A Princess Diana Human Design Reading

Once the object of nonstop global infatuation, Princess Diana is back in the spotlight thanks to her brilliant portrayal by Emma Corrin on Netflix’s The Crown. But what lies behind the allure, the romance, and the tragedy of this beloved icon? Find out in this quick Princess Diana Human Design Reading:

Personal Life Theme of Tension

Born into an aristocratic family in the Personal Life Theme of Tension, a 1/3 Profile, a “wide-split” Projector Design and Emotional Authority, Lady Diana Spencer came into the public eye as the fiancé and then-wife of Prince Charles of England, the heir apparent to the British throne.

The Personal Life Theme of Tension has two particular effects: it can make its owner uneasy and often wound up. People with this Life theme find it difficult to relax, especially in uptight company. It also has the effect of calling out those who are not living in integrity, and sometimes prodding and even antagonizing them to straighten up and be more integrated. Knocking people off balance was easy for Diana if she perceived they were being inauthentic.



A 1/3 Personal Profile

A 1/3 “Personal Profile” is really that, personal. So, in her life she would make or take things personally, with an obvious “hands-on” approach to many activities in her life.In Princess Diana, Human Design shows us a “wide-split,” which gave her two distinct areas of consistency in her life:

1. A capable and very logical mindset in Channel 63/4, which could see reality through peoples’ fantasies, and a the same time, bring clear and decisive options for people’s trials and difficulties.

2. An emotional nature that on one hand could be visionary, focused yet expansive, through Channel 41-30, and on the other, very much a family or community-oriented person, through Channel 40-37.


With her Unconscious North Node and thus her Unconscious destiny in Gate 40, of Deliverance and Independent Reliability, aligned with her conscious and Unconscious Pluto, made it inevitable that her life journey would break her out of any constricting circumstances. And this tension between restriction and personal freedom would come to define her life and her tragic death.

With her Gate 40 in the Willpower Center, Princess Diana could access an extraordinary level of resolve to take on and accomplish seemingly impossible tasks once she was clear, as a Projector, to be involved. When she was not clear on where to place her attention, she could be extraordinarily difficult to reason with.

Her undefined Throat Center gave her voice the expression of “I know!” through her Venus in Gate 23. Her undefined Self Center and Gate 15 with Line 6 activated by her Conscious Mercury, gave her the aura of trust, making it clear to one and all that not only was she approachable but also that they were welcome, no matter what their station in life might be.

She Would Captivate the World

Looking at Princess Diana’s Human Design gives us a clear understanding of the allure that would captivate the world and ultimately cause her untimely death. Her Gate 59, of Intimacy, with the 2nd Line, gave her a certain sense of shyness that would draw the eye of the people around her. It is said that wherever she was, people could not look away, such was the gravitational pull she imposed upon all in her presence. And thus she expressed her thoroughly emotional nature but at the same time gave herself a lot of grief because she rarely learned to escape from her logical and judgmental mind.


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