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Chetan and Carola here…..We are the founders of Human Design For Us All, and we wanted to take a moment and say, “Welcome to our Monthly Newsletter!” Our passion is helping people awaken to become crystal clear on your Life Path, Purpose and Specific Human Design. Each month, we provide vital information, timely explorations into world figures, and high-level information and strategies to support you in your journey. Enjoy!


In Our Rapidly Changing Times

The news comes thick and fast as we are all challenged to meet and embrace the dramatic changes taking place in the world. Where do we look for stability? The answer to that is always the same….within.

More than ever before we are called on to find our own inner calm as the issues of the world swirl around us.

The times of great and wise male leaders is passing. The times of civil political discourse are severely challenged, causing a profound threat to all the world’s democracies. Is there any hope for us?

One thing is quite clear and that is the old male dominant way of running the world is obsolete, and the grace, power and intelligence of the feminine principle is needed to bring balance, now more than ever before.

Chetan’s Celebrity Profile….. Every month I write about someone in the world spotlight who has potential influence to guide humanity into a greater awareness in these times. This month we look at the Design for Melania Trump.

Melania Trump was born in Ljubljana in what was Yugoslavia, and is now Slovenia.

She is born into the Personal Life Theme of The Unexpected*, implying that regardless of all the distractions that happen around her, she must hold to her own vision of life in order to be fulfilled.

It might be a stretch of the imagination that a young girl from an ex-communist country is now the First Lady of the United States, but for those who have the Life Theme of the Unexpected, pretty much anything is possible …. And there is a great need for them to hold a personal balance in all the peculiar scenarios that life presents.


With her conscious Sun in Gate 27**, “Nourishing, Nurturing,” and the 4thLine of “Being Bounteous, Supporting everyone through giving and receiving,” Melania enjoys having a luxurious lifestyle but is very sensitive to the needs and values that serve the people around her best.


Melania is an extremely caring person (The Channel 27-50), and given the right circumstances can bring a very delicate touch of grace and caring to the world. The question exists to know how long do we wait to see if she will be sidelined and restricted to play the role of a dumb beauty, or given the freedom to spread her wings and provide essential viewpoints to a chaotic household in chaotic times?


With her conscious Saturn (Discipline) in Gate 24, “Rationalizing,” and Line 4, “Being attentive, Cultivating mental clarity while in the company of others,” she can bring wisdom and insight to fixed patterns of belief and thought. With her Uranus (The awakener) activations in Gate 18, “Improving,” and Line 6 Unconscious, “Being the Buddha, Going beyond all conditioning,” she carries within her to potential to see through much nonsense, and with Line 2 Conscious, “Honoring the Goddess, Instilled fears involving the power of the feminine,” she can, if she uses her inbuilt power (Gate 34) bring about a breath of fresh air into male dominated surroundings.


Strongly individual, there are aspects of Melania’s Design that indicate a very private person: Her heartfelt and wise 4/6 Profile can have her sitting on the sidelines as the world goes by; her conscious Moon in Gate 10, “Behavior,” and Line 2, “Finding Sanctuary, Contentment comes from not confronting impossible life dramas,” and her unconscious Mars in Gate 25, “Innocence,” and Line 5, “Healthiness, There is no worldly cure for Spiritual Sickness,” among other indications, might give her the sense that she is easily overwhelmed by current circumstances …… and this has been illustrated when more than once she has had to slap away the hand of her President husband (Channel 28-38, Stubbornness) until her standards of appropriate and personally-empowering behaviors are met.


We have to wait and see what time will bring and whether Melania can be enticed to play a larger part for humanity.


*From The Book of Destinies, Discover the Life You Were Born To Live.


**From The Book of Lines, a 21 Century of the IChing, the Chinese Book of Changes.

Although our business is primarily focused on getting the life-changing Human Design wisdom to you, over the many years we have found that also considering astrological insights and staying abreast of the current planetary trends adds a dimension of extraordinarily useful information. Since Carola is also a world class astrologer, we include an astrological overview from her in our monthly Newsletter. You can also receive much more in depth astrological information in our Yearly, Energies and Opportunities Program and Live Monthly Calls……enjoy!

Planetary Cycles By Carola Eastwood

June 2017 

Sun in Gemini brings new ideas and connections

When the sun left the sign of Taurus and entered Gemini on May 20-21, we began a month-long period with the emphasis on connections, communications, and exploring new ideas. At the New Moon in Gemini on May 25, we had the culmination of several challenging energies we had been experiencing recently. As May came to a close, we began leaving behind the last few months’ frustrating delays, and finally started getting some traction on what the year of 2017 can be for us.

Time to discover the right course of action

That doesn’t mean that June will be absent of challenges, but that the challenges we do experience this month will not be so much about delays and reassessment, but more about getting really clear vision on what we are going to take action on, and how to proceed. With the action-oriented planet Mars moving into a challenging angle with Chiron, the wounded healer, we begin the month of May, after having felt a bit constrained for the past two weeks, only to find ourselves in a dilemma about the right action to take. This is a necessary process that will lead to a more inspired direction.

Romance is in the air and creative new ideas abound

The first week of June is especially electric. Venus, the magnetic and enticing planet of love and romance may spark unexpected romance or highly unusual, out-of-the box new ideas. Mars contributes to a lot of fireworks in the air, along with a prolonged dose of deeply romantic energy that lasts until the 25th of June, followed by a highly productive cycle that goes into July. During the first week of June, while the planet of big and unexpected changes, Uranus, joins the Venus and Mars dance, it will be highly electric and exciting. After June 6, Venus and Mars have both changed signs, into Taurus and Cancer, respectively and move out of range of Uranus, making for a calmer period of romantic and creative exploration. This month make sure to add some romantic time with your lover or heart-warming fun with friends to your busy calendar!

As old objectives fade away, new direction gets inspired

For the first one-third of the month, the sun in Gemini gets a shake-up as the planet of mystical wisdom and spirituality, Neptune, finds itself in such a tension filled aspect with the sun that it can make for foggy travelling within the daily rhythm of our lives. For the week this aspect is highlighted, from June 2-8, it can be difficult to clearly see the way forward in our lives, but that is not necessarily a bad thing; sometimes old patterns need to dissipate and leave so new ones can get birthed. Breathe and trust. On the bright side and during the same time period, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and inspired possibility, forms a favorable triangle with the sun, bringing great new opportunities making it feel like a sunny day despite the clouds.

Clarity on our new inspirations

We still have the hugely favorable triangle in fire signs between Saturn, Uranus and the nodal axis (destiny path). This is an aspect that, beginning last May, defines the remainder of our year, bringing new opportunities, highly inspired vision, and knowledge for practical application, all in alignment with our Soul’s purpose. What will be your big new inspiration for 2017? With the sun and Mercury both in Gemini, the biggest challenge we will face during the third quarter of June, is to keep our energies focused on the goal. Scattering ourselves too thin is the temptation; singularity of purpose and focus has power.

As love and money flow, a new season opens

From June 19-27, Venus, the planet of love and romance forms a highly empowering aspect with transformative Pluto’s powerful energy, inspiring empowered relationships and favorable money flow. During this same period as the planet of communication, Mercury dances delightfully with mystical Neptune, inspired vision is at an all-time high. Plan to use the fruitful energy of this time very well! On June 20, the sun enters Cancer and we have the Summer Solstice, a powerful turning point in the yearly growth and evolutionary cycle for humanity. (Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere). Followed closely by the New Moon in Cancer on June 23, the new season is in full swing!

For the month of June By Chetan Parkyn

Forecast for the Month of June 2017

  • The month of June opened with a plea from the Universe to remember our place in it, to realign ourselves with nature and the natural. The fact that 90% of the world’s population is expressing concern about the state of our world’s climate indicates that most people have understood this. (The Earth and Mars completing the Channel 5 -15, “Being in the Flow of Life,” which is common to all carbon-based life forms).
  • Our talents are going to be called forth this month giving us a potential burst in our productive endeavors and output. Creativity can be a beautiful thing, and it is worth us all making space and finding time to indulge our own unique gifts and creative expressions. (Channel 16-48, “Talents.” Jupiter in Gate 48 turns direct on June 9th + Mercury in Gate 16 June 10th-13th).
  • Be open to some interesting opportunities on June 11th as the transiting planets give us 11x4th Lines and 8x5th Lines…….. Remember always to trust your own Type and Authority while making your decisions!
  • Neptune continues to challenge our spiritual beliefs as it glides through Gate 63 of “Doubts.” So much of the world’s his-story is fiction, and we are now in a time where we have to stand for ourselves as pure expressions of divine consciousness in human form in a Uni-verse.
  • On June 19th, Venus, representing what we draw to us in the forms of pleasure, beauty and love, enters into Gate 2 of Receptivity, giving us all several days of being able to access some profound realizations about our lives, and who and what has real meaning for us.
  • Full description of the Personal Life Theme of the Vessel of Love is in the Book of Destinies, Discover The Life You Were Born To Live by Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood.
  • From The Book of Lines, by Chetan Parkyn


Upcoming EVENTS for June:

  • This month, on June 8-10 we will be in Portland Oregon, presenting Human Design at a conference hosted by SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)!
  • Our, ‘Business Success by Design Training’, designed to help Soloprenuers and Small Business Owners create more profit and grow successfully begins, and we have a full-line up of highly impactful information to share…. Learn more Here
  • And, each month we produce a Complimentary, LIVE, 60 minute broadcast on the upcoming monthly energies. Our next call will be on Saturday, June 17, at 9:30 am Pacific Time; check your email for our announcement!

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