centers are undefined (colored white) and your Spleen Center is defined, then you have Splenic Authority and one of the quickest decision making processes of anyone! You weigh up situations in the blink of an eye, sum up sentences before the speaker has finished talking and are ready to move or stop instantly, given the right circumstances. Splenic Authority operates through the senses of Taste (certainly involving edibles but also environments and people that can be considered tasteful or not), Intuition ( the acoustic world of sounds both audible and in other, inaudible frequencies), and Instinct (including our sense of smell and associated cellular memories, but also including hunches that cannot be described as logical).

  • Self

If your Emotions, Sacral, Spleen Centers are undefined and your Heart Center (defined or not) does not make connection to the Throat Center through defined Channel(s), then you have Self Authority, one of the most personal and potentially sensitive forms of Authority. Self-Authority comes through quiet recognition in the center of your chest that gives the sensation of opening up or not to engage with someone or something. You have a Projector Design which operates within an environment of invitations, both given and received, so recognizing when you are being drawn to be involved in anything is a purely personal experience. Being pushed or coerced by others will not serve you as you have to come to your own clarity through trusting this personal inner guidance.

  • Outer

If you have a Reflector Design, or you have your Throat defined to your Mind and or Mind defined to Crown without any other Centers being defined you have what has been called “Outer” Authority. You will appreciate that you are an empath who picks up the feelings, fears and agendas of everyone around you. It is essential that you give yourself space and time to find your own clarity and you do this through a process of patient reflection. In making large decisions it is recommended to take at least a month so you can weigh up all aspects of a situation before reaching any particular conclusions. You will find that if you exercise patience, observation and clear enquiry that you become one of the wisest people on earth.

Your Profile:

The Twelve Profiles describe the ways we interact with others. When you know your particular Profile, you discover the secrets of relating effectively with the world around you because you come to realize how the world sees you.

Of the Twelve Profiles seven of them are called “Personal” Profiles. If you have one of these, it indicates this is a lifetime of personal discovery without necessarily knowing the long term effects of your commitments and activities.

One of the Profiles is called a “Fixed Fate” Profile, and if you have one you will know that you have a very particular way of being influential in the world. Do not expect everyone (or even anyone sometimes) to appreciate what seems most important to you and do not be put off in living out when you deem as important.

Four Profiles are called “Interpersonal” Profiles indicating you carry with you a certain level of responsibility to lead and direct others in ways they cannot see for themselves. As to how you use these abilities is up to you.

Human Design delves into your constant nature — your “personal DNA” — in a way that astrology is not equipped to do. At the same time Human Design reveals dimensions of your underlying nature, such as your Authority, that no personality profile system can provide.

Human Design is truly a breakthrough in self-understanding, not just for you as an individual but for couples, families, organizations and the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1.  What is Human Design?

It is the newest self-awareness tool available. The Human Design System reveals your “design for life,” a visual map, your personality blueprint. Human Design is about character and identity. It reveals how you best operate, think, function and respond to the world around you. Understanding one’s Human Design gives you the necessary information to create success in all areas of life.

2.  When you say ‘personality blueprint’, what do you mean?

It is a blueprint because your design is as unique as your fingerprint, created at your exact moment of birth. It determines the kind of person you were born to be and how you are designed to interact in business, at work, socially and intimately with others.

3.  How does it work?

It is four ancient wisdoms (Astrology, I-Ching, Kabbalah, Chakra) fusing together with two 21st century sciences (neutrino physics and genetic coding) to provide the most comprehensive and multi-layered take on who we are as individuals.

4.  Why is Human Design important to me?

Human Design allows you to see where you have been out of sync and where you have been misunderstood. It gives you the means to let go of old “conditioning”, and acquaints you with the person you were born to be. When we begin to live according to our own truth, life flows with greater ease, and it becomes easier to accomplish our desired outcomes.

5.  How does Human Design help me make better decisions?

Human Design shows you exactly how your unique decision- making and alignment processes work for you.

6.  What about twins born within an hour, or even minutes, of each other? Are they the same two people, because the Human Design will be the same?

You are your own unique self. Human Design reveals the distinct, body-mind-instincts-emotions that you use to experience life. Your twin will have his or her own unique experience while using a very similar Design.

7. What are the main features I need to know about my Human Design?

There are several, each having value, but for simplicity’s sake, begin with the three areas of design called the three keys:

Type  Understanding your type is the first clue of how energy moves through you. Type shows you how to use that energy effectively in your life.

Authority  With the potential to save you years, and even decades, of missed opportunities, Authority reveals the most important thing in life, how to make the right decisions, every time, in every situation, throughout the remainder of your life.

Profile – How the world sees you at first glance and how you see yourself, as well as how you relate with others. Knowing another’s profile can bring profound understanding and foster genuine cooperation.

8.  What is the most challenging thing about knowing Human Design?

The most challenging thing is that it confronts your conditioning. You have to look at the opportunities that you have missed; the decisions that you have made that were not your decisions. Another challenging aspect is learning to live your life, make your decisions in a new way.

9.  Is there a psychological benefit to this system?

For the first time, thanks to Human Design, we can see in vivid detail the conscious and unconscious elements to our individual make-up; what we are aware that we do, and what is hidden but still acts out within us. Becoming aware of inherited, unconscious patterns is the first step to either transforming them, or learning to use them well. It also relieves the enormous stress of trying be someone else’s idea of who we should be, or to live a life that is not our truth.

10.  Who is Human Design for?

Human Design works for everyone. Adults, children, family members, lovers, co-workers and partners. If there are areas you would like to improve, if you would like to expand your impact with the people in your life, then Human Design is for you.

11.  How is Human Design different or the same as astrology?

Human Design is a self-empowerment, self-awakening system. It gives you a tremendous depth of information about yourself. Astrology describes your conscious make-up and possibilities for the future. Human Design places you into the present tense, and teaches you how to succeed in every situation, every time. It’s like finally getting the “Owners’ Manual” for your life.

12.  How do I get my Human Design?

It is available through Chetan’s book and on our website. Ideally, having a personal reading with Chetan is the way to get the most impact of understanding your Human Design. Read more about personal readings available here

13.  Are there Human Design apps available?

We have just released our app for iPhone, and Android! Search your app store for HumanDesignForUsAll.

Watch this video to learn how to use our app

You can access our Life Theme Calculator and Free Reports facility on our mobile friendly website. You can download as many free reports as you would like. Each report also contains a chart.

14.  Should I use my maiden name or my married name when creating a report?

Human Design reports are calculated based upon birth information. All reports, mentoring and readings use this information. We suggest that you use the name that you currently use in everyday living.

15.  I want to learn more about Human Design, are there classes available?

Understanding more about your Human Design follows one (or both) of two paths:

  • Guided self-learning through our Human Design Training series, including Live Group Coaching Webinar Classes

  • Personalized one on one sessions with Chetan or Carola

Our Human Design Training series takes you through Levels 1-3. Read more about HDTS here
You can also receive immediate, lasting benefit through a one on one reading. These in-depth sessions are personalized to your Human Design and are recorded for your convenience. They are available here. 
16.  How can I become a Human Design Consultant?

Professional trainings with Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in your Human Design practice. The training strikes a balance between theory and experiential learning. You will acquire both the knowledge and the confidence to practice effectively. Successful completion of the training provides you with a respected Certificate as a Human Design Practitioner.

Email our team at Contact@humandesignforusall.com for more information.
17.  How much does a Human Design Report cost?

There is a brief, Free Report that describes one of the factors in your Design. Your, “Type” and a Comprehensive Human Design Report that describes all of the elements of your unique Design.

The Comprehensive Reports are $35.00 each or $53.00 for two reports. You may order them here. 
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