HD LIVE Event 2016

Experience How YOUR Human Design...

……Works for You!


Join Business Success Coach, Carola Eastwood, and Human Design,
Best-Selling Author, Chetan Parkyn  for a 1-Day Workshop
where you’ll 
Discover How To Use:



  • Your “Inner Code” to Find Clarity on Your Life Purpose.

  • Your 2 Most Effective Strategies to Get the Results You Want, Every Time.

  • A Proven Easy to Follow 3-STEP SYSTEM to Attract the Love and Success You Desire!



Carola Eastwood has coached thousands of Individuals and Business Leaders for over 29 years to use their Human Design in combination with her Transformational Coaching to overcome blocks that were preventing them from living their full potential.

Guided by a savant in his early years, Chetan has provided personal Readings, Mentoring, and Insight for over 5,000 Individuals Worldwide, helping people align with their true nature, and find fulfillment and happiness in being themselves. 


There is a saying, “Knowledge is Power”.  We agree!  But even the most profound knowledge is useless without intelligent application.


In our One-Day Human Design Experience, you will learn how to:


  • Take your Human Design knowledge to a new level of deep integration
  • Understand the HD dynamics of those closest to you
  • Clarify your relationship patterns so you experience more love
  • Trust your decision-making process to bring the best experiences  
  • How the power of conscious intention works, uniquely for you!



Read what a few clients have to say about working with Carola and Chetan:

"I have worked with Carola for several years, and I cannot recommend her more highly. This is an amazing process, an amazing journey….. learning about probably the most important thing in your life, which is knowing yourself.”

- Deborah Read, Film Director and Actress, Santa Monica, CA

Best-selling author, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Jack Canfield, has this to say about his work with Chetan: 

"First, Chetan is an amazing man with an incredible depth of knowledge and wisdom … I came away with a deeper understanding and acknowledgment of my strengths and my challenges, and a more profound acceptance of myself—who I am and who I am not—which left me feeling an even greater permission to just be myself, which is always a pleasant relief.”

- Jack Canfield



Our fun and enlightening

Human Design Experience Workshop takes place

In North County, San Diego, CA

Early summer, 2016. Date to be announced!


9:30am – 6:30pm


Event Fee $197 with Pre-Registration.   





Join the Human Design masters and relationship experts,
Carola and Chetan, for a journey into the

Success Dynamics of your Design!


If you are considering joining us, read this message from Chetan:


What matters is that you re-discover the originality which resides at the very core of you, making the prospect of creativity, resilience and fulfillment - and laughter - that much greater when challenges arrive. This doesn't require you to be somebody new. It requires you to be the person you always have been.


We are now entering an era when we can no longer deny our truth, sell ourselves short, or pretend our interconnectedness does not exist. It is essential that we have the assurance of honoring and trusting our self if we are to interact honestly with our world.  Human Design shows us how to become more conscious as precious beings, to live in present tense with clarity and assurance. Knowing your Human Design guides you to the truths within.

In this Experiential Workshop, you will not only have direct energetic experiences of your own Design in ways that are easily assimilated, but you will also immediately recognize the differences in the people around you, and how you can relate to them easily and much more effectively, from your own truth


Read what others who have already reached a high level of success have to say about the huge difference working with Carola and Chetan to understand their Human Design has made in their lives:

“The first time I met Chetan was to discuss the publication of his book, and I knew immediately that he had an important reason to be in the world. 

The intuitive way he works with your Human Design brings an extraordinary moment of insight into your journey. His deep understanding, knowledge and consciousness helps you paint a picture of what is, and what is possible.

Working with both Chetan and Carola together has been a unique experience, as Carola brings a different awareness, compassion and consciousness to the conversation. Together they are a unique and magical force. Recently I made a life changing decision to leave my work of the past 25 years and my first thought was to talk with both Chetan and Carola.

Together they have helped me stay conscious, held me to account, and encouraged me to sit still, to not be fearful and to trust. It is always an honor, and a joy, to work with both of them.”

- Belinda Budge, former Chief Editor, Non-Fiction, Harper-Collins, UK

“All the problems that we experience in our life come from not knowing our true self and the power that it contains. Since I was a boy, I had questions about myself that after 25 years of intense study remained unanswered.

Chetan and Human Design answered those questions in one session and forever changed my life in very practical and measurable ways. I instantly experienced a difference in my relationships and business that translated into more profit for my company and me.

If you have questions that remain unanswered, Human Design will answer them once and for all.”

- David Neagle, Multimillionaire Income Acceleration Coach



Join us for our fun and enlightening

Human Design Experience Workshop, which takes place

In North County, San Diego, CA

Early summer, 2016. Date to be announced!


9:30am – 6:30pm


Event Fee $197 with Pre-Registration.   





Join us Sunday, March 6
for an experience that will give you
a deeper understanding of how to use
the practical tools contained
in your Human Design Life Chart