Kamala Harris, Human Design, and a Life of Resolution

She went from San Francisco District Attorney to Senator to Vice Presidential nominee in just six years. And as the first black woman and first woman of Asian descent to get the vice-presidential nomination, she’s already broken boundaries in the 2020 election. But what drives people to rise so quickly while facing unlikely odds? In the case of Kamala Harris, Human Design holds the keys.


Personal Life Theme

Born into the Personal Life Theme of The Laws, it is fitting that Kamala Harris took on a career that involves administering justice and upholding the law. And her life theme also tells us that she was born to engage with a lifetime of major personal, national, and international struggle and transformation.



An Early Education in Adversity

Born in Oakland, CA to a Jamaican father and an Indian mother, her upbringing gave her firsthand experience with the experience of immigrants and minorities in America.


Just like Kamala, her parents rose to prominent positions in their own fields. Her father, Donald Harris, is an Emeritus Professor of Economics at Stanford University. And her mother Shyamala Gopalan, was an accomplished breast cancer scientist. Both parents were also civil rights activists, and her family encouraged Kamala (which means Lotus) to take up the fight for democracy and human rights, giving Kamala her first taste of national and international struggle.


However, Kamala’s first taste of personal struggle came when her parents divorced when Kamala was only 7 years old, leaving Kamala and her sister in their mother’s charge.


Her early education at Thousand Oaks school saw her take part in the busing program as part of a desegregation effort to include students of color in predominately white areas. And when her mother took a job in Quebec, Canada, Kamala continued her lifelong education in culture-bending by attending French-speaking middle and high schools.


She went on to attend Howard University, a historically black college, graduating with a “double-major” BA degree in political science and economics before interning for a California senator. She then went on to Hastings College of Law and passed the Bar in June of 1990.


Kamala Harris’ Human Design of Duality

For Kamala Harris, Human Design illustrates her deep-seated duality of joyousness and severity. Kamala has a split Design, with part-Generator and part Mental-Projector parts.  Her Generator part involves the Channel of “Mutation,” 60-3, with her Unconscious Earth placement in Gate 60, “Limitation”, and Line 4, “Extending: Using Limitations as a natural Springboard for growth.” Her Conscious Earth and Full Moon are in Gate 3, “Beginnings: Implementing the New,” and Line 2, “Maturing, Diligent Application.” This part of her Design also includes an activation from her Unconscious Moon’s placement in Gate 58, “Joyous Vitality,” and in Line 4, “Being Spontaneous, Quick recognition of joyful stimulations.”


So, this tells us that along with her apparently serious side—especially when dealing with people who hold questionably self-serving morals—she is also open to joy and fun and brings an obvious exuberance to her work, which might explain why you see her laughing and smiling more often than some of her gruff, stodgy colleagues.


With the defined Channel 64-47, Kamala Harris’ Human Design tells us that she is looking for resolution. She’s trying to figure out what makes sense in this world. And she will constantly search for both personal and public resolution throughout her life and career…wherever that may take her next.


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