Work with Carola

Everyone has a purpose in life.

You have a destiny to fulfill, as well as a pathway to success that is created just for you. But like so many people in the world, you may have lost sight of what your true purpose is—or you have yet to discover it–and how you will fulfill it.

Carola Eastwood created her Life Transformational Readings and Business Success Coaching Program: to help you become the remarkable person you were born to be, so you can experience success and fulfillment in the way it was meant for you!

Whether its 90 minutes or 9 months, working with Carola Eastwood provides you with one-on-one personal insight and guidance to some of your biggest challenges and choices in life. Whether working on your business, career, relationship, or personal fulfillment, Carola helps you uncover and release fears or past “stories” that may be stopping you from embracing what you really need in your life to succeed. Together, you will create a strategy to take the first step on your true path, and design a life you will love!

You can return to your authentic self, your real foundation of clarity in decision making, and your inner voice will be heard.  When this happens, and you have the necessary support and success, fulfillment naturally follows. 

Ready to embrace the real you?


Life-Path Readings… Begin your journey here:

A life-changing, 90-minute, personalized session in which Carola interprets your life’s purpose and your highest potential for success in business and relationships. In this deeply transformative one-on-one session, Carola reveals the most direct path to achieving your desired results.  Having this foundational session provides the clarity and certainty to live your life in the most highly creative and successful way, ensuring greater success now, and in the future. 

Business or Personal Relationship Readings

A deep and insightful look at the dynamics at play in your most significant relationships. Approximately 90 minutes, your Reading can be used to address business, personal and and/or romantic relationship questions. Carola uncovers your patterns of communicating, relating, and co-creating that are pre-wired, automatic behaviors. She then teaches you how to change these patterns so you can relate in a uniquely empowering way.  Business or Personal Relationship Readings are produced in a series of 1 to 3 sessions, and each session helps you create relationship dynamics that will lead to highly effective business results, as well as deeply satisfying personal relationships.

Business and Team Dynamics Assessment

Available as a set of several individual sessions, depending on the size of the team, in which each team member’s role and potential performance is assessed in relation to current company objectives. Once the assessments are completed, the results are made available to your business managerial or executive team. Carola then hosts a series of team meetings which are arranged for the purpose of education, communication improvement, team building, and performance enhancement.

Fees depend on scope of project.

Life Transformation and Business Success Coaching… A private journey to fulfillment, by invitation only

Carola’s signature 12-month program of unparalleled engagement is conducted through regular weekly or bi-weekly sessions, half-day and or/ full-day intensives, and email access designed to assist you to have the breakthroughs necessary to achieve desired results. Life Transformation Coaching with Carola is a powerful journey of life transformation and success cultivation that involves some deep work and a high degree of commitment to making substantial and lasting change. This program is individually designed and tailored, so the content of each person’s program is completely unique. The Program supports you to move from where you are now, to the life you were truly born to live: one you consciously create for yourself.

Elizabeth Kurtz, Kurtz Law Corporation

"The best gift I have ever given myself!"

“Having my Human Design Reading with Chetan was the best gift I have ever given myself—and those around me. Decisions came a lot easier. How I interact and communicate with my team changed for the better. And I started earning a lot more money. After my reading, I realized I needed further support—not only in how to best live by my Design, but also to heal old wounds I’d been hauling around—and decided to hire Carola as my coach. Over the past year working together, she’s helped me release unwanted paradigms that were keeping me from success and inner peace. I’m more confident as a business owner and a leader, I’m finally living life on my terms, and reaping the financial rewards I’ve set out to reach. Thanks for transforming my life!” 

Michelle Salater, Sūmèr, LLC

“I can’t speak highly enough of the coaching I’ve had from Carola Eastwood."

“I was in a formal coaching relationship with her for almost a year, it was very beneficial, and well-rounded in supporting both my business and my spiritual connection. Her process is really good at getting you to focus on key areas of your life and business that are going to move you forward to your highest good.  Carola is masterful in how she uses her skills and her talents… I felt fully engaged each time I had my coaching call and always looked forward to it. She is a phenomenal coach, business leader and a woman who is leading the spiritual business world by helping connect the importance of who we are to our highest purpose and our highest good.”

Steve Rogers- Alchemy Advisors, Founder/Consultant/Speaker/Author

"I have shifted in very positive ways on a cellular level."

“I chose to engage Carola in her “Transformation and Business Success” Program early this year and after about 8 months of working with her on a regular basis, I can say that I have shifted in some very positive ways on a cellular level. I am so grateful for this process – we have coaching calls twice a month and have had one of my VIP days with her already. Carola is an amazing teacher, healer and coachI find Carola to be a specially gifted Healer, and in my case, this has provided me with a new lightness of being and clarity around my truth on so many levels, that this alone is Priceless! My business is growing and I am having more fun in life altogether!!”

Lorena Checa AIA LEED AP, Principal, Checa Architects