A Human Design Relationship Reading of the Presidential Candidates

The election is finally upon us, and the choices could not be starker. After eight years of Vice President Biden and four years of President Trump (not to mention Reality Show Host Trump and Tabloid Headliner Trump), we all have a pretty good idea of what we’re getting ourselves into with each candidate. But why are they the way they are? What motivates the candidates and their running mates to seek the highest offices in the land? Human Design has the answers. So here is a quick Human Design Relationship Reading of the Four Horsemen of the U.S. Election:


The Human Design Relationship of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Born into the Personal Life Theme of Transference (Contagion), with a 4/6 Profile and a Generator Design, Joe has moved at a steady pace through life.  He connects and energizes people and places, in his own particular style, being “at home” wherever life takes him and in whatever company he finds himself.

His 4/6 Profile has at times caused him to stand aside rather than include himself directly if he has felt rejected in any way by people or by life’s circumstances.  However, once he receives recognition and finds himself in “response mode” he quickly finds himself delivering wisdom and friendship all over the world. We see this reflected in his “bromance” with Barack Obama, as well as the fact that behind the scenes, even his republican adversaries have only good things to say about Biden.

Some of the criticism Biden received after the first presidential debate was focused on his apparent inability to respond to Trump’s boorish jabs in a clear and concise way. This might have something to do with his undefined Throat Center. Though very versatile in expressing all manner of concepts and possibilities, this aspect of his chart means he might have a hard time getting his thoughts out when pressed to do so quickly. (It also may well contribute to his lifetime of working his way through stammering). But given the time and space to express his thoughts and insights in his own way, he can benefit his audiences by delivering his clear organizational logic, encouragement, and a lifetime of expansive experiences.

As we illustrated in our Blog post on Kamala Harris, Kamala also has a knack for drawing people in with her joyousness. But in Kamala we also see a balance between exuberance and seriousness. Kamala’s split Design (part-Generator and part Mental-Projector), imbues her with a stark duality between stern maturity and joyful spontaneity. But make no mistake, this “fun” side of Kamala will never get in the way of her central focus in life. Born into the Personal Life Theme of The Laws, With the defined Channel 64-47, Kamala’s mission in life is to recognize injustice, uphold the law and find resolution in her life and the world at large.

While Biden is a straight thinker, but not always the best at getting his point across, Kamala is a no-nonsense straight talker.  With Gate 23 and 12 in the Throat Center, she has learned to distinguish the difference between truth and lies, and her Gate 45 activated by her Unconscious Venus gives a great sense of caring and concern for people, particularly women, for whom she feels responsible.

Like Kamala, Biden also has the Channel 64-47, through which his mind is always trying to make sense and get to the bottom of things.  Combined with his Gate 43, called “Breakthrough,” activated with the planet Mercury, Biden is uniquely adept at putting forward original and insightful concepts that appear neither logical nor illogical but which can cut through the fixed dogma and beliefs held by others. In Biden and Harris, we have two charismatic figures who are focused on finding solutions, even if those solutions might seem counterintuitive, or confounding at first.

The Human Design Relationship of Trump and Pence

Acknowledging that all politicians are in some part motivated by self-interest, we see this amplified to an extreme in Donald Trump. Where Biden and Harris are, at their core, motivated by the quest to find solutions to big problems, Trump’s base motivation is a concern for himself–or at least reclaiming a part of himself that’s been lost.

Donald Trump was born under a Full Moon into the Personal Life Theme of “The Garden of Eden.” There is an inherent difficulty for anyone born with this Life Theme, in that from early days, at usually around 4 or 5 years old, they find out they are NOT in the Garden of Eden anymore.

Donald arrived with enormous potential with a Manifesting Generator Design, having an emphasis on Manifesting (Channels 45-21, The “Money Channel,” and 36-35, “Versatility”), however, as with anyone born into this Life Theme, he would have quickly realized that he was surrounded by people who were not living in integrity.  This discovery can bring about an almost immediate resistance to life, causing Donald to put his whole energy into “Finding the Garden again.”

Money, projects, sex, deals, glamor, tv shows, and exposure of all sorts where he has the upper hand can bring about a momentary sense that he is back in Paradise, but sooner or later, the thrill is gone, and the search goes on once more.

If Donald could only come to the understanding that the Garden he seeks is inside himself, he would be a much happier person. Realizing that he is generating his own emotions would clarify everything for him, to the point that he would stop blaming anyone and everything.

Like his boss, Mike Pence has Emotional Authority. And also like his boss, the connections he has into his Emotions Center are Unconscious. It is often easier for others to detect his mood than it is for him. In fact, he might even deny he is emotional at all, yet all his decisions need to be carefully weighed according to an emotional calm and clarity.

Born into the Life Theme of Separation, Michael Pence has spent his whole life putting distance between himself and those who seek his assistance, unless he can control the interactions and dictate his own terms. If he’s not careful, this side of his nature can make him extremely unpopular once it is revealed to the people closest to him who have some kind of dependence on him. His 6/2 Profile in his Manifestor Design can also make him appear distanced if not disdainful of people until he feels there is some kind of advantage to be found in manifesting on their behalf.

So, we see that in Trump and Pence, we have an almost perfect foil for Biden and Harris. It’s almost a contest between “What can you do for me?” versus “What can I do for you?” However, self-interest does not always preclude the possibility of outcomes that benefit society as a whole. It just so happens that so far this has not necessarily been the case when it comes to Trump and Pence. And regardless of who comes out on top, the country and the world are still in for some big surprises and major changes in the months and years to come. Hold on to your hats!


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