The Life Path Chart: Tuning in to Your Soul

Do you have a message in a bottle? That is to say: do you have a message that’s bottled up inside? A white-hot ball of wisdom buried within you that’s begging to get out? Your Life Path Chart can help bring it to the surface.

Have you ever experienced that feeling that you have something powerful to say or do in this world? It’s that sense that there’s something transformational in your heart that you know you’d like to share with the world, but you can’t seem to express it. And even when you do manage to get it out, something gets lost in the translation.


Artists go through this quite a bit. They might have an idea in their heads, and when they picture this idea it’s absolutely perfect. They can envision the finished product exactly as it should be, down to the very last detail. But then, when they try to make that vision a reality, something interferes along the way.


No matter how skilled the artist might be, it is almost impossible to perfectly capture and transmit an image or concept exactly as it was originally conceived. To pull it from the mind and place it on the canvas unchanged and unadulterated.





Sometimes you won’t even see the whole image yourself in the first place. Sometimes we simply experience a need to communicate something with the world, without knowing what it is. We know something is there, calling to us, but when we try to listen, the message eludes us.


Anyone who remembers old radios will remember how you had to gently move that dial just so in order to find that perfect spot where everything came through crystal clear. A millimeter to the right and static starts to eat into your favorite song. Go a tiny bit further, you’re on a different station altogether.


We all have this ‘something’ within us. Some call it a vocation, some call it a higher calling, others call it our ‘Purpose’. But no matter what you call it, it’s there, it’s real, and you know it needs to come to the surface. That’s what my Life Path Readings and your Life Path Chart are all about: helping you tune into exactly what it is your soul is trying to say.




My own experience with this phenomenon was quite a journey. From changing careers to uprooting my life and moving across the country, I did everything I could do to get closer to feeling that I was expressing myself fully. But nothing seemed to work.


That is…until I discovered Human Design, which led to the development of my signature Life Path readings. By delving deep into the makeup of who I am at the core and bringing that into alignment with my higher consciousness and design, I discovered my true path and purpose in this world. It was only then that I was able to tune into my true unique message—static-free. That is when the Life Path Chart and my Life Path Readings were born.


Suddenly, I had a crystal-clear understanding of what it is I had been wanting to bring into the world all along, of what it was my soul had been yearning to express. And after that, transmitting it out to the world became easy. Like a faucet that wouldn’t shut off, I was able to communicate my essence and my truth to my clients, business associates, and loved ones without hesitation or corruption.




My soul’s radio was blasting loud and clear through a brand-new Hi-Fi. I was then able to make deeper connections with everyone in my life.  Suddenly people could see me and hear me as I truly needed to be seen and heard. And there is honestly nothing more rewarding or edifying on the planet than being able to truly connect. And that’s what I want to share with you in one of my signature

Life Path Readings.



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