The Human Design Profile and Elizabeth Warren

In 2011, the Occupy Wall Street protests were reaching a fever pitch. Elizabeth Warren emerged from relative obscurity to take center stage as a leading public critic of corporate greed and the growing income gap in the United States. This focus on justice and fairness, and her ability to bring it to light, springs in part from her Human Design Profile.


Vessel of Love

Born into the Life Theme of “The Vessel of Love,” with the very rare 3/6 Human Design Profile, Elizabeth Warren was destined to lovingly bring a naturally high intelligence into a lifetime with no guarantees of an easy pathway through it.




Before she became a prominent public figure, Warren had already firmly established herself as a powerful voice for economic justice and corporate responsibility behind the scenes. A highly influential law professor, Warren specialized in bankruptcy and commercial law during her time at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard.


She was hesitant to enter the political arena. It wasn’t until Warren was 46 that she decided she could no longer sit on the sidelines. “I can’t just leave this to people who are going to wreck the lives of millions of American families if they get the chance,” she said. “I waded in.”


Her first foray into the public sector was working alongside Congressman Mike Synar, who asked Warren to advise him in his role as chairman of the National Bankruptcy Review Commission. Together they worked for years to oppose legislation that restricted the rights of consumers to file for bankruptcy. She then went on to chair the Congressional Oversight Panel created to oversee the implementation of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act.  And she was instrumental in creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She capped this off with an upset win in the 2012 Massachusetts senate race.

3/6 Human Design Profile

Warren’s 3/6 Human Design Profile directly contributes to her unwavering commitment to protecting the working and middle class from economic insecurity. But it also helps explain her upbringing on what she described as the “ragged edge of the middle class,” an edge Warren’s family was reportedly clinging to by their fingernails.


In fact, any 3rd Line Human Design Profile brings with it a lifetime of “hard knocks”. It’s a profile that includes a need to endure upsets in ways that enhance knowledge and wisdom.


Hard Knocks

When warren was just twelve years old, her family slipped a little closer to the edge after her father, a salesman at Montgomery Ward, suffered a heart attack. His inability to resume his work led to a pay-cut and the eventual repossession of the family’s car. To help the family stay afloat, her mother found work and a thirteen-year-old Warren began waiting tables at her aunt’s restaurant.


Economic Justice

Now, Warren is one of the most prominent members of the Democratic Party. And her message of economic justice has not changed. And while many who oppose her try to paint her as a radical leftist (a former Reagan associate once referred to her as a “fevered Marxist”), her message of economic fairness is one that resonates with people from all over the political spectrum. She may not have the charisma or broad appeal to win a general election (time will tell), but in her mission to elevate the issues of economic injustice and income inequality, she has already made an indelible mark on the political landscape of this country.


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