Work with Chetan

When you are born, you have two paths before you:

You discover who you are, live the life you are born to live, and continue to find your authenticity, satisfaction and fulfillment…


You adapt yourself to other people’s ways of thinking, deciding, and speaking… leaving your soul—as well as your everyday being—feeling ultimately lost and unfulfilled.  If you find that you—like so many people—wake up feeling lost, uncertain, overwhelmed, tired, or come to realize you are stuck… then Chetan can help.

Chetan’s Personal Readings Package

A life-changing view into your intrinsic nature is undertaken in three sessions with Chetan. These in-depth Human Design Reading sessions are scheduled one week apart, with time to re-listen to session recordings in between and any time after! Chetan takes you through an extensive process of self-recognition and teaches you the keys to living your life successfully, in all areas.

This 3-Session Package may become one of the most important events of your lifetime as it helps you to discover your own unique gifts, and learn to live your life in a way that is more successful and fulfilling. All Readings are recorded and the recordings are provided to you afterward as an .mp3 file so you can listen again, anytime.

By recognizing the ways in which you get distracted from your unique path, and by allowing Chetan to give you insight and guide you to implement ways that are natural for you, you will achieve an effortless balance of recognizing how to live your life on your own terms.

  • Enjoying a state of inner balance, where all things are possible in all areas of your life.

  • You come to Wake up to who you really are.

  • Recognize the uniqueness of your own nature.

  • Uncover your gifts and talents

  • Identify your distinctive keys to a successful life.

  • Detect and release borrowed and/or self-defeating patterns.

  • Discern what moves you to create loving and fulfilling relationships.

  • Find and implement the elusive keys to your business success


In his Readings, Chetan uses extensive knowledge and tools to go deeply into your core nature. Through his personal insights, he will help you transform your life. You will experience:

~Better, deeper relationships~

Once you understand your own Human Design, and the Designs of those with whom you relate, every interaction and communication with your loved ones becomes much clearer and more effective. Relating with someone from your own clarity and appreciating those areas of your life where you have had a tendency to lose your balance, leads you into deeply satisfying and mutually empowering dynamics within any relationship.


~Clarity with money and financial decisions~

How do you best allocate your resources? How do you grow a successful business? How do you invest in your future company growth? Learn to make decisions with foresight and confidence.


~Improved physical health and wellness~

When they start living from their Design, a number of Chetan’s clients report that their health improves dramatically. This is usually a result of no longer forcing themselves to perform in ways they are not meant to, or finding ways to effectively deal with or leave a toxic environment.


~Stabilized emotional wellness and mental health~

Once the mental “clutter” is identified and put into perspective, clients often see the motives behind their decisions and actions, and experience the ability to act from a clear understanding of their own correct decision-making process.

"My life has been forever altered..."

“In 2014, I did a 6 month Mentoring program with Chetan.  My life has been forever altered, in the best of ways.  Chetan’s unique abilities of deeply seeing into me, as a whole, allowed me to navigate through those blind spots and walls, dark places and stuck places, which I had not been able to get through before.  In each session he brought humor, insight, respect and care for me, as well as an ingenious way of looking at any issue.

His deep understanding of Human Design, as well as his gifts of “seeing” and “speaking”, initiated changes in me at the deepest, most basic level.  On several occasions, my body literally felt shaken at the cellular level.  He was able to resonate what felt like the “genetic expression” of who I really am, so the “real” Human Design of me got locked in place.  This transformation has remained stable and is always there for me now to feel into.  

Chetan once told me that by Mentoring with him, he could “hold me in my Design until I could hold myself there”.  For me, this statement was absolutely true.  The benefit I have received from Chetan’s Mentoring is worth more than any other self-improvement process I have ever done.

It has deepened my understanding of myself and given me some of the most useful ways to work with my strengths and weaknesses.  Twelve months past my last session, I am more functional, more effective in whatever I am doing, and much happier.  This more positive outlook on my life is a major turnaround for me.  I find that I am also more compassionate with myself, as well as with others.

I feel blessed and fortunate to have had the opportunity to do this deep and profound work with Chetan.”

Jackie Lindemann, Spokane, WA