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Discover the Person Your Child Was Born to Be

Human Design  
The Newest Self-Awareness Tool That Is Sweeping The Globe,
Reveals Your  Child’s Life in Remarkable Detail.

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Discover how your child is designed to move through life creating successful outcomes in all he or she does, every time, whether in business, career, family, and love relationships!


Your Child’s Comprehensive Human Design Report™ is a richly illustrated, 16-25 page chart interpretation, complete with their Life Chart, revealing the person they were born to be. Read about your children in intimate detail and help them use these keys to create a highly successful life.
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Unlock Your Inner Secrets, Tap into Untapped Potentials

Human Design is the newest self-awareness tool available, revealing your ‘design for life,’ a visual map that is laid bare on a page: your personality blueprint. This system is not about predictions. It is about how your character and identity actually shapes your destiny. Human Design informs you how you best operate, think, function, relate and respond.

Imagine having the keys to your child’s most successful pathway in life… with this awareness you can save him or her years of frustration or heartache.

This system is a blueprint because your design is as unique as your fingerprint, created at your moment of birth. It determines the kind of person you were born to be and how you are designed to interact – socially and intimately – with others. It captures your true nature long before it was influenced or shaped by outside conditioning, so you get to ‘see’ the most authentic version of you.

Human Design is multi-layered because it shows what type of person you are, what decision-making strategy works best for you and what your particular way of being is. It is multi-purpose because this self-knowledge can then be applied to your workplace, love relationships, family interactions, and friendships.

Your Human Design Children’s Report is a comprehensive and detailed written report
about your child’s Human Design Life Chart.

  • It leads you step-by-step through the various components of his or her Human Design
  • It describes the keys that ensure your child’s success in life
  • It reveals the person your children were born to be

“Listen to what Beata has to say about the impact Human Design has had in her life,
and as a parent with her children”.

It is the Universe narrating your autobiography as intended at birth:
  • Detailing your child’s true nature
  • Paving the way for increased fulfillment
  • Revealing the full story of your children’s inner-make-up in extraordinary detail like never before!
Get Your Children’s Comprehensive Human Design Report NOW!

Order 1 Comprehensive Report for $35.00

Only $35!

Includes your 2, one-hour Human Design Training recordings for parents.

Order 1 Comprehensive Report for $35.00

Only $53!

Includes your 2, one-hour Human Design Training recordings for parents.

And receive access to your 2-part Teleclass, a $97.00 value

In our 2-part Human Design Training recordings, Chetan and Carola will guide you through an understanding of how best to support your child, according to his or her unique nature.

Your Comprehensive Human Design Report for each child is a 18-25 page, full color and illustrated report, revealing: 

  • What kind of role your children are meant to play in this life.
  • How their Type and Profile determines the way they naturally achieve the results they desire.
  • How their decision-making Authority leads them to the right people, places, and experiences, every time, saving them years of potential disappointment and pain..
  • How your child’s profile influences the way in which he or she relates successfully with others in their life.
  • Which particular capabilities, gifts and sensitivities your child has based on their channels.
  • How to guide your children to be completely comfortable with themselves in every circumstance.​


Read What Dr. Scott Anderson has to say about the Power and Impact
of our Human Design Comprehensive Report:

I just read my HD Report, in full, to my wife. We both marveled at three things: the many wonderful nuances in the language of the text, the richness of detail in the reading, and how many of the key points made are ones that I’ve intuited… over the course of my life… Now I can see that one indicator of my extreme good fortune has been to find ways to move through life that were as in accord with my design. Seeing so many of the recurrent themes in my life on paper this way is quite stunning.”

Scott Anderson, MD

In these times when we are challenged to be both individually unique and authentic, knowing our Human Design allows us to be true to ourselves as we fulfill our life’s purpose. Learning more about the REAL you, as we have found with countless clients, one of the most empowering discoveries — and reads — you can experience NOW!  

Help your children become highly effective and deeply fulfilled individuals!

Get Your Children’s Comprehensive Human Design Report NOW!

Order 1 Comprehensive Report for $35.00

Only $35!

Includes your 2, one-hour Human Design Training recordings for parents.

Order 1 Comprehensive Report for $35.00

Only $53!

Includes your 2, one-hour Human Design Training recordings for parents.

**Please note that the date of birth on your report will be in military format. Military format begins with the day first, followed by the month and year. For example, May 16, 1968 would be shown as 16/5/1968 (16 May 1968).