The Human Design Report and the Path to Clarity

In our last blog post, we discussed 5 key benefits of receiving a Human Design Report. Today, we’re going to delve a bit deeper into the first of these benefits: Clarity.


If you think long and hard, can you truly say that you really know yourself? It’s not a trick question. If you meditate on it, can you honestly identify and describe every little detail of your personality?


We know we couldn’t, at least not for a good portion of our lives. In our early years, we were often taken aback by how people viewed us. We would hear things about ourselves that would catch us off guard. These things weren’t necessarily negative, they were just completely different from what we thought about ourselves.


There’s a reason that philosophers throughout the history of the discipline have struggled with the problem of knowing oneself objectively. Think about it: how many times have you noticed something about another person that they clearly couldn’t see? Whether it’s a little quirk, or a propensity for exaggeration, or any other personality trait, we all have these blind spots about ourselves that seem glaringly obvious to others.


It is perfectly natural for us to ignore those aspects of our personality that we would rather not see. This is a simple emotional survival mechanism. In order for our self-esteem to remain intact, we often—consciously or unconsciously—turn a blind eye to those parts of ourselves that we find unsavory.


But what if there were a way to see ourselves objectively. A way to fully know ourselves. A way to face these hidden parts of our personalities and learn to accept, appreciate, and even use them to our advantage?


Imagine the confusion, embarrassment, and conflict it would spare you to know yourself completely.


If you’ve ever felt like people were whispering behind your back. Or felt like you’ve been completely misunderstood or misread. Or if you’ve simply ever wondered what people really think of you…


To know yourself objectively is to leave all that behind.



This is what we mean by clarity when it comes to knowing your Human Design. In mapping out your personality, down to the very last detail, a Human Design report offers a crystal-clear portrait of yourself.


With your Human Design report in your hands, you are able—for the first time—to really see yourself from the outside. You are able to get a deep look into those parts of your personality that you were previously unable to see.


This might sound scary at first. After all, if these parts of your personality are hidden to you, they’re probably hidden for a reason. But, once this information is revealed to you, your Human Design report will help you to interpret and understand your hidden personality traits in a way that empowers you to use them to your advantage.


Once you understand yourself completely, you are then able to take control of yourself in ways you never thought possible. You will be free from second thoughts and self-doubt, because you will be free from your blind spots. There will no longer be questions about how people see you and what they think about you. In fact, it will become irrelevant as you become fully aligned in your truth and power. Instead of wondering what people think of you, you will be comfortable in the knowledge that you are in control of how people think, respond and engage with you.


This is just one of the many benefits of Human Design that you can get a glimpse of with a free Human Design report. In my next blog post I will discuss another of these overarching benefits: Confidence. Till next time!



Warmest Wishes,





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