Harmony and The Human Design Life Chart



There is no heartache quite like that which accompanies regret. If you’ve ever looked back on something you’ve said or done in the past that you sorely wish you could take back, you know what we mean. It’s that sinking feeling in the pit of your chest, so heavy you fear it might pull you straight through the ground. So, how can a Human Design Life Chart help?



Where Does Disharmony Come From?

Most regrets spring from moments in our lives when we are caught in two minds. Those moments when we arrive at a crossroads and have no idea which path to choose. We struggle within ourselves: “What if this isn’t the right choice?” “What will people think of me?” “What if it all goes wrong and I can’t take it back?”


More often than not these choices end up revealing themselves as nothing more than false dichotomies. And since we can never really know whether or not things would have turned out better had we chosen the other path, this type of “grass is always greener” thinking is pure speculation. But it can still do damage to our psyche and our hearts.


When you spend time second-guessing yourself, you run the risk of building up resentments and falling into disharmony—not to mention the potential for further analysis-paralysis when the next big decision comes along.


No matter what, the past is the past. And holding on to it can be akin to holding your mind and heart hostage. However, there is something you can do to ensure that you avoid the pitfalls of regret and resentment in the future. And it starts with your Human Design Life Chart.



How Can A Human Design Life Chart Help?

Human Design, at its very core, is a system for revealing who we really are beneath the layers of conditioning that have built up around us throughout our lifetimes. We all come into this life with an instinctive knowledge of our truth and path, as well as an inborn intelligence that tells us which decisions to make in any given situation.


In Human Design terms, we call this inborn intelligence our Authority. But, over time, the pressures and influences of the social structure around us can mute and muddle our Authority. We can then fall into the false notion that all decisions should be—and can only be—made with our minds and our minds alone. Your Human Design Life Chart is your illustrated guide to getting back in touch with that inborn Authority.


In learning how to live according to our Human Design Life Chart, we empowered ourselves to bypass the binary intellect of the brain and regain access to our innate Authority. This then enables us to once again make decisions that are directly grounded in our own authentic selves.


When making decisions based in our Authority, we are no longer susceptible to the all-too-common state of analysis paralysis. We are liberated from future regret. We know without a shadow of a doubt that every decision we make is made in service to our greater purpose in life. Each choice we make is another step forward on our soul’s chosen path. Therefore, there can be no missteps.


So, although we can never fully erase the disharmony of the past, we can all look forward to a more harmonious future with a little help from our Human Design Life Chart. To get started on your path to harmony, get your free Human Design Report here.



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