Good health is not a guarantee for us, even though the human being is an incredibly resilient and versatile species. Our bodies can survive and prosper in all kinds of diverse environments; eat and digest an enormous spectrum of foods and liquids. Yet, we can still be prone to disease.
As a tribute to several big scientific breakthrough anniversaries, the United Nations has dubbed 2015, “The International Year of Light”, and we couldn’t agree more!   Each month Chetan and I study the energies to get a sense of what is coming for all of us, and, what we can say about this year is, “hold on to your hats!”
Happy 2014! We’re so excited about what’s to come in this transformative year and we’re filled with excitement and momentum that has been building since last year… In December 2013, we attended and spoke on stage at Milana Leshinsky & Rich German’s phenomenal event —The JV Experience—held in Southern California.
In a subtle yet compelling way, we are attuned to the rhythms of life, to the movements of the planets and the breathing of the multiplicity of stars in a multitude of universes. Each of us, as an individual spark of life, is affected by the on-going, ever-evolving exchange of creativity that is, simply, the symphony of life. 
Beyond politics and politicians, religions and priests, tycoons and servants, feast and famine, there is a current that is always running in the Universe...which runs according to the laws of the Universe. Within these laws are patterns and timings that affect everyone on the Earth.  In Human Design, we have decoded many of these patterns. And among them are what we call the Incarnation Themes.
In our early days as a child, we are thrilled and moved by almost anything that catches our attention, especially those things we have to stretch to reach. We can walk around gazing upwards at the sky, wondering what it is that draws our attention there in the clouds and among the stars.
      Taylor Swift has been all over the news lately both as performer and also as a news personality. Whether you keep up with the latest "famous people" trends or not, it is fascinating to read between the lines to see that everyone has a particular Design to live out whether they acknowledge it or not.
Pluto brings transformation for us all as it transits Gates 58 and 38. Tiny and distant as it might be physically when compared to the other planets in our Solar System, but great is the effect of the “minor planet” Pluto in our lives. Being one of the “outer” planets, Pluto tends to have a “generational effect” in that its slow movement around us influences transformations that affect whole passages of time and groups of people on earth.
IN THE 19TH CENTURY, AT A TIME WHEN the “Sun never set on the British Empire,” (because, it was joked, God would not trust an Englishman in the dark), Britain had trade and governing routes into all corners of the globe; the beginning of world communications was happening! In one place within the reach of Britain’s rule and trading was India, an enormously divers country, comprising many different peoples, languages, religions, spirituality and treasures.