Can the Human Design System Boost Confidence?



You know those people who are just effortlessly confident? We used to look at them as though they were from another planet. They were sure of themselves, they didn’t suffer fools, and they didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. We wanted to be like that, but how? That’s where the Human Design system comes in.





We often think of confidence as something we put on. A suit of armor we construct to show the world we aren’t afraid. But something happens when you try to fake confidence. It might fool some people, but the ones who are truly confident can sniff you out right away.


Take the story of the fox and the cat:



Had the fox been confident in his own strengths, rather than pretending to be something he was not, perhaps he could’ve escaped his fate. But the cat, awakened to her inborn catness, knew precisely who she was and what she should do. And it even led her to further good fortune in the form of a tasty breakfast.


Confidence is not about putting on a strong face, making bold gestures, or otherwise pretending to be something you are not. True confidence comes from knowing exactly who you are and how best to navigate the world in your own way. And that is exactly what you get from the Human Design System.


When you are in alignment with your true authentic path and purpose, you become instinctively aware of your strengths and weaknesses. There is no time for self-doubt because you always know what decision to make and when to make it. And there is no better tool for grounding yourself in your authentic purpose than the Human Design system.



When we discovered the Human Design System, we suddenly realized that we didn’t need to be like those effortlessly confident people we used to envy. We realized we only needed to be ourselves. We needed only to live the lives we were originally designed to live. When we did that, things began to fall into place, our decisions began to pay off. Our personal relationships became stronger. And our careers began to skyrocket.


Everything we did from then on flowed naturally from a firm sense of ourselves. We knew exactly who we were and what we needed to do in every situation. And before we knew it, we had become—in our own unique ways—those effortlessly confident people we used to envy.


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