Business Success by Design

Business Success by Design

The Human Design Business Success Training Method TM

Discover Your Hidden Code to Achieving Your Goals,

Creating a Highly-Successful Business,and Enjoying

a More Fulfilling Lifestyle

Are You Ready to Travel More, Relax More, And Work with

High-End Clients Who Value What You Do?

Feel stuck charging less than you’re worth, while others attract the high-end clients you want to work with?

Do you just want to help people and wish that money would just take care of itself?

Our business is thriving…but it hasn’t always been that way.

When we started our coaching business, we struggled to get by.

We charged the industry standard, but quickly found out we were providing above-standard results for our clients.

We would have major breakthrough sessions with our clients that left them feeling totally transformed. Then we would go to the bank to cash our dinky little checks….

We were providing huge value for our clients, but we felt burnt-out and undervalued, and we were still struggling to make ends meet.

It wasn’t until we discovered our hidden codes for success that we learned how to charge what we are worth. We learned to build our business around our own unique authentic vision, and our inner business success codes.

Now, we exclusively attract high-end clients who truly value who we are and what we have to offer. We enjoy the life we’ve always desired, traveling the world and helping others to recognize their own value, and generate the success and fulfillment they desire.

Here’s the thing you need to know about our success:


In fact, while we’ve naturally improved and refined our techniques, we’re not that much better at coaching than we were back when we were struggling to make ends meet.

We simply learned how to recognize the value we provide to our clients—who readily invest at our higher rates (because they also recognize the value we provide).

It’s Truly a win-win

So if you’re feeling like you might not have what it takes to attract high-end clients, charge what you’re worth and make a big impact on the world—rest assured that you absolutely do.

If a middle-class Texas girl and her British farmboy husband can do it, so can you!

Once you begin to let go of the fear and doubt, and follow a proven method for growing your business, you’ll begin to attract those high-end clients and finally be able to enjoy the income you deserve and the lifestyle you desire.

My name is Carola Eastwood

And as a thought-leader to highly achieving professionals and business owners with decades of experience, I know what it’s like to have a Message inside you that wants to get “born”.

I’m a Life Transformation and Business Success Coach as well as a columnist, workshop leader and published author.

I have coached leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs around the world to embrace their Soul’s true purpose and create a life and business filled with inspiration, clarity, and success.

I'm Chetan Parkyn

And I’ve been giving Readings to people of all walks of life and all nationalities for over 35 years and have spent the past 25 years mastering Human Design. As the author of the first major book on the subject, which has been translated into eleven different languages, I have made it my mission to bring Human Design to the whole world.

An entrepreneur’s son by upbringing and an engineer by training, I have fully explored both the mystical and the technological worlds. After leaving my career as a deep-sea dive engineer, my travels took me to India, where I was finally awakened to my true purpose — helping people develop self-knowledge and and self-empowerment.

Using Our Proven Method, you will:

Discover specifically what success looks like for you, so you can become inspired to create it

Develop a clear vision of your ideal business model, so you can take specific steps to achieve it

Learn how to attract the high-end clients you want to work with, and charge the rates you deserve

Deliver bigger results for your clients who will refer more clients to you

Gain the confidence that you are on the right track like never before

Establish your unique brand and voice, so you stand out in your niche.

Overcome any self-worth issues that are holding you back from the success you desire

Consistently bring in a high monthly income without working more


Full Pay $1497 ($1997 Value)

Includes a Bonus 40-minute HD Business success reading with Chetan

Payment Plan (5 monthly payments of $329)

Here’s What You Can Expect to Learn and Apply…

Understand your own unique way and style of selling and running a business—and how to make it work specifically for you.

Be crystal clear in your communication to your team, to your clients, and to prospects. (Think of all the time, energy, and money you will save!)

Attract more ideal clients, generate more sales, and build a loyal customer base. (No extra effort necessary—we’ll show you how you can have all of this just by being who you were designed to be!)

Become a sought-after thought leader because you know exactly who you are and whom you are meant to serve. (This alone will strategically place you WAY ahead of your competition!)

Here is an Overview of the 8 Modules

Module One

Section 1: Essentials of Human Design. Origin and application of Human Design as a self-awareness tool.

Section 2: The Three Keys of Human Design. Three foundational aspects of Human Design include Type: a clear indication of how to use your energy most successfully, Authority: How to make clear and empowering decisions in your life, and Profile: How the world sees you and your natural style of interaction.

Section 3: Brand Positioning Exercise. Your Brand is singular to you and represents how you shine in the world for all to see. This process guides you to refine and clearly communicate who you are and your unique service.

Module Two

Part 1: Essential Components of Business Success: An exploration of the five specific areas of your personal Human Design Chart to identify your unique and natural abilities in business.

Part 2: Branding Through Human Design. Putting a clear and concise description in words as to how you shine in the world in a way that not only you recognize and identify with it, but you feel confident in telling others

Module Three

Identifying & Examining our Natural Talent. We discover the keys in Human Design that highlight inherited gifts from our ancestors that are lodged in our being. We identify your specific gifts according to your Human Design and guide you to describe them clearly.

Module Four

The Wealth Environment. All of us have ancestral influences in our beliefs and attitudes about money and wealth that are held in our unconscious. Highlighting your specific “wealth codings” brings immediate clarification on how to cultivate greater financial well-being].

Module Five

Implementation. Each one of us has our own unique way to deliver our gifts and abilities. In this module, you discover your specific ways of implementing so that you are never confused in what works easiest and most naturally for you in how you deliver your services.

Module Six

Identifying and Expressing our Essence. Life is a miracle, and within each of us we hold our own miracle of uniqueness. You will discover the words to describe your uniqueness, so you attract exactly the clients and customers who resonate most with the results you facilitate.

Module Seven

Integrating the 5 Specific Qualities of Business Success. Bringing together all 8 aspects of your Business Success Formula, we develop a clear pattern of how you engage in your business from a place of personal certainty, empowerment, and clarity.

Module Eight

Summing Up with Examples. We take you through several examples of a person’s Business Success Formula to provide extra background information to help you clarify how to use the powerful success keys in your Human Design Life Chart to create and grow the business that will bring the most fulfillment throughout your life!

Once you activate the Business Success Codes contained in your Human Design by making a few simple changes, you naturally attract success!

Register NOW for this Coaching Program, a $1997 Value and get immediate access to your Training Materials & Bonuses!

Instant access to your 8-Training Class Modules and workbooks. Your Training modules are comprised of presentations on the key elements of human design with illustrated examples, in-depth guidance on cutting-edge business success principles, Step-by-step guidance on each of your personal Success Codes and how to use them in business, and more.

8- workbooks that accompany each of your training modules to help you stay on track and integrate your new found knowledge.

BONUS 1: 5-Live Business by Design Practicum Webinars with Chetan and Carola. To deepen your knowledge, clarify your questions, and help you to fully integrate what you learn into your business and daily life, you will be invited to join us Live for Five, one-hour Business By Design Practicum Sessions. These sessions will also be available as recordings in your online member center.

BONUS 2: Living by Design Program. An informal, Introductory Level exploration of Human Design for those who wish to learn more without investing in a comprehensive study, and for those who simply want to use it effectively in every-day living.

AND… when you pay in full for your Business Success By Design program you will receive a BONUS 40-minute one-on-one private session with Chetan! During your, in-depth session, Chetan will walk you step-by-step through your unique business success codes to give you comprehensive guidance on using your unique design to maximize your success. 


Angelique Rewers, Business Coach and Founder of The Corporate Agent, has this to say about the impact Human Design has had on
her business…

“Chetan and I started working together … and, I had this massive breakthrough in my business. It became easier to make decisions that felt good…. I was so excited about the results that I was getting in my life and my business, that I started recommending the Human Design program to my clients.

I wish that every single one of my clients would have their Human Design done so that we could work from that as we develop their sales strategy, as we develop their marketing strategy, as we build their team, as we decide which clients they should approach and which clients they shouldn’t approach, so they literally stop wasting energy.”

– Angelique Rewers, Business Coach, The Corporate Agent

Read what multimillionaire Business Success Mentor, David Neagle, has to say about the impact of knowing his Human Design…

“Since I was a boy, I had questions about myself that even after 25 years of intense study still remained unanswered.

Chetan and Human Design answered those questions in one session and forever changed my life in very practical and measurable ways.

I instantly experienced a difference in my relationships and business that translated into more profit for me and my company.

If you have questions that remain unanswered Human Design will answer them once and for all.”

– David Neagle, Multimillionaire Income Acceleration Coach

Here’s what Business Success Coach Suzanne Evans, who was on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing businesses in the U.S.—two years in a row—has to say about how knowing your Human Design can impact your life…

“The work we did on my human design was an amazing inside scoop of who I am and how I work in the world and with the world. I feel the perspective and insight enabled me to be a better coach, partner, and team leader.

Once you have the deep level of awareness (Human Design) provides, you cannot behave in old patterns. New ideas, money, people, and opportunities abound because you actually see them from truth.”

– Suzanne Evans, one of the leading Business Success Coaches in the U.S.


Full Pay $1497 ($1997 Value)

Includes a Bonus 40-minute HD Business success reading with Chetan

Payment Plan (5 monthly payments of $329)




Or, you can choose to stick to business as usual…  

Back to undervaluing yourself, not charging what you’re worth, and attracting clients low-paying clients who don’t value what you do. And keep wondering why you are not one of the “lucky ones” who made it.  

From the outside, we might look like we are examples of the “lucky ones.” But dig deeper and you’ll discover that we struggled for years….  

Then we learned the keys and strategies we will share with you in this program. Now we are making more money than we had ever imagined and loving our life AND our work.  

Once you follow our proven method for growing your business, you will unlock your ability to attract the higher-paying clients you want to work with and experience the life of abundance, success and satisfaction you never thought possible. 

Not certain if this program is right for you? Schedule a 20-minute Discovery Call with Carola or Chetan to get your questions answered.

Human Design technology gives you the keys understanding yourself, and tools to skyrocket your business success!

P.S. This program is created specifically for dedicated, driven business owners, industry leaders, educators, counselors, health professionals, and coaches who want to use the powerful technology of Human Design to streamline their lives and increase their business success. This program is right for you if you are a solopreneur or you have employees. The size of your business or industry does not matter. We only want to work with you if you are committed to your success. If that is you, Join us Here.


Full Pay $1497 ($1997 Value)

Includes a Bonus 40-minute HD Business success reading with Chetan

Payment Plan (5 monthly payments of $329)