Signs of the Times

Beyond politics and politicians, religions and priests, tycoons and servants, feast and famine, there is a current that is always running in the Universe...which runs according to the laws of the Universe. Within these laws are patterns and timings that affect everyone on the Earth.  In Human Design, we have decoded many of these patterns. And among them are what we call the Incarnation Themes. There are 112 of these Themes and each of us, at the moment of our birth, take on one of these Themes that runs as an undercurrent throughout our lifetime. It is a little like the theme music that plays in the background of a movie, or the common themes that run through many books. In our lifetime and knowing our Human Design, we can register for ourselves what our own particular Life Theme is, and watch it playing its part in everything we do, regardless of our Human Design Type, Authority, or Profile. However, in the events of the world, it is possible to see these Themes playing out in the activities and happenings every day as the Themes keep moving from one to the next. In the United States in these past days, we have witnessed a period of great transformation.  On the one hand, dogma and politics have caused a large part of the government to be shut down indefinitely.  On the other hand, we have witnessed the implementation of a law that will change the whole course of American history.  America has signed into law, and put into practice a means for every individual to receive health care. Personally, I have not been to a doctor practicing Westernized medicine since 1982, and have no great wish to return to that style of healing (by Design, I have found it does not really suit me, whereas wholistic health care does better).  However, the essence of affordable, or universal health care, is that all citizens can be treated when they become ill. The impact that this will cause in the years to come is that everyone is going to sense that on a deep level they “belong” to a larger family than they had previously considered available to them; that they will develop the sense that they are cared for, regardless of their status in life in the society around them. affordable_healthcareI mentioned earlier the timings that relate to the Earth and the Incarnation Themes that are apparent in their particular seasons... The Affordable Health Care Act became implemented in the time of the Interpersonal Incarnation Theme of “Upheaval.”  Certainly its implementation happened among a great upheaval, as the politicians involved in their various factions did not know which way to turn next! However, in the greater scheme of things, the Theme of Upheaval is heralded by the presence of the Sun in Gate 18, Line 6, which in the Book of Lines is called “Being the Buddha.” It is described as, “Going beyond all conditioning.”  The Earth at that time stands in Gate 17, Line 6, called “Being the Bodhisattva : Attuning to the Higher Levels of Human Consciousness.” A wise Gautama Buddha in his time on Earth encouraged all people to assist in each others’ lives in constructive and creative ways, so that all people may attain realization. Jesus the Christ echoed Buddha’s sentiments in that he brought healing and well-being to as many people as he could physically manage, and encouraged us to “love one another.” Over two millennia later, it seems that wittingly, or unwittingly, we have all witnessed a massive shift in Human Consciousness with the implementation of affordable health care for all.  Whether you approve of the law itself or not, this shift in consciousness in America will be seen to play out in the world around us as other cultures soon begin to mirror the attitudes, gifts and talents of this country.