The Donald Part 2 ….continuing review of his Life Chart.

Donald’s 1/3 Profile

In Human Design there are twelve Profiles, most of which are termed “Personal Profiles” in that those who have these Profiles are living out very personal agendas without necessarily having appreciation for their actions and the long-term effects of their interactions on others.

Donald’s 1/3 Profile is a Personal Profile giving him very close identification with everything he says or does, but also the ability to quickly sidestep or avoid situations that appear not to be going his way. You will find that Donald always has an escape plan that removes him from any blame for apparent mis-steps.  Consequently, when he says or does something that strikes a discord in the people who are paying attention to him, he can quickly rephrase or double-back on his actions without ever admitting fault. (Hillary Clinton has this same Profile). 

It is important not to be judgmental about these characteristics, but attentive to the fact that Donald might appear completely sincere in his thoughts and ideas until they are challenged with evidence that they are not appropriate, in which case, he will make a quick side-step, adjustment or deferment as though nothing had happened.  This is an art that conforms with all good emotional political maneuvers — to blind-side your opponents — an ability in which he is a master.

Who is Donald Trump

Over the many years that I have read for people of all ages, in all walks of life all over the world, a single question has come from my clients over and over again: “What is my life purpose?” In the early years, I would look into someone’s life and describe those abilities and aspects of their nature that would be most recognizable to them and that facilitate all their activities throughout their lives.  It then occurred to me that I was not really answering their question.  Ultimately, it became obvious to me what anyone’s life purpose is: “Your life purpose is to be you!” You as a unique individual having the experience of life.

It is so easy to try to give outline and purpose to our lives by the gifts that we have and the actions we take to use these gifts.  However, I appreciate now that we come into life to be fulfilled in being true to ourselves, whatever it is that plays out in our lives, and however we choose to use, or not use our gifts and uniqueness. So the question arises, how do we find fulfillment?  Within each person’s Life Chart there are clues.

In Donald’s Life Chart it shows that he has an “open “Self-Center, implying he has no “fixed” identity, and that he can play any part in life that comes along.  Any open Center acts like a mirror.  When you stand in front of a mirror, you see what you want to see …. or what you have been persuaded or conditioned to see.  When you stand in front of a mirror, do you like what you see?    From Donald’s side of things, he can be, play, ape, copy, live out anyone and any persona he wishes at any moment in time, there are no limits of possible expressions that he has drawn from and mastered through all the interactions he’s experienced his whole life.  He can mirror any environment and the people in it wherever he is. He does not have to be attached to any particular expression of who he is, it is up to his audience to ascertain who he is.  So when confronted by Donald Trump, as a mirror, what is the reflection you get?  They say that a politician is someone who finds a crowd and gets in front of it.  Are you in this crowd?

It is fascinating that someone who knows Donald best, his ex-wife Ivana Trump, began calling him ‘The Donald,’ as though his identity is set … if it is then it is an identity that is one of pure conditioning, and one that he has decided suits him.

In the first part of this article I have already talked about the grievance of his trying to re-establish “Garden of Eden” conditions in his life, and to get over the despair and betrayal he felt in relating to his parents and those whom he trusted in his earliest years.  I’ve outlined his defined Channels: the transitory nature of his attention span and the power of his emotions (35-36), his strong attachment to money and property (21 – 45), his special form of intimacy (6 – 59), and his capacity to make strong ‘logical’ arguments (17 – 62).  By Design, these are the issues in life that motivate him, whether he is conscious of them or not.

In the undefined areas of his Life Chart, through his undefined Root Center he is susceptible to external pressures until he can ‘take charge’ of the situations confronting him by doing whatever is necessary to bring stillness and calm to his platform, often with a typical round of ‘logical expressions’ that are difficult to allay because they seems like they are somewhat reasonable.  With his undefined Spleen Center, he inherits the unconscious fear that he cannot manage complex confrontations unless he manipulates them in ways to re-establish control.  He manages this by turning the tables on anyone who challenges him, even to the point of insulting them grossly.  Consequently, he literally makes up the ‘rules’ as he goes along.  As to whether this is a good thing or not, please remember you are watching someone with and ‘open’ Self Center, our Center of identity and purpose, who can play any role that appeals to him, consciously or unconsciously, and who has made it a custom with his defined Willpower and Emotions that people have to listen to him.

With an ‘open’ Crown Center, Donald can tune into any form of inspiration that comes to him. Whether he likes something or not, finds someone or something worthwhile or not is free of any particular framework except one that he has built for himself over the years.  In his defined Mind Center he is full of opinions and ideas, some of which are bound to be educative, and with his open Crown Center, he can align himself with any form of mental expression he decides on, whether it has relevance, whether it is benign or hateful, and whether it can be used to bring attention, primarily to himself.

Seeking attention

This constant need to bring attention to himself goes back to his childhood and finding himself surrounded by people who did not really understand him, were not integrated in their own lives, and who could not convey to Donald values by which he could realize his own inner worth, that amazing brightness that he was born with in his ‘Garden of Eden.’  Subsequently, Donald’s whole life has been an emphasis on his ‘outer’ world.  This attitude is typical in the lives of almost all politicians.  Because they are so disconnected from their inner world, they seek to manipulate the world around them and the people in it. Sooner or later, inner corruption leads to outer corruption, and the only way to transform this is through meditation, forgiveness and love.

Every now and again, it will be possible to see bright illuminating flashes of brilliance in Donald Trump’s life and his expressions, but in the way things are at the moment, he is mired in a mess of disconnection from his own inner reality going back many years. Through his political campaigning, he is bound to attract more attention and business, but in terms of bringing any benefit to his and our world, we will have to wait and see.

President Trump?

Is The Donald in serious consideration for the role of President of the United Sates? No.  Is his business empire going to attract a huge up-leveling in interest and income? Yes. Those people who for any reason are attracted to The Donald’s discomfort with the way he describes his life and the ‘villains and shenanigans’ in it will feel themselves drawn to subscribe in some way to his properties and business interests — many of which could do with some serious financial injections. Whatever it is costing Donald to pay for his political candidacy platform will be returned to him many times over.  There is no such thing as bad publicity.

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