Professional Certification

Human Design Consultant Training, Level Four

The 112 Incarnation Themes and "Giving the Reading" Overview, Structuring and Practice

This is a LIVE, Seven Day Immersive training with Three Practicum sessions.

Intro to Professional Certification

  • The 112 Incarnation Themes, with an In-Depth Study, Examples and Materials.
  • Gates Overview, written quiz: Name and describe the 64 Gates
  • Channels Overview, quiz: Name and describe the 36 Channels
  • Beginning the Reading: Intro Reading Formula

Overview, Type, Authority, Profile

  • One to One Process~ Practice with charts provided in partners
  • Reading for Reflectors
  • Remainder of Reading Formula
  • Integration of chart factors
  • Intro to Reading the Lines and Demonstration

Giving the Reading

  • Review Reading Formula, Sharing 
  • Practice giving Readings
  • Continue, Practice the Reading Formula, with Feedback
  • Discussion, Recommendations for Improving Reading Delivery
  • Professional Reading Demo
  • Practice: Giving HD Reading
  • Relationship Readings, The Formula
  • Demo Relationship Readings
  • One to One Process~ Relationship Reading practice
  • The Complete Reading: Demo
  • Practice Giving Complete HD Reading
  • One to One Process
  • HD Reading practice
  • Group Sharing about Readings
  • Setting up Professional Practice; Ethical Principles
  • Practical and Business Aspects of Conducting a Private Practice

In Person Training, Practicum, Final Exam and Certification : $3995.00 

The Next In-Person Training is TBD.