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Chetan and Carola here…..We are the founders of Human Design For Us All, and we wanted to take a moment to say, if you are new to our community, “Welcome to our Monthly Newsletter!” Our passion is helping people awaken to become crystal clear on their Life Path, Purpose and Specific Human Design pathways for greater success!

Each month, we provide a complimentary one-hour Live Training on the energies and opportunities that we see coming for the month ahead, and in in our newsletters, you will find timely explorations into world figures, and high-level information and strategies to support you in your journey. Enjoy!

In Our Rapidly Changing Times

The news comes thick and fast as we are all challenged to meet and embrace the dramatic changes taking place in the world.  Where do we look for stability? The answer to that is always the same….within. More than ever before we are called on to find our own inner calm as the issues of the world swirl around us. 

The times of great and wise male leaders is passing. The times of civil political discourse are severely challenged, causing a profound threat to all the world’s democracies. Is there any hope for us?

One thing is quite clear and that is the old male dominant way of running the world is obsolete, and the grace, power and intelligence of the feminine principle is needed to bring balance, now more than ever before.

Chetan’s Celebrity Profile….. Every month I write about someone in the world spotlight who has potential influence to guide humanity into a greater awareness in these times. This month we look at the Design for Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron.



Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, and the New French (& World) Revolution

Revolution comes in all shapes and sizes that can turn whole countries inside out and upside down, so that those people on the bottom move to the top, and those at the top have to find a new life pursuit.

In the year 1789, a Revolution was hatching in France that moved a whole country run by a privileged aristocracy and monarchy, towards a country of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Heads rolled, property was redistributed, government rearranged and the age of extraordinary everyday cuisine and fashions was born….among other things.

In this year past, there has been the semblance of another political revolution in France, in that the ‘old guard’ comprised of old political parties and interests have been ejected in favor of a whole new style of governing.

The new President, Emmanuel Macron, at the ripe age of 39, with his delightfully elegant wife, Brigitte, who at one time was his school teacher, and whose family are renowned Chocolatiers, have taken on the task of revolutionizing France and France’s presence in the world.

France is a country that is no stranger to revolution and I predict in the years ahead that France has outlined a whole transformation in the ways of politics and government that has been set in motion through this very bright and interesting couple.

Already, many non-politicians have been given government posts, and there have been some revolutionary laws instated by the new president.

In the following articles, I will be looking at both Brigitte’s and Emmanuel’s individual Designs, to see their unique motivation as individuals, and in the last article as a clearly loving and inspirational partnership.

Starting with Brigitte, as the bright intelligence behind the throne

Born into the Personal Life Theme of the Maya, Brigitte has a Generator Design, with Sacral Authority and a 3/5 Profile. With her Conscious Sun and with the rest being Venus in Gate 42 and the 3rd Line, **( Being Competent :

 Great wisdom is gained by learning from your ordeals. There is nothing that cannot grow, if you patiently persevere with clarity). Brigitte brings a sense of growth, increase and a wisdom derived from all her life experiences wherever she goes.

Her smile says that she has triumphed over many potential trials that can beset those with a 3/5 Profile. 

And she has discovered the essential nature to not take life overly seriously, as can happen for some people who are born into the Life Theme of the Maya…at least until they realize that everything in life has two sides to it…one perhaps, serious, and the other more likely, hilarious.

In her Design, with her two Crown to Mind activations 61 – 24, (Mental Refinement) and 63 – 4, (Logical Mindset) it can be said that Brigitte does not put up with stupidity but rather is constantly considering her environment and how to make the best of it. 

She can be very forthright and diverse at the same time with suggestions she offers with her Jupiter in Gate 23, Line 6 **(Synthesizing: Creating new forms by combining many different possibilities.  Remaining neutral while under pressure from the status quo allows you to propose new visions. Your expansive nature tends to prefer and encourage diversity to unity);

Highly organized (Unconscious Earth in Gate 62, Line 5 **(Being Considerate: Planning, preparation and performance. When everything is in place there comes a time of identifying when and how things proceed);

And at the same time she is a great story-teller through her Gate 33 Conscious and Unconscious South Node activations: **(Unshakeable: Steadfast in your belief that everything works out as it should. Rather than be overwhelmed, you can retreat and wait for your own time of strength to come. And, Letting go! Moving on from moment to moment from one scene to the next).

She has an inner knowing that can be described as uncanny with her Conscious Mars in Gate 2, Line5 **(Strategy: Biding your time until action is merited. You interconnect to every asset life offers, whether others can or need be included or not).

And, her Conscious Mercury Gate 36, Line 4 **(Surveying: Accessing your way by following your own light through all situations. Your way through life depends on you accessing your own inner clarity, or not, in all crises).

For Brigitte, no problem is insurmountable with her Conscious Uranus in Gate 39, Line 6 **(Troubleshooting: The natural gift for solving problems. Some people enjoy having their problems, so fixing them can really upset them).

And when someone or something is out of order, they are going to hear from Brigitte how to set things to rights, asap! Conscious Moon in Gate 51, Line 5 **(Being Reliable: Accepting all the changes that repeated shocks bring.  You reach your goals by following your inner (Gut Response) guidance through all manner of disruptions).

Her Root Center to Sacral (Format) Channel of Cycles (53 – 42) gives her the means to quickly appreciate her environment and to know who and what deserves her attentions, and who and what doesn’t.

With undefined Self, Heart and Emotions Centers she is often guided by her complete trust in her husband, and it can been seen from Brigitte’s Design what an extraordinary partner she is for M. Macron.

Many presidents have helpful and faithful family members behind them, Emmanuel Macron has not only a helpful family, but also an extremely intelligent, insightful and thoroughly capable and loving ally to back him up.

In the next article, we will have a look into his Design.

**All passages taken from The Book of Lines by Chetan Parkyn

Although our business is primarily focused on getting the life-changing Human Design wisdom to you, over the many years we have found that also considering astrological insights and staying abreast of the current planetary trends adds a dimension of extraordinarily useful information.

Since Carola is also a world class astrologer, we include an astrological overview from her in our monthly Newsletter.

You can also receive much more in depth astrological information in our complimentary, ‘Energies and Opportunities’ Live Monthly Calls……enjoy!

Planetary Cycles By Carola Eastwood

October 2017

After many months of a “bumpy ride” through fairly significant challenges, we enter the month of October, more clear-headed and ready to create positive momentum toward the experiences and results we desire. Fortunately, the planetary energies, although never without some challenges, align very favorably this month to open an opportunity window that can lead to big growth. How we use these cycles will determine, not only our immediate outcomes, but also the quality of our life experience for the coming year as well.

Last month, we were integrating the effects of two powerful eclipses that catalyzed huge changes in our perspective and affected the many life choices we had before us. Eclipses are powerful turning points in our evolutionary journey, and although these happened in August, the Lunar Eclipse on August 7 and a Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, it takes a full three months to integrate the changes ignited with these powerful planetary events. Especially for those having planets near the eclipse points of 15 degrees of Leo-Aquarius, for the August 7 Lunar Eclipse, and 29 degrees of Leo-Aquarius for the August 21 total Solar Eclipse, our lives haven’t been the same since as we consider making highly significant changes, like relocating, starting or ending a relationship, starting a new business, or changing jobs or careers, if we haven’t done so already, it’s crucial to you get our clarity now and make a full commitment to a new path now!

On September 22 and 23, depending on your location, we experienced the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere). This turning of the tides marks the time of year in which the days and nights are most equal in length, signaling a time to get our lives in balance and our affairs in order, in preparation for a busy season ahead.

During October and November and part of December, we are consistently blessed with some of the most favorable planetary alignments of the year, making this our time to go for our dreams and fulfill our goals. Having made the important decisions that presented themselves following the August eclipses, we are free in the month of October to focus our energy on creating the new experiences and cultivating relationships that are meaningful to us now.

Especially in the first 10 days of October, we are blessed with a highly favorable dance of energies between the planet of love, money, art and beauty, Venus, and the powerful catalyzer, Pluto. Additionally the planet Mars, which is the motivator for our actions, and especially those associated with work or business, is traveling in tandem with Venus, making romance especially juicy. Although there are always some challenges in life, the overall positive flow of energy now is to be welcomed with a willingness to engage with it, fully!

On October 10, the planet of expansion, traditionally known as the “great bestowal of good fortune”, leaves the sign of Libra for a year-long journey through the deeply passionate waters of Scorpio. This should add an element of focus and drive to our endeavors that will certainly help move our enterprises forward. Bringing additional focus and intensity to bear on any plans for expansion, Jupiter graces us with opportunities for substantial growth.

Several highly harmonious aspects grace the sky of mid to late October, supporting us to make well-considered plans and choices. The big grand triangle in the fire signs between the planet of structure and focus, Saturn, and the planet of breakthrough new ideas and innovations, Uranus, along with the North nodal axis that points the way forward for humanity on our journey, continues the light our way into positive creation for the well-being of all.

Human Design Energies By Chetan Parkyn

The Human Design Outlook for the Month of October 2017

The Upheaval and horror in Las Vegas at the beginning of the month will give way to much introspection peaking at the Full Moon in the Life Theme of Tension on October 5th. From that moment we will all be aware that we are looking for solutions to a seemingly impossible impasse.

Certain attitudes and those things we take for granted and yet know are not appropriate or in service to a higher quality of life need review. Neptune the planet symbolizing our ‘love for love’s sake’ sits in Gate 63, Doubts, and Line 1, Investigating: Constantly reviewing your circumstances: You either retain or lose your poise as the effects of your achievements become apparent), and we seek to find ‘a better way’ forward as Jupiter the planet symbolizing everything expansive transits Gate 50, Values, and Line 4 (Qualifying: Presence is needed in upholding right vales in sorry circumstance) for the last time in 12 years.

Jupiter is making a final push through the Gates in the Spleen Center where it has been for the past year, exaggerating our fears, inviting us to clean up our health attitudes, and reminding us of our mortality. On October 18th Jupiter enters Gate 28, The Game Player of Life, giving us all the opportunity to get with the program, and celebrate this most extraordinary experience on earth by living our lives to the full.

On October 22nd, the Sun enters the Sun Sign of Scorpio in astrology and in the Human Design wheel passes through Gate 50, Line 4 where Jupiter moved earlier in the month. Again, we are given the possibility to be honest with ourselves about those attitudes and fixtures in life we know do not serve us.

On October 29th, the Sun enters the Interpersonal Life Theme of Alignment, triggering anything in the world that is out of whack. History has recorded a few interesting turnarounds on that date, so be clear you’re your affairs are in good order so you can celebrate All Hallows E’en in a relaxed and playful mood as the veil parts briefly between earth and spirit realms

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