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Chetan and Carola here…..We are the founders of Human Design For Us All, and we wanted to take a moment after our Summer Break, to say, if you are new to our community, “Welcome to our Monthly Newsletter!” Our passion is helping people awaken to become crystal clear on their Life Path, Purpose and Specific Human Design pathways for greater success!

Each month, we provide a complimentary one-hour Live Training on the energies and opportunities that we see coming for the month ahead, and in in our newsletters, you will find timely explorations into world figures, and high-level information and strategies to support you in your journey. Enjoy!


In Our Rapidly Changing Times

The news comes thick and fast as we are all challenged to meet and embrace the dramatic changes taking place in the world. Where do we look for stability? The answer to that is always the same….within

More than ever before we are called on to find our own inner calm as the issues of the world swirl around us.

The times of great and wise male leaders is passing. The times of civil political discourse are severely challenged, causing a profound threat to all the world’s democracies. Is there any hope for us?

One thing is quite clear and that is the old male dominant way of running the world is obsolete, and the grace, power and intelligence of the feminine principle is needed to bring balance, now more than ever before.

Chetan’s Celebrity Profile….. Every month I write about someone in the world spotlight who has potential influence to guide humanity into a greater awareness in these times. This month we look at the Design for Angela Merkle.

The leader of the “Free World”: Angela Merkel

Perhaps the most startling instance, at least politically, in 2017, is that the new leader of the World (Mother Earth) is a woman in Germany. The sheer quantity of confusion, disengagement

and rancor around the current US Presidency has caused the mantle of responsibility to pass from America back to Europe again, where it was 100 years ago.


Finally, we have a 21st Century woman with an intelligent and objective view and concern for Mother Earth, in charge, and pointing the way forward.


Angela Merkel, it turns out, has a Projector Design, akin to some of the more unusual and effective leaders in years past, including Winston Churchill, JFK and Barack Obama.  Raised in what was Eastern Germany in a West German family, she received a Doctorate in Natural Sciences, and became fluent in Russian and English before being drawn into politics at the time of German Reunification.

Projectors have the Design and the means to guide and direct others, when invited to do so

All Projectors, particularly those in leadership roles, manage this beautifully if they craft the skill of standing aside from all the chaos, approval ratings, uproar and the vested interests of politicking going on around them.  Provided  they can manage this,

they can deliver clear and sensible policy on the essential elements of the issues and situations confronting them.


However, if leaders with a Projector Design get caught up in the chaos, and swept along by the often unconscious ‘motivations’ of others, then they fail miserably, and the people they represent suffer.


Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1954, Angela arrived in the Interpersonal Life Theme of Obscuration (Concealing),* on a life journey that “…is not easily perceived by others….You arrange your life and your activities by acknowledging both the rigid and changeable values society espouses…. You use your influence to find the values and issues that empower others as individuals without their forming any kind of dependence on you.”


Angela’s Projector Design includes the Channel of Organizing (17 – 62) and someone who directs her conscious speech from her conscious Sun in Gate 62, **“Expressed Details,” Line 5, “Being Considerate: Planning, Preparation and Performance.”


Her logical perspective is fueled by all manner of Solutions (Gate 4), activated by her conscious and unconscious Pluto (Transformation), and ideas that can be put into action through her conscious Mars in Gate 11, “Harmony, Peace and Ideas,” in Line 5, “The Ruler who serves: Giving perspective through expansive ideals.” If you have a problem, Angela has several potential solutions and ideas for you.


Also in her Design, Angela has two connections from the Root (Adrenals) to the Spleen (Lymphs), giving her a very potent sense of Intuition and Instinct. She can “smell a rat” miles away, and is not for a moment fooled by idiots. When this aspect of her Design is coupled with her “open” Heart Center we’ll recognize that she is rarely impressed by anything that is offered to her from an egoistic standpoint (vain and insincere politicians, etc).


With two activations in Gate 61 (inner Truth), her Conscious Earth (Grounding) in 61, Line 5: “Being ingenious: Uniting everyone by interpreting truth innovatively,” and Chiron (Healing old wounds) in 61, Line 6: “Being insightful: Universal expressions of truth are not always recognized. Expressing your truth through personal experiences can inspire others practically or not”, she is constantly seeking out truthful and fair scenarios for the world around her. With her “open” Emotions, she can be the one person in a meeting or forum who is not caught up in emotional outbursts and dramas.


Recognizing what is, without doubt, the biggest challenge for life on planet Earth in these times, she has spear-headed a German “Global Climate Research Center” to undertake urgent review of the terrifying effects of the world’s climate change that are taking place.


In these perilous times, it is wonderful to have such a steady hand on the wheel of Earth’s fortunes.


* From The Book of Destinies, Discover the Life You Were Born To Live, by Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood.


** From The Book of Lines, a 21st Century View of the IChing, the Chinese Book of Changes


Although our business is primarily focused on getting the life-changing Human Design wisdom to you, over the many years we have found that also considering astrological insights and staying abreast of the current planetary trends adds a dimension of extraordinarily useful information.

Since Carola is also a world class astrologer, we include an astrological overview from her in our monthly Newsletter.

You can also receive much more in depth astrological information in our complimentary, ‘Energies and Opportunities’ Live Monthly Calls……enjoy!

Planetary Cycles By Carola Eastwood

September 2017

As we enter the month of September, many of us are still reeling from the effects of two powerful ‘Change Points’ in our life’s journey. Heralded by a Lunar Eclipse on August 7 and a Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, for everyone, and, for our planet, big changes are on the horizon! If there are significant life choices that you have been considering, like moving to a new place, starting or ending a relationship, changing jobs or careers, this is the time to get your clarity and make a commitment to a new path!


But, do wait until after the planet of communication, Mercury returns to direct motion on September 5 before you begin putting those changes in place. As If you’ve worked with me privately, or had personal astrology readings in the past, you may know that three times per year, Mercury changes apparent motion and appears to be moving backwards for about three weeks. When this happens, many of the activities and plans we had set in motion previously, naturally go through a process of review, and if changes are needed, we become aware of them. Mercury is associated with our transportation and communication systems, so if something is in need of an update, this is a great time to deal with it.


After Mercury returns to direct motion at 28 Leo on September 5, we will still benefit from waiting a week to let it pick up some speed, before we begin taking action on our new plans… that way, we will have a bit of momentum to work with. We do have some very favorable opportunity cycles to work with in September, and those will continue to build throughout the month and into October and beyond.


Here are a few ways in which you can get make the best use of, and get the highest benefit from the coming opportunity cycles:


  • Make sure you get your vision and inspiration crystal clear for the upcoming changes you will make, before you act.
  • Wait until after September 13 to begin anything new; you may not see the whole picture until then; after then, the reality of the new steps we need to take, becomes apparent.
  • With our spiritual awareness heightened by a powerful aspect from Neptune, our creativity and inventiveness is sharpened by clear insight. Also yourself to be highly inspired.
  • Our biggest opportunity cycle happens mid-month when several planets align favorably in a beautiful harmony that brings us closer to accessing our divine guidance for a completely new creation to get born within us.
  • We experience a huge creative thrust, lining up the information, people and resources needed for our next big step or, for the next phase of our life.
  • Our love life becomes highly charged mid-month and romance is definitely in the air! This is a cycle that stays with us for the remainder of the month, and this same set of energies can bring unexpected resources, and money begins to flow again

Human Design Energies By Chetan Parkyn ​

Forecast for the month of September 2017

The Eclipses: What they’ve changed in Human Consciousness


In early August, there was a Lunar Eclipse, during which the Full Moon was blocked and blacked out by the Earth being placed exactly between it and the Sun.

Eclipses not only affect the ocean tides, the magnetic field around the earth, and also, according to certain scientists, the tectonic plates within the earth. They also mark points in time for changes in our consciousness. (When the light goes out, what do you see and experience in the dark?)

At the time of the Lunar eclipse on August 7, the Sun was in Gate 7,** “Uniformity,” and Line 3: “Disordering: A reluctance to acknowledge or be drawn into hierarchies of any sort.”

And the Earth and Moon were in Gate 13, “Fellowship with Mankind,” and Line 3 : “Being Self-Reliant : Mistrust and failure cycle through blindly taking others’ guidance.”

The inference here is that whatever programs or systems we’ve subscribed to, and any guidance we have accepted either consciously or unconsciously as being “cast in stone”, need review.

Any belief systems, religious ideas, system credentials, scientific treatises, political identifications, nationalistic identities, and uniform behaviors need to prove their relevance and usefulness to the individuals in a world population that is being transformed….or else be released, asap!

On December 17th, 2017, the Moon’s North Node will be found in Gate 7, Line 3, and the South Node in Gate 13, and Line 3…..echoing the shift that was triggered by the Lunar Eclipse in early August.

We will begin to see more and more of a breakdown with systems and beliefs that are “too big to fail,” as the destiny of life on Earth moves into a higher frequency.

The Solar Eclipse on August 8 that darkened the skies across America when the Moon moved directly between the Earth and the Sun, set in place another shift, particularly for the people of the US, and for those places dependent on the US.

At the time of the total Solar eclipse, the Sun and Moon were in Gate 29, “Commitment,” and Line 5, “Being Restrained: Moving into and through a cycle with clarity, The clear responsiveness to say “Yes!” with a persistence that somehow bring completion.”

The Earth was in Gate 30, “Desires,” and Line 5, “Heartsease: Acknowledging that embracing adversity enriches your life. Balancing between feelings that bring you growth and surrendering to the will of Existence.”

The inference here is that whatever we’ve had in our consciousness or environment will be moved. And it will be moved by what I’ve been calling “The Big Yes!” What moves might be projects, our awareness towards aspects of life that have been hidden from us, our sense of trust in life itself, and our ability to accomplish anything we engage with from our full commitment. What do you want to fulfill?

It should be added, that the planet Mars (the principle of action and our will to survive) lands squarely on Gate 29, and Line 5 on September 3rd.

The Mercury turn (moving from apparent backwards motion to forward motion again) on September 5th happens exactly on Gate 29 and Line 5.

We are witnessing massive changes here on Earth, and we are being encouraged to let go of half-truths and untruths and find the core essentials of what lives within us, each as a conscious Being having this life experience.

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