How to Create Your Own Reality with Human Design: Part 2, Human Design Authority

Human Design Authority

In our last blog post, we touched on the ways in which our minds can let us down when it comes to making the major life-changing decisions which define and construct our own realities. Now we’d like to get into a more reliable tool for helping us guide our lives: Human Design, namely your Human Design Authority

When we are born, we come into the world with a unique purpose, a unique path and a unique inner guidance system that informs our decision-making processes, this is called our Human Design Authority.

As we progress through life, we slowly get nudged off course. Our parents do their best to instill a sense of purpose and direction, but this is almost always simply a projection of their own experiences, desires, fears, and personalities.

Then, our school teachers and administrators try to guide us in a certain direction, a uniform direction, one which may be suitable for some of us, but certainly not all of us. Our friends influence us with their own personalities, desires and expectations.

Then the world itself, with its constant demands, might influence us to take shortcuts, make compromises, and make decisions that only benefit us in the short term. The weight of these outside expectations, intrusions and influences understandably throws our soul’s natural progression off course. The result is that many of us end up living lives that are far removed from our Human Design Authority and the lives our soul’s set out to live on day one.



What Human Design does, at its most fundamental level, is realign you with your Human Design Authority and give you a roadmap to understanding yourself and in the form of a Human Design Chart. When we talk about our “purpose” or our “calling” or even our intuition, what we are really talking about is that part of us deep inside that knows exactly what we are meant to do in this world, and even how we are meant to go about doing it. It is that deep core of our beings, the beings we were at birth, that Human Design reveals to us.

Your Human Design Chart puts you face to face with the true you. The person you were when you came into this world. Stripping away the obfuscating layers of outside influence and expectation, Human Design leaves you with a clear-cut picture of your authentic self and your Human Design Authority. And when the true you is unveiled, your path becomes clear. You begin to be able to untangle your soul’s purpose from the imposed purpose that’s been hung around your neck via the expectations of others.



The result is clarity and the confidence to assert, and insert, ourselves, our true selves into the world. When we do this, we are empowered to create the lives we were born to live. We are empowered to become more than mere passengers being carried along by the whims of the world and the will and expectations of those around us. We become able to hear that voice, loud and clear, that tells us to choose another path. We become able to know, without a whisper of doubt, which decisions to make, and when to make them. In short, we become empowered and—importantly—equipped to create our own realities.



Learn about your own unique Human Design Authority by ordering your Comprehensive Human Design Report here.


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Chetan & Carola

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