Life Path Reading and the Power of the Inner-Self

In my life as an astrologer, counselor, and personal seeker of my own higher self, I am no stranger to the search for self-actualization. But what I’ve found along the way is that there seems to be an imbalance in the way many of us approach self-actualization and higher consciousness. That’s why I developed the Life Path Reading.


In our quest to be at peace with the world around us, to project serenity and calm, to access our upper chakras and plug into a higher frequency of thinking and being, we often forget about the inner universe we carry around with us in our daily lives. In our search to be at peace with the world, we sometimes forget to work on establishing peace within ourselves.


Attune our Minds

That’s not to say that we should abandon our quest to attune our minds to the vibrations of the universe and learn to be at peace with our surroundings. Practices like meditation can work wonders in helping us to calm our minds, center ourselves, and gain insight into our place in the world. And in this respect, it is invaluable.



The Pursuit of our Higher Selves

But there is so much more to us than our minds. And in the pursuit of our higher selves, we can lose sight of those deeper, inner parts of ourselves. Namely, our feelings, our trauma, and our pain, as well as our heart’s longing and original purpose for this lifetime.


Those parts of ourselves that carry the imprint of past pain, loss or trauma, are deeply powerful. We carry them with us wherever we go. And the more we ignore them, or sidestep them, the heavier they can become. This can lead to some pretty serious issues down the road. These traumas can surface in ways that damage relationships, stifle our ability to communicate, limit our ability to succeed, and disrupt our ability to feel at peace with our surroundings.


These unexamined traumas can manifest themselves as outbursts of anger, feeling invisible and unimportant, or a withdrawal from people we love. Sometimes they inhibit our ability to have meaningful long-term connections altogether. And when we deliberately put off facing our traumas, the disruptions they cause can be extremely disorienting. We become confused as to where these disruptions come from, and why they are surfacing, and we certainly can’t discover what to do about them.


Life Path Reading

This disconnect is what led me to develop my Life Path Reading Service. In my experience with this global perspective and deep-dive process, I have discovered the power of acknowledging and encouraging the higher self, while bringing it into contact and conversation with the deep inner world that is our emotional core. In this synthesis, my clients have discovered a whole new world of emotional intelligence and well-being, a new sense of self, clarity, and purpose that in-turn gives new meaning and power to their higher selves.


In other words: There is no point patching up your sails when the hull of the ship is cracked. But once you focus on building a strong foundation, there is no end to where you can do and what you can do. If you’d like to experience the holistic self-discovery of a Life Path Reading, learn more here.




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