Comprehensive Human Design Report


Now You Can Unlock It with Your Personalized

Comprehensive Human Design Report  

If you’ve ever felt like you were meant for “something more” in this life, but you were never quite sure what it is or how to access it, Human Design is for you.

Comp Report

Your Comprehensive Human Design Report™ includes your Life Chart, as well as a richly illustrated, 18-25 page chart interpretation, which delves deep into the intricacies of your true self to reveal the person you were born to be. 

You also receive a stunning Bonus Gift:

A 3-Part Video Series that walks you through how to use your unique Keys for Living, so you can experience:

  • Greater harmony in your relationships 
  • Deeper fulfillment 
  • More success in your work or business 

As you read about yourself in intimate detail you will be amazed at how accurate it is, as you discover the keys to mastering your life.

The reason you sometimes feel like there is “something
more” within you is because it’s true!

No matter how successful in life and business, you may still be hearing that little voice, and feel that little tug in your stomach that tells you there is more out there.

You know you aren’t satisfied, but you don’t know why. 

The reason is that you simply aren’t being true to your natural inborn purpose. And before Human Design came along, there was no effective way to reconnect people with this missing piece of the puzzle.

But now, Tens of thousands around the world have used this revolutionary tool to break through the fog and finally live the lives they’ve always wanted. And the results have been nothing short of incredible.

And you can be next!

If you are asking yourself questions like…

  • What kind of role am I meant to play in this life?
  • How am I best suited to work with and relate to others?
  • How can I make better, more confident decisions that truly benefit me?
  • How can I quickly generate more success and positivity in my life?

Your Human Design Report will reveal these answers and so many more...

From the various characteristics, traits, behaviors, and idiosyncrasies that make up who you are, to the ideal ways for you to interact with others and make the decisions that benefit you the most, your Human Design Report offers customized keys to your personal success – IN EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE.

The Promise of Human Design:

Greater Success. Deeper Self-Knowledge. A More Rewarding Life

Human Design is the newest, most reliable and empowering self-awareness tool available. Based on your birth information, Human Design reveals your ‘design for life’ – an illustrated visual map for your personal success that answers the deepest questions about how to actualize your life’s purpose with unprecedented precision.

This system is not about vague predictions and foggy personality assessments. It is the art and science of deciphering the intricate details of your identity that are written in your genetic code. 

Armed with this newfound understanding of your nature, you will discover how to appropriately engage with every choice and decision you face in life, creating successful outcomes in all that you do, every time.

For consistent financial success in your business or career, and stronger and more
fulfilling family and romantic relationships -
Human Design is the ONLY tool you’ll ever need.

A scientifically validated system, Human Design is proven to work because it does not propose an unrealistic one-size-fits-all solution. Your Human Design applies to you and ONLY you.

Like a personal blueprint for your life, each Human Design is as unique as your fingerprint. And when applied correctly, it is the most accurate guide to personal success the world has ever seen.

Learn why the best-selling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul™ series, Jack Canfield has promoted our work with Human Design

“Every great story has theme running through it…But our lives- the human stories that unfold in real time day by day- also carry a central theme, a narrative thread that determines the type of person we are and the kind of existence we are here to experience. The life we are destined to lead…

My work with Chetan provided me with Chicken Soup for the Soul™ of an entirely unique nature. Chetan’s great gift, as a master of the Human Design system, is to guide people to the core of their innermost truth and awaken them to knowing and trusting their life purpose.

I can’t recommend highly enough… this powerful success tool to guide your footsteps.”

Jack Canfield, best-selling author of The Success Principles™ and Chicken Soup for the Soul™ series

Unlock Your Inner Secrets, Access Your Untapped
Potential, And Thrive Like Never Before

Here’s what your Human Design Report will do for you:

You will be guided step-by-step through the various components that make up the very core of your identity so you get crystal clear on your path and purpose in life

You will gain a greater understanding of the keys that ensure your success in life, and learn how to use them so you never have to struggle with indecision again. Imagine knowing that you will be making the right decisions, every time!

You will discover the person you were born to be, and feel a newfound freedom to actually LIVE that success on YOUR terms, so you have a direct path to fulfill your highest purpose!

Human Design is the Universe narrating your autobiography as intended at birth:

Detailing your true nature

Paving the way for increased fulfillment

Restoring your faith in your own personal truths and

Putting the Keys to Success where they were meant to be…in YOUR hands.

Imagine what this could mean for your future. How will you do things differently? What changes will you make? How will it make you FEEL?

When you unlock your true purpose, it is a total game changer for your life.

Why Human Design For Us All?

It comes down to experience. Other Human Design programs have attempted to copy us and offer up to 50 page reports full of convoluted jargon and unnecessary verbiage, because they think more pages equals more value.

Over 2 decades of experience has taught us that precisely the opposite is true. That’s why we take the time and effort to distill our reports into easy-to-read, yet highly-detailed guides that won’t leave you scratching your head.

With Human Design For Us All, you get every ounce of information you need, in one potent, concentrated package, making your Human Design Report much easier to understand, interpret and integrate into your life. 

Get Your Comprehensive Human Design Report NOW!

And receive your Bonus, 3-part Video Training Mini-Series valued at $97.00!

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Read What Dr. Scott Anderson has to say about the Power and Impact of our Human Design Comprehensive Report:

“I just read my HD Report, in full, to my wife. We both marveled at three things: the many wonderful nuances in the language of the text, the richness of detail in the reading, and how many of the key points made are ones that I’ve intuited and now I can see that one indicator of my extreme good fortune has been to find ways to move through life that were as in accord with my design as I have thus far managed. Seeing so many of the recurrent themes in my life on paper this way is quite stunning.”

– Scott Anderson, MD

Get Your Comprehensive Human Design Report NOW!

And receive your Bonus, 3-part Video Training Mini-Series valued at $97.00!

Order 1 Comprehensive Report for $35.00

Order 2 Comprehensive Reports for $53.00

Save $17.00! Add a friend or family member’s Report


**Please note that the date of birth on your report will be in military format. Military format begins with the day first, followed by the month and year. For example, May 16, 1968 (5/16/1968) would be shown as 16/5/1968 (16 May 1968).