Prince Charles, Human Design and A Life in Waiting

Netflix’s The Crown has sparked a renewed interest in the lives of the British royal family. But while Prince Charles is hardly the most exciting personality in the bunch, below the surface his life and relationships are full of complex twists and turns. So, to help peel back the curtain on the man who would be King, here’s a brief Prince Charles Human Design Reading.


In Prince Charles, Human Design shows us a Triple-Split, Generator 4/6 Profile Design, and Sacral Authority. Those born with a Triple-Split Design often find themselves drawn into company that “bridges” the three parts of their Design. This goes a long way in explaining the complicated dynamic that existed between Charles, his Mother, Princess Diana, and Camilla Parker-Bowles. Where Camilla and the Queen are able to “bridge” the three parts of Charles’ Design, Princess Diana was not, which certainly contributed to the strain in their relationship. Also, with his open Crown Center and undefined Emotions Center, Diana’s logical mindset and emotional nature were difficult for Charles to digest.



With 7 out of 9 Centers activated in Charles’ Human Design, and 3 out of 4 defined Channels in “Individual” Circuits, it is difficult for Charles to fit into any particular role imposed by outside influences, unlike his mother whose defined Channels are entirely collective in nature, and thus more easily aligned within society’s expectations.

His Sun/Earth activation of the Channel 43-23, “Explanation,” in 4th Lines, gives him a proclivity to making unusual statements.  Unless he is really paying attention to what actually needs to be said in the moment rather than to what is going on in his head, he can make people feel uneasy and often completely bemused.

His Generator Design, activated by the Channel 3-60, called “Mutation,” gives him a lifetime of continuously having to readjust his expectations with what life offers him. As Charles is now the longest ever heir apparent in waiting, we have all been watching this play out for quite some time.

That said, His Channel 57-10, called “Survival,” allows him to move through all manner of disturbances and his own personal disappointments, including being so far passed over for the British throne.


For Prince Charles, Human Design also shows us a man who’s capable of rethinking how we solve big problems. His Channel 44-26 of “Enterprise” allows him to make compelling, if different suggestions for people to advance their lives, and we perhaps see this in his personal passion for more sustainable urban planning exemplified by his involvement in Poundbury, the experimental new town built on his own land intended to showcase the spirit of the urban village.

And while it has its champions and detractors, it must be said that it illustrates a willingness to think outside the box when it comes to solving some of the real-world problems of urban life and pollution.


His Pluto activation in Gate 7, “Uniformity,” and in 2nd and 4th Lines incline him to be a reluctant leader or at least one who can easily give up (like his Uncle, King Edward 8th) if there is unpopularity or dissent. And while the responsibility of the throne might not be the most appealing prospect to Charles, it remains to be seen if Charles will directly hand off the throne to his son, William, rather than take it on himself.

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