How to Create Your Own Reality with Human Design: Part 1

How do you make plans and decisions? Well, if you’re like most people, you consider your options, weigh the pros and cons, crunch the numbers and come up with the decision you think is most likely to pay off. This is only natural of course. After all, we are instructed from day one to “use our heads,” to be pragmatic, practical and logical about every decision we make. But is it really working? One quick look at the current state of the world through the lens of Human Design seems to suggest that it is not.

Consider the global turmoil, upheaval and confusion that has resulted from all of us collectively “using our heads.” Then scale that down to consider your own personal experience. Is it working for you on a personal level? Are you as happy, healthy and wealthy as you’d like to be? Personally, when we think back on the days before we went through our first big self-transformation, when all our plans and decisions came only from our intellect, we think back on a time of confusion, struggle and dead-ends, and we feel relieved those days are behind us.

We can remember countless times in the past when we ignored our ability to interpret our own truth. When faced with a big decision about our career, love-life, or life in general, we would go with the sensible, practical decision despite feeling something inside tugging at us to follow a different path. This always ended in more headaches, heartaches and disappointment. And even when our strictly practical decisions did happen to bear fruit, we were still left unsatisfied. We later realized that was because no matter how much so-called success these decisions brought us, they also served to lead us one step further away from our soul’s true path and purpose. We still weren’t creating our own reality, we were surviving (and occasionally thriving) in somebody else’s.

So, What’s the Problem…

So, what’s the problem with using our brains? Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with using logic and reason to help inform your decisions. It’s when we use our minds as the sole determiner of our plans and experience that we can run into trouble. That’s because the mind more or less functions as a bio-computer, working on a binary basis. Which means it’s a great tool for gathering information and executing mental tasks, but when it comes to expressing your essence and allowing your truth to permeate and drive your experience, the brain always comes up short. In other words, the mind is an excellent servant but a very poor master.

When the intellect is the sole determiner of our experience in life, we leave ourselves open to the will and whim of the world around us. It is essentially a defensive life-strategy. Rather than asserting our truth and creating our own reality, we are simply reacting to the world around us, ducking and dodging as the universe throws things in our way.

We realize it’s one thing to say we should let our inner truth lead and create our own realities. It’s another thing to actually do it. So how do we learn to let ourselves take charge? That’s where the science of Human Design comes in, which we will explain in greater detail in our next blog post. But if you’d like a sample of what you might find in your Human Design Chart before then, you can get your free Human Design report here, and get a head start on learning how to unleash your truth.

Warmest Wishes,

Chetan & Carola

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