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Take your life and business to the next level by learning how to achieve outstanding results, increase your money flow and create the life you love.

Working with Chetan and Carola gives you a quantum leap to creating a personal and professional life or business that supports your desired life-style, creates harmonious and deeply satisfying personal and family relationships, and shows you how to manifest your desired life-style.

As Belinda Budge, past head of publishing at Harper-Collins says,

“Working with both Chetan and Carola together has been a unique experience, as Carola brings a different awareness, compassion and consciousness to the conversation. Together they are a unique and magical force.”

With an amazing synergy, inspired by living the keys in their own Human Design Life charts, Chetan and Carola work together to teach on-line classes, deliver life-changing personal readings, and lead seminars, worldwide.  

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