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This is the final entry in a series of 3 articles on the new French Presidency

In this month’s newsletter, we’ll look into the partnership of Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, the new president and first lady of France.

Partnerships work on many levels and it is fascinating to know that Brigitte was Emmanuel’s school teacher, and is 20 years his senior, and in their own way they are now the most influential couple in France and the French-speaking world.

In the previous two articles we’ve look at Brigitte’s and Emmanuel’s individual Life Charts, and their very different ways of engaging with life.  In this article, we’re going to look at the combined chart in which everything from Brigitte’s Design is colored blue, and everything from Emmanuel’s is green.

Where parts of the two Design merge, you will see stripes of green and blue.  These happen in three separate Gates that are seen as ‘Friendship Gates’ in a partnership Design: Gate 33 at the Throat Center, Retreat and Story-telling (they met through theatre productions), Gate 39 in the Root Center, of Provocation and Flirtation, and Gate 2 in the Self (G) Center, of Receptivity and being open to a ‘higher guidance’ that can appear quite unreasonable but fascinating to anyone who does not have Gate 2 in their Life Chart.

Both Life Charts show their individual Designs as ‘Generators,’ in Human Design parlance, in that they have the Sacral (Red Square) Center defined and active, implying that they are ‘generating’ Life Force energy 24/7.

Bridgett’s Sacral Center is defined through the Channel 53-42 of Cycles that brings about growth and increase. Provided she pays attention to her ‘gut response’ this Channel generates great personal benefits that expand into the lives of those around her as she commits to activities and cycles that are congruent.

For Emmanuel, his Sacral drive comes through two ‘Tantric’ Channels, the 5 -15 of the Rhythm that is ‘Being in the Flow of Life,’ and 29 – 46, called Discovery that transforms energy through total commitment to experiences, projects and ideals.

What becomes clear is that Brigitte is the thinker, the analyzer with her two Channels, 61 – 24, The Revolving, Refining Mind, and 63 – 4, her Logical – Problem – Future Solution facult

Emmanuel is the transformational action taker who with his combined Willpower (Heart) Center activated through the Channel of Initiation (25 – 51) consistently surprises and even out-smarts his friends, rivals and nay-sayers by considering strategies and making moves that they have not considered possible.

Brigitte and Emmanuel’s combined Life Chart has two undefined Centers …. The Throat Center of Communication and Manifestation, and the Emotions Center of Dramas, Pleasures and Pains.

An undefined Throat Center gives them the potential wisdom to know what is worth saying and what is not. Who has something worthwhile to offer, and who does not. In the realm of listening to wise counsel from friends, ministers and an electorate, they will both come to know what sounds right and what doesn’t… what is really needed and what to avoid. Lately, Emmanuel has been heard saying that he intends for the French language to become the world’s first language.

In the undefined Emotions Center, they each have one activated Gate: Emmanuel has Gate 30 of Desires, with the 4th Line of ‘Pacing,’ which gives him the potential to exhaust himself enacting his dreams and visions unless he stops and has time to appreciate his achievements.

Brigitte has Gate 36 of Crisis Resolution, also with a 4th Line called ‘Surveying’ through which she has the knack of being able to foretell potential crises and be able to turn them around to bring benefit instead.

Having an undefined Emotions Center does not mean they cannot be passionate in their partnership, but it does eliminate the possibility of going through a lot of unnecessary drama if they are considerate.

In a combined Human Design chart there are often instances of one partner having a defined Channel and the other partner having a single Gate active in that same Channel.  This is described as a ‘Compromise/Compliment’ Channel and can imply a potential sore spot in the relationship if it is not acknowledged and honored.

For Brigitte and Emmanuel, there is one of these Channels in between the Heart (Willpower) and Self (G) Centers and the Channel 25 -51, Initiation.  Brigitte’s conscious Moon, her ‘Feeling Memory’ in Gate 51, Arousing, and Line 5, ‘Being Reliable,’ and the ability to withstand repeated shocks, conjoins with Emmanuel’s unconscious South Node in Gate 51, and Line 1 of ‘Growing through disruptions of all kinds,’ and his unconscious Earth (most likely a foundational part of his genetics inherited from his Mother), in Gate 25, Innocence, and Line 4 of ‘Being Blameless, True Innocence cannot be tainted.’

What could conceivably be a compromising aspect of their combined natures is most likely a great strength as they reinforce each other in dealing with any criticisms or attacks to their personal partnership and also to their aims and outlook for their work together.

My feeling is that France is extremely fortunate to have such a couple ‘in charge’ of her interests.

**All Gate and Line information comes from The Book of Lines, a 21st Century Viewing of the IChing, the Chinese Book of Changes by Chetan Parkyn

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