The Human Design Projector: Serena Williams

Holding the most Grand Slam titles in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles combined, Serena Williams is one of the most decorated women in sports. She was formerly ranked No.1 overall, but even now, at age 38, she’s still up there at No.8 in the world. And in 2019, she was ranked 63rd in Forbes’ World’s Highest-Paid Athletes list. But what makes her such an amazing competitor? And what does being a Human Design Projector Type have to do with it?



Born into the Life Theme of The Healer, Serena arrived in this world with a “Mental Projector” Human Design Life Chart, and a 6/3 Profile. With such an open Design, Serena is an empath, and has a very easy time reading other people and their intentions. Which is an incredible gift in a game like tennis, where anticipation is key.


However, people with this design must be careful. For anyone with such an empathic Design, and especially Serena, it’s important that she’s able to differentiate between her own fears and feelings, and those she picks up from other people. But as long as she remains clear in her own perceptions of others, she can remain triumphant on the court and off. The moment she identifies personally with other people’s concerns, she immediately loses her way and her ability to succeed.



As a Human Design Projector, and an athlete by profession, she has had to learn to use her abilities to guide her opponents toward making the moves and plays they need to make for Serena to win. Like a successful chess player, she must be able to control the game by seeing the next few moves before they arrive and leading her opponent right into her trap.



Her Design also indicates that she can be very sensitive to what she recognizes as unfairness, or prejudice in others. And throughout her whole life, she has had to grapple with other people’s projections on her (not the least of which being the racial abuse she’s faced on the court). But with her wide-open Emotions Center, Serena can be a cool as ice in the hottest and craziest environments.



Indeed, she seems to have remained unfazed by all of the harsh situations she’s had to face. When she was growing up in Compton, games on the public courts with her sister, Venus, were often interrupted by gunshots (so much so that she and her sister were trained lie down on the court when they heard the shots ring out).


Things like this, coupled with the racism she’s had to deal with, not to mention the brutal rigor of her life-long training schedule, might be enough to wear down the strongest among us. But not Serena. She has managed to remain cool, and even joyful, through it all. And, at least in part, her Human Design Projector Design has helped her do it.


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