Life Path Reading with Carola

What if you knew there were a way to ensure your success – now and in the future? 

Imagine having the insight to know which path to choose at every one of life’s crossroads, and the confidence of knowing that every step you take is one more step toward the success and fulfillment you desire. 

There is a direct path to achieving your dreams, exceeding your goals, and gaining the clarity and certainty to live your life in the most creative and successful way possible.

And here’s how we can help you discover it: 

Your Life-Path Reading with Carola Eastwood

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a personalized session with leading Success Coach and Transformation Expert, Carola Eastwood. 

During this life-changing 90-minute reading, Carola will reveal your life’s true purpose, identify your ideal path, and help you access your highest potential for success. 

Value: Priceless

In your one-on-one, 90-minute recorded session, Carola will interpret your unique success keys and potential to help you start living the life you want. 

Using your birth information, Carola dives deep into your unique self and offers specific details on the life you’ve been born to live, revealing who you really are at the very core of your being. In his 90-minute session, you’ll learn exactly how to achieve the results you really want by using your unique purpose, personality, and drive to their full, explosive potential. 

She will also reveal the universal energies you will have access to in the next 12-18 months, so you can plan with wisdom and make customized, highly targeted future like and business decisions with clarity. 

Do you desire the freedom to live the life of your dreams?

No matter where you are in life or what you’ve achieved in the past, there sometimes comes a moment when you stop and ask yourself, “Am I truly living the life that I want to live?” 

A moment when you wake up and realize that you want more, that you deserve more. 

A time when you say “enough is enough” and begin searching for your life’s true meaning. 

Read what Becky Robbins, co- creator with Tony Robbins of “The Giant Within” has to say about her ongoing work with Carola…

becky robbins

“I have touched base regularly with Carola for at least a decade to gain her wisdom and innate talent for readings. She’s very intuitive and blended with her total and genius grasp of the astrology information added to Human Design. 

Throughout the years and during many life changes which were both challenging and rewarding, the guidance I’ve had from Carola, has allowed me to move ahead with a depth of understanding that has been practical and innovative for me and my future. The gift she has for allowing an altered state of consciousness to pour through her affects me each time and I wouldn’t dream of navigating and negotiating this life without her!” 

Becky Robbins, Artist, Writer, Philanthropist 

You know you want to achieve more, do more, and impact more lives, but you’re not quite sure where to start… 

How do you know if what your heart is telling you to do is truly what you’re meant to do with your life? How do you know if you’re fulfilling your purpose and living the life you were born to live? 

That’s what a Life-Path Reading with Carola is all about.

Your Life-Path Reading helps you cut through the haze of self-doubt and second guessing to reveal your true inner self and illuminate your unique path to fulfillment, happiness, and success, then gives you the most highly opportune timing for everything you desire to accomplish.

Learn what you’re meant to do with your life, why you’ve said “yes” to this journey, and what you can expect to find along your path in the future with a 

One-time investment of $1,250.00 

Your reading is recorded and provided to you in .mp3 format so you can listen again and again.

In your Life-Path Reading with Carola, you’ll discover:

What you’re meant to do with your life

How you can ensure you’re making the right decisions. This is essential!

What has been holding you back, and why

Exactly what is needed to resolve inner conflicts

How to tap into your most successful and creative potential



You’ll learn the real-world application of your Soul’s purpose and your internal blueprint in order to:

Exponentially grow your business, career, or professional life

Create and enjoy happy, successful personal relationships

Step into your potential and live life as your most authentic self


Carola Eastwood is a Life Transformation and Success Coach. With a background in Astrological Consulting, Transformational Business Success Coaching, Counseling Psychology and Human Design Coaching. Carola brings decades of insight and experience to her deeply transformational Life-Path Readings. 

She has coached leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs around the world to embrace their Soul’s true purpose and live a life filled with inspiration, clarity, and success. 

Working with Carola is a not-to-be-missed game changer for people seeking to have a truly fulfilling life fueled by purpose and passion! 

Carola’s Life-Path Readings have helped people break free from what’s been holding them back: 

Here’s what Ron Wilder, Fortune- 500 Executive Coach has to say about how working with Carola has impacted his life…

ron wilder

“I came to work with Carola at a point in my business where I had kind of maxed out my growth and I really didn’t know how to get beyond where I was. It was as if my own sort of strategic, rational mind had gone as far as I could take it. I needed guidance in terms of what was beyond that. Working with Carola helped me to get access and connection to my soul’s path and to the deeper purpose of my work. And to resolve some experiences in my life that were holding me back. I am very grateful for that…”

Ron Wilder, CEO, Aligned Action

Dreaming big is easy.

It’s knowing how to get there that’s the problem. 

We’ve all spent time daydreaming about a life with more freedom and fun, a life of excitement and transformational experiences.

But finding exactly what you’re meant to do, what success looks like specifically for you, and how to find your way there can prove much more difficult. 

You see, starting on the day you we’re born, you’ve been faced with conditioning and outside influences that shape your life and guide you in one direction or another – for better or for worse. 

Though you may feel confident that the path you’re on is where you’re meant to go, if you really consider it, your current trajectory might be more a product of your circumstances than a product of your true life’s purpose, potential and desire. How would you know for sure? Ask yourself, are you truly happy and fulfilled? Are you living the life your heart dreams of? 

Your heart says one thing, but your head says another. Your life takes twists and turns, and you make compromises until eventually the two are so intertwined that it can be difficult to know the difference between your outside conditioning and your true desire. 

Your natural intuitions may be powerful, but to really know if the life you’re living is the one that’s been waiting for you

You must dig deeper.

You weren’t born to struggle – you were born to succeed. Your journey wasn’t meant to be arduous. 

You’ve had a life waiting for you – right in front of you – waiting for you to grab hold of it and live it to the fullest. 

Listen to what Jessica Olmon, Attorney and Entrepreneurial Business Leader has to say about the transformation she’s had since working with Carola…

jessica olmon

"I am literally living a different life than when I started work with Carola. I chose to work with her because I wanted to make a change in my personal life, and I couldn't figure out why I hadn't been able to make that change, even though intellectually I knew it was the right thing for me. Carola worked with me on many levels, and in the end, I came to a place where I chose to change my life rather than just forcing it like I had tried to do in the past." 

"Even more importantly, I have begun to live life with joy - I am truly a happy person and my work with Carola was a big part of me finding happiness. As a bonus, my business has increased exponentially! She is an outstanding mentor, and I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to live an exceptional life. " 

Jessica Olmon, Founder, Vero Law Group, Santa Monica, CA

Your Life-Path Reading with Carola reveals the life that you’ve been missing by finally answering those nagging questions: “Is this the life I truly want?” “Am I destined for more?” “Am I living up to my potential?” “Am I being true to myself?” Isn’t there more to life?” 

The result is a powerful, empowering and utterly life-changing experience that will leave you feeling uplifted, confident and ready to begin living the life you were always meant to live! 

Discover your Unique Path to Success and Personal Fulfillment with a 

One-time investment of $1,250.00

4-payment option: $318.00 each 

(includes a $22.00 administration fee)

Your reading is recorded and provided to you in .mp3 format so you can listen again and again

When you understand yourself through a Life-Path Reading, you’ll be able to start living with more personal freedom and empowerment.

You’ll see improvements, opportunities, and more breakthroughs in all areas of your life, including…

Business success and achievements

Personal relationships and love connections

Client relationships and partnerships

Income levels, finances, and wealth 

Personal development and self-confidence

And much, much more…

When you say “yes” to living the life of your dreams, more and more opportunities present themselves to you. 

When you say “yes” to your success and your Soul’s true purpose, all of life appears to you in full potential and beauty.

When you say “YES” and open yourself up to the life you were meant to live, you begin living in the most unique, authentic, and successful way. 

If you live your life in flow – in alignment with your potential, your Soul’s purpose, and your internal blueprint you start to experience new opportunities and new success in your personal relationships, business endeavors, personal development, and every aspect of your life

When you discover the most direct path to achieving your dreams, you ensure your success – now and in the future.

And it all starts by understanding your Life Path.

Discover your Unique Path to Success and Personal Fulfillment with a

One-time investment of $1,250.00

4-payment option: $318.00 each

(includes a $22.00 administration fee)

Your reading is recorded and provided to you in .mp3 format so you can listen again and again

Carola’s expert guidance has helped leaders and business owners achieve 

Life-changing transformations: 

Here’s what Nancy Monson, Executive Coach and Human Design Consultant has to say about her work with Carola…

nancy monson

I’ve been working with Carola for over a year, and my life has magically changed as a result. Her tremendous gifts of healing, transformation, counseling, coaching, and insight coupled with her incredible wisdom of astrology and Human Design make her truly unique and absolutely perfect as a guide and mentor for me to step into the full expression of who I am and the work I am here to do in the world.” 

Nancy Monson, Executive Coach 


Lorena Checa, a groundbreaking “Green” Architect in Washington, DC says… "I have shifted in very positive ways on a cellular level." 

lorena checa

“I chose to engage Carola in her "Transformation and Business Success" Program and, I can say that I have shifted in some very positive ways on a cellular level. I am so grateful for this process - Carola is an amazing teacher, healer and coach. 

I have done lots of transformational work over much of my life and it all has contributed to a higher awareness of myself and others and the life forces that operate through us. However, I find Carola to be a specially gifted Healer, and in my case, this has provided me with a new lightness of being and clarity around my truth on so many levels, that this alone is Priceless! My business is growing and I am having more fun in life altogether!!” 

Lorena Checa, AIA LEED AP, Principal, Checa Architects 

Your Life-Path Reading will help you to:

Live the Life your Soul Designed

Discover your Life’s True Purpose and overcome any obstacles in your way

Step onto your natural Path to Success

Schedule Your Reading and begin changing your life today with a

One-time investment of $1,250.00

4-payment option: $318.00 each

(includes a $22.00 administration fee)

Your reading is recorded and provided to you in .mp3 format so you can listen again and again


You know you’re meant to do more in this life, impact more people, experience more joy and fulfilment, and make an impression on this world with your unique talents and creative potential. Here’s your opportunity to start now!? Sign up here for your Life-Path Reading TODAY!