Holiday Reading Special 2017

Holiday Reading Special 2017


There is no question that we are living in uncertain times. From the populist backlash that gave us ‘Brexit’ and President-elect Donald Trump, to escalating international tension and the ongoing global climate crisis, it’s easy to feel helpless, lost and unmoored in the world today, but you don’t have to… 

Would you like to know with rock-solid inner certainty that you don’t have to be a victim of circumstances? 

That your happiness, purpose and success potential are stronger than ever. 

No matter what challenges the world presents that, you have the power—already within you—to move forward on your path with utter clarity and confidence. 

Well you can, all you have to do is unleash it!

The thing is, we all come into this world with an inborn essence, a core personal truth that gives us purpose and guides our lives. 

The problem is that over time we lose touch with this core inner self. As we grow and develop, we begin to absorb and mimic our outside influences. 

We learn from our parents, teachers and peers, we face pressures from others, and from society as a whole, that shape our decisions and change our ideas about how we think we ought to live. And after a while, that unique inborn essence gets obscured as we become products of our environment. 

In the end, we begin to rely on these outside forces rather than our own inner guidance system. We are more easily swayed by our ideas of what we think we should do, rather than what we instinctively know to be right for ourselves. 

The danger is that we can become reactive rather than purposeful, responding to life events, and world events, in a knee-jerk way that threatens to take us even further off course. 

When this happens, we begin to feel friction in our lives as we try to forge ahead against our essential nature. This is the root of struggle. 

But there is a way to completely transform it.

In these rapidly changing times, right now is your time to rediscover who you really are and reconnect with your true inner purpose so you begin to experience the life you really desire… the life you know in your heart is possible.

A life without Friction. A life in Flow.

It all starts by reuniting with your true inner self in your Human Design Reading.

Click the video below to hear Chetan discuss more about Human Design readings

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This is equivalent to a Half-Day personal one-on-one Coaching and Reading Package—a $2500.00 value—for only $1250.00.

1-time investment: $1,250.00

3-payment plan: $458.00 each

Introducing our:

Holiday Readings Special 

with Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood 

chetan and carola

A 90-minute, in-depth Human Design reading to help you unleash your unadulterated inner self, this comprehensive session will guide you to greater clarity, self-awareness, and a deep understanding of your truest self and your unique path to fulfillment in life. 

No matter how much you’ve already achieved in life or business, your Human Design Reading with Chetan will support you to create greater success and experience new levels of fulfillment. 

Read what best-selling author, Jack Canfield has to say about his Readings with Chetan…

jack canfield

“I recently had the good fortune to have three Human Design readings with Chetan Parkyn. First, Chetan is an amazing man with an incredible depth of knowledge and wisdom—as well as a great sense of humor. Second, the readings were informative, extremely helpful, and what I consider to be extremely accurate

I came away with a deeper understanding and acknowledgment of my strengths and my challenges, and a more profound acceptance of myself—who I am and who I am not—which left me feeling an even greater permission to just be myself, which is always a pleasant relief. 

As a result of the great value I received, I plan to have several of my family members and staff work with Chetan. And I also highly recommend him, his book, and his individual readings to you.” 

Jack Canfield, CEO, The Canfield Training Group, Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, co-author of The Success Principles and a featured teacher in the movie "The Secret”

Your life-changing reading with Chetan is a not-to-be missed opportunity to put the keys to success firmly in your hands, for the remainder of your life.

Plus – When you order our Holiday Reading Special, you will also receive a Complimentary Bonus 60-minute Human Design Coaching session with our Life Transformation and Business Success Coach, Carola Eastwood! Available as a bonus during our Holiday Readings Special only! 

Have more questions, or would like to customize your Readings Package? Schedule a phone call with our Client Concierge, Lacie, to get your questions answered.

This is equivalent to a Half-Day personal one-on-one Coaching and Reading Package—a $2500.00 value—for only $1250.00.

1-time investment: $1,250.00

3-payment plan: $458.00 each

In this one-on-one, personalized session, Chetan will uncover your best opportunities for growth, development, and success in order to help you start living the life you’ve always dreamed of, right away! He’ll take you deep into the mysteries of your own Human Design and reveal your personal success keys. 

Think of this reading as a personal reintroduction between you and your truest self. 

This is the awakening of the real you—free from any conditioning, influences, or struggle. 

Imagine how much easier life would be if you could…

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Re-awaken the person you are at your core, and live the life your Soul designed!

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Reconnect with your innate inner guidance system, so you always make the right decisions, with confidence.

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Rediscover your true path to success and fulfillment and re-ignite your passion for living!

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Break free from the struggle you’ve been taught to live with!

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Create the life your heart longs for!

You can—and will—start living the life were born to live. And our Holiday Readings Special is your first essential step! 

With our Holiday Readings Special, you get the best of the best! Chetan’s high, clear vision and over 20 years of full-time experience with Human Design, along with Carola’s deep wisdom and empowering Coaching… 

As Belinda Budge, past chief editor for Harper Collins, UK says,

belinda budge

“Together, Chetan and Carola are a magical force…”

Meet your Success Team, Chetan and Carola:

Your Reading reveals the full story of your life, your true purpose, and your most direct path to fulfillment, happiness, and success.


Through his decades of mastery and with his intuitive gifts and deep understanding of Human Design, Chetan Parkyn has helped thousands of leaders, business owners, coaches, consultants, healers, and everyday people discover the depths of self-knowledge that transforms lives. 

Using your birth information, Chetan dives deep into your unique self and offers specific details on how your Design reveals who you really are at your core. In his 90-minute session with you, you’ll learn exactly how to use your Human Design as your personal roadmap for living life authentically. 

Your Bonus, 60-minute personal Coaching session with Carola puts the keys to success in your hands and shows you how to use them.


With her background and experience in Counseling Psychology and Business Success Coaching, Carola Eastwood brings a uniquely empowering perspective to her Human Design coaching.

In your 60-minute Coaching session she guides you to breakthroughs and helps you integrate your new knowledge of their Human Design into their current life.


We’ve read for thousands of people world-wide, many of whom had Human Design readings with someone else and were still unclear about vital elements of their design, and how to use them. Don’t make the mistake of sacrificing quality and high impact, for price, when it comes to the quality of your life and relationships. When it comes to your ability to create the outcomes you desire in life. When the opportunity is to live with greater joy, certainty, and success… work with the best!

Here’s what people are saying about their life-changing Human Design Readings with Chetan, and Coaching with Carola:


"A reading with Chetan is not to be missed!"

sam bennett

"With great kindness and boundless compassion, Chetan walked me through my own life story, giving me insight into what had previously been some pretty murky territory. 

His clarity has caused me to find new ways to capitalize on my strengths (which is bringing in new business right and left!) and to quit doing some of the old behaviors that were keeping me stuck. 

Chetan is a teacher's teacher -- a wise man working at a whole new level of consciousness. A reading with him is a not-to-be-missed experience!" 

Samantha Bennett, The Organized Artist Company


"The reading with Chetan was truly astounding."


"The Reading I received from Chetan was truly astounding

My life has had its challenges however the Insights he provided me have resulted in a significantly greater commitment to who I am and what my purpose is

If you are serious about knowing who you truly are and what you should be focused on every day, then you owe it to yourself to learn what you can from this fellow spiritual traveler and put it to work as soon as possible!!" 

Greg Halpern, Max Sound Corporation


"I didn't realize how eye opening a Reading would be."


"I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up for my Human Design reading. I thought it would be interesting, I thought it would be cool, what I didn't realize was how eye opening it would be. 

Unlike any other type of reading I've experienced, this reading answered so many questions for me. It wasn't just a reading based on a chart. Chetan's interpretation of my individual design has given me amazing clarity about my strengths and weaknesses, which has helped my relationships and my business.

I highly recommend that if you want to understand your Human Design and get the best results from a reading that you work with Chetan. His knowledge and experience truly make the difference." 

Tracey C. Webber, Sales Solutions for Your 


"Working with Carola helped me to get access and connection to my soul’s path and to the deeper purpose of my work..."


"I came to work with Carola at a point in my business where I had kind of maxed out my growth and I really didn’t know how to get beyond where I was. It was as if my own sort of strategic, rational mind had gone as far as I could take it. I needed guidance in terms of what was beyond that. 

Working with Carola helped me to get access and connection to my soul’s path and to the deeper purpose of my work. And to resolve some experiences in my life that were holding me back. I am very grateful for that…"

Ron Wilder, CEO, Aligned Action


“I have touched base regularly with Carola for at least a decade to gain her wisdom and innate talent for readings. She’s very intuitive and blended with her total and genius grasp of the astrology information added to Human Design. 

Throughout the years and during many life changes which were both challenging and rewarding, the guidance I’ve had from Carola, has allowed me to move ahead with a depth of understanding that has been practical and innovative for me and my future

The gift she has for allowing an altered state of consciousness to pour through her affects me each time and I wouldn’t dream of navigating and negotiating this life without her!

Becky Robbins, Artist, Writer, Philanthropist

After your personalized reading with Chetan, you’ll receive a 60-minute follow-up Coaching session with Carola. She’ll help you ground your new knowledge and awareness of how to use the keys in your Human Design chart, and focus your insight into a meaningful plan of action.

She’ll help you create actionable steps that will assist you in achieving immediate success and guide you to even deeper awareness and knowledge of what you’re meant to do in this lifetime, whom you’re meant to serve, and what success looks like according to your unique Design.

This Holiday Season, give yourself or someone you love, the gift of an empowered life.

Have more questions, or would like to customize your Readings Package? Schedule a phone call with our Client Concierge, Lacie, to get your questions answered.

Get Your In-Depth Human Design Reading and Bonus Human Design Coaching Session with our Holiday Readings Special, and start living the life you’ve always desired!

Value: $2,500.00

1-time investment: $1,250.00

3-payment plan: $458.00 each