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Chetan and Carola here…..We are the founders of Human Design For Us All, and we wanted to take a moment to say, if you are new to our community, “Welcome to our Monthly Newsletter!” Our passion is helping people awaken to become crystal clear on their Life Path, Purpose and Specific Human Design pathways for greater success!

Each month, we provide a complimentary one-hour Live Training on the energies and opportunities that we see coming for the month ahead, and in in our newsletters, you will find timely explorations into world figures, and high-level information and strategies to support you in your journey. Enjoy!

Chetan’s Celebrity Profile….. Every month I write about someone in the world spotlight who has potential influence to guide humanity into a greater awareness in these times. This month we look at the Design for Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron.



The Old Guard is failing us

Prevalent in the world is a massive shift from old understandings and beliefs towards a revolution in morals, technologies, practices and established order. The status quo is being given a good shaking, especially in political arenas by a younger, fresher group of leaders.

Canada voted in her 2nd youngest leader in Justin Trudeau aged 45, in a country whose median age is 42.

New Zealand has just installed her Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, aged 37, in line with the country’s median age of 38.

France has her new President, Emmanuel Macron, aged 39, who is slightly younger than his country’s median age of 41.

Whereas in Iran the defacto ruler, a cleric, is aged 89 in a country whose median age is 29, and in the United States with a median age is 38, we have a businessman President aged 71.

Last month, we looked at the Human Design for Emmanuel Macron’s wife and partner, Brigitte, and this month we look into Emmanuel’s Design.  With his youthful and fresh presence, Emmanuel has the potential not only to resurrect France, but also have a great effect on Europe and the world….as we will see in the makeup of his Design….

Born into the “Personal Life Theme of The Vessel of Love,” with a 2/4 Profile, Emmanuel brings a natural, almost guileless sense of connectedness and reassurance wherever he goes. He will charm many, (Earth in Gate 15, Line 2, with Jupiter in Line 4), avoid disrupters as much as he can (Sun in Gate 10, Line 2), have a knack for showing up in the right place and time, with a right attitude, (Gate 46, Line 4), and be almost impervious to criticisms (Gate 25, Line 4).

You might not like the policies that he endorses, but you will have a very difficult time disliking the man himself, especially while in his company.

The very compact Design involving four Defined Centers indicates someone who is a quiet powerhouse of capability, who not only brings transformational energy through his two “Tantric” Channels, 5-15, “Rhythm” and “Being in the Flow of Life;” and, 29 – 46, “Discovery,” “Allowing for Success,” (also known as the Channel of “The Whirling Dervish” and the makeup of someone who generates an almost boundless source of energy), but who also brings a profound sense of healing and well-being wherever he goes.

The two Channels that define his Heart Center show great potential capabilities in two different and yet essential aspects of human life: 

The Channel of Enterprise, (26 – 44), between Heart and Spleen Centers allows Emmanuel not only the capacity to reinvent old and crusty concepts and policies, but also to bring relief and release to those people who hold on to these time-worn models, but who know that they are no longer relevant.

The Channel of Initiation, (51 – 25) between Heart and Self Centers, give him the means to apply dramatic, even shocking changes in his expressions and interactions, with the capacity to bring about revelatory innovations that at first glance might cause concerns to an entrenched status quo.

Also in his Design, is the Channel of Survival (10 – 57), that gives him a profound intuitive sense, as well, as the name suggests, the means to outfox competitors and those who do not like him or approve of his innovative and transformative ways.

Of note in his Design is Gate 2,** “Receptivity,” and Line 2, “Being Gifted: Natural access to an intelligence that often defies logical explanation,” with his Conscious Moon’s placement indicating his access to an inner knowing that bypasses others’ rigid formulas for life.

Also, he has Gate 1, “Creativity,” and Line 2, “Being in Accord: Aligning with Universal Truths,” with his planet Uranus activation, indicating a creativity that is touched with novel genius that can be shocking in its level of innovation.

With an open Mind Center, a Crown Center with the single activation in Gate 64, of “Diverse Possibilities,” he can easily see and reformulate any missing pieces in others’ proposals.

His undefined Throat Center, with Gate 33, “Retreat,” and Line 4, “Detaching: Avoiding unnecessary constraints,” gives him the means to be a great raconteur who also appreciates his quiet time.

His undefined Root Center contains Gate 52, Mountain, bringing a quality of calmness in his environment, and Gate 39, that causes a degree of provocation that can help awaken the spirited nature in anyone who is emotionally stuck in their life.

Undefined Emotionally, he has a single Gate 30, “Desires” with Line 4, “Pacing: Enduring potential meltdowns and moving on,” implying he has to be careful in not overdoing things, but giving himself time to rest and recuperate between his efforts.

Within the effects of planetary movements it must be noted that the last time Pluto, the planet associated with death and rebirth, was in the same part of the sky where it now is, there was a fever of revolution in the world. America was getting rid of the British, and the French were about to get rid of their aristocracy and other feudal arrangements.

Change is upon us, however, this time, there is a revolution in consciousness, and I am greatly encouraged by the “new blood” being given the reins of politics and world decisions, and earnestly look forward to the exit of the crusty dinosaurs that have been misusing the people and resources our Mother Earth for centuries.

** From The Book of Lines, by Chetan Parkyn

Although our business is primarily focused on getting the life-changing Human Design wisdom to you, over the many years we have found that also considering astrological insights and staying abreast of the current planetary trends adds a dimension of extraordinarily useful information.

Since Carola is also a world class astrologer, we include an astrological overview from her in our monthly Newsletter.

You can also receive much more in depth astrological information in our complimentary, ‘Energies and Opportunities’ Live Monthly Calls……enjoy!

Planetary Cycles By Carola Eastwood

November 2017

Since we are publishing our November Newsletter mid-month instead of early this month, see if you recognize any of the themes I mention for November, and notice how they may be playing out in your life. Ask yourself, ‘Can I become more mindful and intentional with everything I choose to say and do?’ When we purposefully create our lives the way we desire them to be, we experience joy and freedom, and those are qualities that money can’t buy.

This November, we are blessed with highly favorable planetary aspects that bring new relationships and new opportunities into our lives. While the sun travels through the mysterious sign of Scorpio, our secrets get unearthed and the meanings behind the challenges and the opportunities that life presents become revealed. The opportunity for each of us now, is greater self-awareness and self-mastery.

The sun and Jupiter have been traveling together in Scorpio since October, and now on November 10-11, Venus joins them in Scorpio, making a very potent planetary combination filled with very positive energies. Mid-month, we are pregnant with new ideas and inspirations. Although all the pathways and nuances of creating something entirely new are very exciting and fulfilling, it will do best when grounded in the intention of Service. This is especially true for our current season of time, as the mystical planet of Neptune is blissfully moving through its own sign of Pisces, shedding light on the mysteries and radiating a high frequency of Divine Love and artistic creativity.

The opportunities that come to us do not do so randomly, but rather at very particular times and in certain circumstances in our life’s journey, when most needed to facilitate our own growth and progress. That we also intersect and interact with others along our journey is no random occurrence either; indeed a grand orchestration is taking place. Life is asking us to take our rightful place as co-creators of life, and, in doing so, bless Gaia by becoming stewards of the quality of life on Earth.

The only way this can be achieved is to be one-hundred percent committed to our inner Truth, and a very certain and highly effective way of accessing our truth in every situation, is to live and move through life, in congruence with our Human Design.

As the energies progress into the third and fourth weeks of November, we are invited to step beyond our old, limiting beliefs and stretch into a Higher Knowing. Creating a practical container for this new, dawning awareness becomes essential. The question becomes, ‘How do I focus this energy and awareness? To what service will I put it?’

On November 18, we have a New Moon in Scorpio, lighting the way for inner healing and continuing to keep focus on the theme of positive growth and expansion through inspired creativity, well through the third week of November. Healing energy is so abundantly available at this time; if there is something ready to transform, help it along. Also, during this period, the sun completes its’ journey through the turbulent waters of Scorpio, entering jovial Sagittarius on November 21-22. As November draws to a close, the search for new meaning in an entirely new context gets born within us, and the effort to engineer a new direction begins.

In America, we will be celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday, and while our challenges as a nation are great, it will be good for the planet for us to really take time to appreciate all that we are blessed with, and especially, to be grateful for each other. Gratitude is generative.

Human Design Energies By Chetan Parkyn

Some notes for the month of November

Continuing this month and through the rest of the year we will continue examining what we have previously considered the truth regarding our occupations and lifestyles as well as our spiritual inclinations.

Mid-month and into December we are all given the opportunity to clarify what we really want out of life … to go for it … and at the same time to let go of, gratefully, those people and things we’ve been chasing that we know are not really for us.

The nodal shift on November 18th (from North Node in Gate 4/ South Node in Gate 49 to North Node in Gate 7/ South Node in Gate 13) realigns our destinies once again with the energies of the eclipses that took place in August.

As a reminder, the total Lunar eclipse highlighted a need to move away from borrowed principles towards utilizing our own given gifts.

The total Solar eclipse that traversed the United States with the Moon obscuring the Sun took place in Gate 29, Commitment, and Line 5, “Being Restrained, Moving into and through a cycle with clarity…. The clear responsiveness to say “Yes!” with a persistence that somehow brings completion.” In other words, if you are really clear to pursue something, you will succeed.

The entrepreneurial energies rooted in Pluto’s presence in Gate 54, Ambition, continue with renewed initiative when Jupiter does her final transit (for the next 12 years) through Gate 32, Duration and Endurance, as we remember our vision … and hold our steady and deliberate course within it.

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