Pluto brings transformation for us all as it transits Gates 58 and 38. Tiny and distant as it might be physically when compared to the other planets in our Solar System, but great is the effect of the “minor planet” Pluto in our lives. Being one of the “outer” planets, Pluto tends to have a “generational effect” in that its slow movement around us influences transformations that affect whole passages of time and groups of people on earth.
IN THE 19TH CENTURY, AT A TIME WHEN the “Sun never set on the British Empire,” (because, it was joked, God would not trust an Englishman in the dark), Britain had trade and governing routes into all corners of the globe; the beginning of world communications was happening! In one place within the reach of Britain’s rule and trading was India, an enormously divers country, comprising many different peoples, languages, religions, spirituality and treasures.
2012 The Year for Entrepreneures and Bold Dreamers
Have you considered your relationship with time?          There has been much speculation about the arrival of 2012, along with the conclusion of the Mayan Calendar. Everything from the end of the world, the Rapture and the second coming of Jesus, California dropping into the ocean, and the arrival of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and more, has been predicted. Judgment Day, supposedly an event in which all "chosen ones" move on into the Light, or heaven, and those less righteous ones are left behind to continue their bad behavior and suffer its consequences, is swiftly arriving, we are told.
Princess Catherine, Duchess ofCambridge As she has become a familiar figure around the world, most people can reflect on her beauty, charm and grace, but very few people can actually work out who Princess Catherine really is……and when you see her Human Design, it becomes quite obvious why.
No one seems to be able to remember where we came from, why we came here to planet Earth, or even what it is we are fulfilling here. It is all a great mystery, unique to each of us and yet, over the millennia, there have been myriad efforts to clarify our presence here.
Whatever your Astrological Sun Sign or Human Design may be, there is an important time of the year towards the end of January, when, according to the placement of our Solar System within the Universe, a new year begins. This usually happens on or around January 22nd, as our Sun moves into that part of the sky around us relating to Hexagram 41.
As we watch the seasons of our life and world move around us, we realize that what catches our immediate attention one moment is swept away in another, and yet we are aware that the seasons appear to be moving faster and faster around us. A part of Einstein’s theories is the understanding that if you are moving towards something, the closer you get to it, the fast you go, or appear to be going, relatively!