What Can Boris Johnson tell us About Human Design Projectors?

It is difficult to dislike Boris Johnson even though he is quite clearly a twit. In Human Design, projectors can be difficult for others to nail down. And Boris is no different.

An Unorthodox Life

Born in New York City into the Personal Life Theme of The Vessel of Love, a 1/3 Profile and Self + Authority, it is difficult to comprehend what he is doing in his life as it is so obviously unorthodox. Such is the nature of his Human Design.

Human Design Projectors must recognize that they do not live their life in the same way as the majority of people who have Generator or Manifesting Generator Designs. Projectors are natural guides. However, if a Projector does not know the particulars and quality of their Design, and thus how they best offer guidance, they often find themselves trapped in life situations that are contrary to their nature. This might help explain some of his bizarre early career choices, including a highly controversial run as a newspaper columnist in which he alienated his coworkers and deliberately fabricated quotes. He had found himself trying to express his truth, but stuck doing it in a career that wasn’t for him.



Leadership Channels

There are 4 distinct leadership Channels in Human Design, Boris has the more mysterious one, the 10-20, called the Channel of “Awakening; A commitment to Higher Principles.”  This Channel does not operate from a logical basis, nor from a “historical precedent” basis, nor even from a particularly creative basis. It provides a leadership that is different, and almost impossible to follow unless you are watching very closely. His leadership style can appear even comical at times because it is so different. This particular leadership quality makes it very difficult for those who rely on a status-quo, or logical approach to governing to assail and take advantage of because Boris does not operate within the scope of traditional politicking. And this is perhaps why the people in his own party have called him both “amusing and charming,” and a “bumbling fool.”


The fact that Boris has a 1/3 Profile can make it hard for him to appreciate any particular directions other than ones he sees that potentially suit himself, and consequently he can often amaze people with an apparent short-sightedness in his behaviors and recommendations for those he leads. (Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have the same, somewhat limiting quality in their Designs).


Living Outside the Norms

All his life, Boris has lived outside of political and even societal norms, and this is in accordance with his Design. Boris has an open Design, with just two Centers activated on a consistent basis. This means he is naturally empathic and has the ability to weigh up the intentions of any supporters or adversaries quite easily. With three conscious activations in Gate 15, “Love of Humanity,” including his conscious Sun, North Node Destiny path, and Venus, he conveys a sense of trust and inclusion that many find endearing. And whether you love or despise Boris, he’s certainly cemented himself as one of the more compelling figures on the world stage.


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