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Living By Design

Read on to learn how Leading Experts Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood will guide you step-by-step to understanding and using your own unique Human Design…

If you want to exponentially increase your sense of fulfillment and success…

If you want live a more joyful life…

If you’re seeking a new direction…

If you want to attract your soulmate or have your existing relationship become more fulfilling…

If you are seeking more clarity on your Higher Purpose…

…then Human Design technology will help you create the success you desire, and MUCH more!

Here’s why it works so well:

Over the past two decades, we’ve helped thousands of people discover their inner code for success, to learn who they really are, deep inside and how to create better, more fulfilling lives using the secrets contained in the powerful new technology, Human Design

We’ve seen clients transform from uncertainty to being confident and self-assured in every interaction

We’ve received countless emails from people thanking us for introducing them to the simple, yet powerful, Keys to Success contained in their Human Design.

Whether you are seeking a new direction in life, or want to attract a soulmate, or experience a deeper level of fulfillment in your love relationship, and even if you are seeking more clarity on your Higher Purpose, Human Design technology will help you create the success you desire, and more…

With Human Design you have a tool that…

• Provides the knowledge for you to always make the right decisions at every turn in your life.

Most of the pain and disappointment we experience in life comes from having made really bad decisions, like marrying the wrong person, or choosing a career that isn’t satisfying.  Now you can avoid years or even decades of unhappiness because you have the Key to making the Right Decisions for yourself, every time!  

​• Empowers you to streamline your own energy so you easily achieve your goals.

Using the simple, “Three Keys” in your Human Design, ensures that you will always be at the right place, in the right time, with the right people, so you waste zero energy and use all of your time to your greatest benefit!

• Reveals your life and your being in remarkable detail, even your inherited traits and tendencies.

When you start getting to know yourself on a deeper level, having your nature laid bare on a page so exquisitely, leaves no doubt that your Soul has designed your life for fulfillment!

Now you have the key that decodes your soul’s plan.


Here’s a picture of a Human Design Life Chart created for Keliah M.

Complementing and integrating several ancient wisdom traditions, including Astrology, the I-Ching, the Chakra System, and the Kabbalah, Human Design is a system meant for these times; it’s a twenty-first century self-empowerment system that incorporates modern science, with an understanding of neutrino physics and the human genetic code.

But, you don’t have to study these systems to benefit from the simple teaching incorporated in our LIVING BY DESIGN program…

For the first time ever, you will gain easy access to the unique success code imprinted in your Human Design Life Chart!

Plus, you will now have access to Three, Live Small Group Q & A Webinars with Carola and Chetan using Your Own Personal Human Design Charts!

The Reviews Are In!

Read what a few of our clients have to say about the huge gift understanding their Human Design Chart has been for them:

Best-selling author, Jack Canfield about his Human Design Reading with Chetan:

~ Jack Canfield

Best-selling author, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series,co-author of The Success Principles and a featured teacher in the movie
“The Secret”, has this to say about his recent Human Design Reading with Chetan

“First, Chetan is an amazing man with an incredible depth of knowledge and wisdom—as well as a great sense of humor. Second, the readings were informative, extremely helpful, and what I consider to be extremely accurate.

I came away with a deeper understanding and acknowledgment of my strengths and my challenges, and a more profound acceptance of myself—who I am and who I am not—which left me feeling an even greater permission to just be myself, which is always a pleasant relief.”

Becky Robbins, Co-Creator of “The Giant Within”

~ Becky Robbins

World Class Artist, thought leader and past wife and partner of Anthony Robbins, world-famous Personal Growth Leader, Life Coach and Self-help author, and Creator of “The Giant Within”

“Human Design unlocked an inner code I’d never encountered in other disciplines, a code I could apply to my way of being, my decision making.

This multi-faceted system also enabled me to understand the ‘designs’ of others, including my children and friends. Ten years on, I continue to use my Human Design chart as my constant companion and guide.”

Belinda Budge, Harper-Collins, UK
Becky Robbins

“Together, Chetan and Carola are a powerful force.”

“The first time I met Chetan was to discuss the publication of his book, and I knew immediately that he had an important reason to be in the world.

The intuitive way he works with your Human Design brings an extraordinary moment of insight into your journey. His deep understanding, knowledge and consciousness helps you paint a picture of what is, and what is possible.

Working with both Chetan and Carola together has been a unique experience, as Carola brings a different awareness, compassion and consciousness to the conversation. Together they are a unique and magical force. Recently I made a life changing decision to leave my work of the past 25 years and my first thought was to talk with both Chetan and Carola.

“….It is always an honour, and a joy, to work with both of them. “

~ Belinda Budge, past Group Publisher for Harper-Collins, UK

We’ve made our ‘Living By Design’ Program incredibly easy to view and learn!

Your workbook will become your constant companion as you integrate what you learn into every aspect of your life and begin to experience….
  • The freedom to do the things you’ve always wanted to do
  • Exploring new avenues that you’ve imagined might be possible
  • Developing the talents you haven’t had time to cultivate
  • Attracting the money and opportunities that are waiting for you to claim
  • Having the deep inner satisfaction of knowing you are fulfilling your soul’s calling

Carola’s story…..  

I was in my mid-forties when I was first introduced to Human Design and although I had a successful career as a professional astrologer and counselor, I had failed miserably in attracting the soulmate of my dreams.

Years of therapy, EST (now called the Forum) Trainings, various healing modalities and even a Fire-Walk, had not succeeded in helping me transform the blind spot that was keeping me alone!  

It wasn’t until I understood my Human Design that I had my “Eureka!” moment and realized how I had unwittingly been in my own way, unconsciously sabotaging my deepest Heart’s desire, and closing the door on my dream of a happy marriage.

Once I learned about my “Emotional Authority” way of making decisions, I stopped what wasn’t working and began feeling my way into reaching a crystal-clear decision.  Within six months, I met my soulmate ….. and I think you know who that is!

Chetan’s story…

After many years devoted to a material and spiritual search through many different pursuits in many parts of the world, I was confronted by the fact that I really did not know who I was or what my true capabilities were.  

My training as a mechanical engineer led me to jobs that were unsatisfying and left me feeling empty.  But my spiritual searching led to an Enlightened Master in India, whose teachings I followed, and that began the opening that awakened my Soul, and led me to search for my life’s higher purpose.

While in India, I had been told by one of India’s wise psychic’s, that a system was going to come into my life, and I would be teaching it to thousands of people, world-wide. That reading happened in 1979, and I had no idea what he was speaking of, but everything else he told me was so 100% percent accurate, that I did pay attention….

In 1993, I was introduced to Human Design and immediately knew this extraordinary knowledge would change everything for me.  Human Design has become my key to inner guidance and subsequently, through the work and interactions with family, clients and associates, has helped me to provide clear guidance to hundreds of thousands of people who have wanted a deeper experience of themselves and knowledge of their life purpose.

We’ve spent decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars refining our understanding of how to successfully apply the transformational keys in Human Design, so you don’t have to!


We’ve decoded all the shortcuts that you can apply immediately into your own day-to-day routines.
It’s like having a backstage pass into your inner being
, as you watch the transformation take shape in your life!


Now, with a 30% discount for a limited time, you can have access to Living By Design, PLUS Live Small Group Coaching for an investment of just $350…

With the dividends paying off in your life for years to come.

This program, properly applied,
has the power to forever transform and up-level
every area of your life!


Now You Can Have Access To Our Easy,
Step-by-Step Program that
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Your Life, Your Relationships and Your Career…


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Our exclusive Living By Design program provides you
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of your own Human Design Life Chart.


You will have a deeper understanding of the Design of
the people closest to you…. your lover, your children,
your mate, and your co-workers!

AND… Unprecedented Access to Three,
Live Small Group Q & A webinars with Carola and Chetan
using Your Own Personal Human Design Charts!

Here’s what you get when you say YES to this program.

12 – Video Set Digital Download


Each Video is approximately 25 minutes long and provides you with detailed information, not only of how to understand your Design, but also how you can take advantage of the Keys to Success contained in your Life Chart and start living the life you truly desire.

Video #1 ~ Enjoy a brief Introduction to Human Design and the Universal Energies systems we use to distill the information for you. This Video also provides you an Overview of two of the nine Energy Centers, similar to Chakras, in your Life Chart: the Crown Center and the Mind Center. With this and in the next three Videos, you will learn how each of the nine Centers is uniquely ‘wired’ in your Human Design


Videos #2-4 ~ Guides you through the remaining seven Energy Centers, including: Throat, Self and Heart, in Video 2; the Spleen and Sacral Centers in Video 3, and in Video 4, we explore the Emotions and Root Centers. Representing various functions within the human experience, the Centers provide the foundation for the entire Life Chart. They describe our unique way of thinking, feeling, sensing, responding, desiring, communicating, receiving inspiration, dealing with pressure, and our direction and purpose.


Videos #5-6 ~ Provides you with an exploration of the first, of the Three Keys in Human Design: your “Type”. There are five distinct Types in Human Design: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector. You will learn which Type you are, and how to understand and make the best use of the benefits of your own unique Human Design Type, plus your will learn the Human Design Type of any number of people in our life as you go through this fascinating introduction.


Videos #7-8 ~ Guide you through an understanding of perhaps the most important of the Three Keys, the second Key, “Authority”. This Key describes, in detail, the exact way that you use your unique Design to make the decisions in life that are always going to be the best decisions for you, leading you to the relationships and opportunities that are truly right for you. There are six unique “Authorities”: Emotional, Sacral, Splenic, Heart, Self and Outer Authority. Once you understand your own decision-making process, you will be excited to learn how others in your life, make the best decisions for themselves. This one key has revolutionized the lives and relationships of people, world-wide!


Videos #9-10~ Introduces you to the Third Key in Human Design, “Profile”, which illustrates our perspective in life and gives us our most natural and easy way of relating with others. There are twelve distinctly different Profiles, and you will have one of them. Because it describes our perspective in life and how others see us, this is perhaps the easiest of the three keys for us recognize. You will have so much fun, along with many, ‘ah-has’ as you go through your own and others’ relating style! When we understand Profile through Human Design, we become so much more accepting of ourselves and of others in our lives, and that makes relating a delight!


Videos #11~ Gives you an Introduction to Defined Channels in the Human Design Life Chart. Perhaps the most compelling and personally revealing of all the features of your chart, your Channels describe your strengths, wisdom, and abilities in ‘technicolor’, revealing the most unique characteristics that make up your Life and way of Being. Because there are 32 potential channels in any Life Chart, a detailed description of each one is beyond the scope of this program, but we bring this material to life by sharing lively examples of Celebrity charts, illustrating how their defined channels color their nature so completely. We also give you easy access to learning about all of the Channels, and share how to make the best use of this information.


Videos #12~ Is called, ‘Living by Design’. In this final Video in our series, we wrap up by linking all the main elements of Human Design introduced, and giving you simple tips on how to begin bringing our Keys to life with a few changes in the way you move through life on a daily basis, in the way you make decisions and in the way you relate with others. We give suggestions, along with exercises, and we encourage you to continue using your notebook, to deepen your experience. The students that get the most from the Living by Design Program, work with it consistently over time until the new behaviors become incorporated, and that’s when and how the transformation has the most impact. Enjoy!


Produced exclusively for you, our videos are designed to provide easy-to-understand, simple information about Human Design.

Whether you’ve studied Human Design before, or you’re new to this life-transformation and change technology, your videos will help you learn what Human Design is, how it works, and how to implement different aspects of your Human Design into your daily life. You’ll also learn success tips for using your own Design to your greatest advantage in all that you do.

Your Living By Design Workbook

Your companion, Living By Design Workbook and Guide contains pages and pages of notes to help you deepen your understanding, with Questions for clarification and places for you to add your own experiences and insights, as well as sample charts to bring the material to life. This workbook is designed to help you achieve the results you desire by taking you step-by-step through the material offered in our Videos and supporting you to implement what you are learning so you remain true to yourself, your goals, and your vision, throughout your life.

Your Questions Answered

We’ve incorporated the main questions people ask when first introduced to their Human Design, so you easily learn from our decades of experience, and from our clients’ and student’s real-life experiences. In our video series, we use examples and provide stories that illustrate how to use your unique Keys to Success.

Plus for the first time ever you will get
access to Three, Live Small Group Q & A
webinars with Carola and Chetan using Your
Own Personal Human Design Charts!

Step Into a Deeper Level of Knowledge and Guidance
to Start Living the Life You Truly Desire, and fulfill your Highest Purpose.

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