Rudy Giuliani, Human Design and Knowing When to Shut Up

As he continues to get laughed out of court time and time again, while suffering a string of embarrassing public relations episodes, “America’s Mayor” is increasingly becoming America’s laughingstock. So why does he press on? In order to better understand his motivations, we’ve prepared a brief Rudy Giuliani Human Design reading:

Life Theme of Planning

Born into the Personal Life Theme of Planning, with a 2/4, Projector Design and Emotional Authority, Rudy naturally fits into groups with his defined Unconscious Sun/Earth activating the 37-40, Community Channel. This particular part of his Design rests on deals and bargains made with people, often over dinner tables or casual agreements. People are advised not to break agreements with Rudy because he is unlikely to be forgiving.

The other part of his defined Design is in the Channel, 41-30, through which he can outline great potential visions and outcomes, be they attainable or not. This perhaps, in part, explains his current quixotic persistence in his quest to overturn the election.

Both of the Channels and therefore the Emotions Center and his source of personal Authority in Rudy’s Design are colored pink, implying that they are Unconscious, and therefore hidden from him. Consequently, Rudy rarely knows exactly what feelings are driving him, or how they are affecting people and situations around him. Reaching into his pants when confronted by a beautiful Bulgarian reporter might occur to be quite (unconsciously) natural to him.

Projector Design

In Rudy Giuliani, Human Design highlights the importance of maintaining balance. As a Projector, he has always found himself in guidance roles, however, the essential thing for anyone with the Life Theme of Planning, is to work out the difference, and establish a clear balance between, his personal needs and the needs of others.

It was shortly after the September 11th attacks that Giuliani was praised as “America’s Mayor.” But, as is often the case after the dust settles on a major tragedy, a colder analysis of his actions on and around 9/11 paint a picture of a mayor who was woefully unprepared and all too ready to shift blame and ignore the problems that lingered in the aftermath of the attacks. As he downplayed his own mishandling of the tragedy in order to save and bolster his political career, we saw, in stark detail, the dangers of losing sight of this balance.



Undefined Throat Center

There are 8 activations at Rudy’s Throat Center, giving him an obvious “gift of the gab,” however, anyone with an undefined Throat Center can find themselves talking too much — perhaps not a bad thing for a lawyer — but in his personal life, he can quickly bore people around him who have no real interest in what he says. He’s frequently been caught saying too much in leaked phone calls, including one ‘butt-dial’ to an NBC reporter.

Having outlined that, for Rudy Giuliani Human Design shows us that he has eight “6th Lines” in his Design, implying that he carries within him access to enormous levels of wisdom, so when he finds his right audience, in particular those people who want his input and guidance, he becomes enormously effective. When he is just talking regardless of his audience, the chances are everyone will stick their fingers in their ears and put their attention elsewhere.

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