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Born in 1949, the daughter of a janitor, Elizabeth Warren considered herself to hold “Republican values” until in 1995 she realized something different. She became the senior US Democratic Senator from Massachusetts in a “special” unopposed election, and has since become a rising star in the political spheres of the United States. She has studied and taught law, specializing in commercial and bankruptcy law. She has headed a Governmental Consumer Protection Bureau and was instrumental in the public firing of the head of a major US Bank who promoted unfair financial practices. Her latest book is entitled : This Fight is Our Fight, The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class.

With her Conscious Sun in Gate 15, Humanity, Elizabeth’s Life Theme is the Personal Life Theme of the Vessel of Love.*

Each Life Theme is comprised of four different activations, and those of the Vessel of Love are all located in the Self Center in the Human Design Life Chart, which is the white (undefined) diamond Center in the middle of the chart.

The significance of an undefined Center is that it mirrors the energies and attributes of other people, and her undefined Self Center mirrors other peoples’ senses of personal identity, their directions in life, their sense of purpose and how they love themselves (or not).

In essence, Elizabeth mirrors peoples’ sense of wholeness back to them. By Design and without great effort, she challenges those who do not really love themselves to reappraise themselves, and those who lack integrity to reevaluate their positions in life. All of this through the dimension of love.

She has two areas of Definition :

The Channel of Talent, 16-48, through which she quickly evaluates projects and endeavors that have a future, and those that need adjustment or have no possibility of succeeding.

And she has the “format” Channel of Cycles, 53 – 42, implying that everything in her life runs through particular cycles of time and application. These cycles will include interests and activities on an annual turnaround (aspected by her Conscious Venus in Gate 53) and 17.5 year cycles (aspected by her Conscious North Node placement in Gate 42).

With a very “open” Mind, Elizabeth can keep track of very complex debates and discussions, and with an “open” Heart Center, she is unmoved by expressions of ego and outrage. At the same time, with her Unconscious Sun’s activation in Gate 25, of Innocence, she must be careful to keep a safe distance from those who have a strong or violent temper and who insist on using it.

In her undefined Emotions Center, Elizabeth has a single Unconscious activation in Gate 36, “Crisis Resolution,” and Line 5, “Hiding your intentions from insensitive eyes,” ** implying that if she plays poker, it would be difficult, almost impossible to foresee her intentions! She has great experience in resolving issues that other would consider unfixable. And subsequently, with her ability to forge a way through crisis situations, has caught more than one politician, banker and broker flat-footed…..

…….and all, from this coming from the unassuming dimensions of the Vessel of Love from which she mirrors back to the world around her.

Planetary Cycles By Carola Eastwood

May 2017

Monthly Energies and Opportunity Cycles

We began this month with Mercury, the planet of communication, in retrograde motion, which has slowed us down and brought old issues and incomplete projects to the surface to crowd our busy days with yet, more to do! Moving in retrograde (apparent backwards motion) since April 9, Mercury has done a big sweep of all areas of our lives in need of attention (from that smog test you need to get done on your car, to technology upgrades, to renegotiations of important agreements). Although Mercury returned to direct motion on May 3, we are not yet entirely out of the woods until Mercury picks up speed after May 20. Until then, its best to continue with the ‘clean-up, re-do, get insights, revisit and/or ‘get complete’ campaign.

That’s not to say that you lack plenty to do with your usual relationship, health, recreation and work routines. In fact, this month we’ve entered an unusually busy time! So busy in fact, it can feel like time is flying by and, mid-month we dive into a highly creative cycle with very inspiring energies. With the planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter, currently in the sign of Libra, the key to using this time to be truly productive is, balance and fluidity. Teach yourself to move with grace and equanimity from one activity or interaction, to the next.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10 illuminates the aspects of our lives which are in need of healing or transformation. This doesn’t have to be difficult realization; in fact it could be a joyful one as you realize just how, exactly, you will transform some aspect of your life that is ready for that leap! With the planet of action, Mars in a highly challenging aspect, we may be filled with the inspiration to set exciting new activities in motion when we are not able to see best way to make it happen. Be patient. The clarity will come later this month, and when it does, that’s the time to take action.

Paradoxically, other planetary energies at play during the full moon time of May 9-13, have us revved up and chomping at the bit to get in motion. The planet of action, Mars moves into great harmony with the planet of expansion, Jupiter, and as you may imagine, that’s like bringing an unlit match to a flame! So, what do you do when one set of energies is advising caution, while the other is raring to go? We choose the wise path and follow our highest truth, which we naturally access when making decisions according to our clarity. The energy for new creation is certainly present; just have the wisdom to make sure you are truly clear before proceeding with starting something new.

The third week of the month may see us at full stretch, with a highly energized set of challenges serving to propel us forward. The new ideas and inspirations keep rolling, but it can be challenging to make room for them. We have to learn a new way of being with energy and time in order to master the complexity of moving though our customary life as smoothly as possible while putting huge energy into building something new. Energies of the latter part of May compel us into action. The wise and progressive way of moving forward is by using our visioning and intentions to provide the rocket fuel for maximum results.

When the sun moves into Gemini on May 20-21, we enter a month-long period with the emphasis on connections, communications, and exploring new ideas. During the last week of May, and especially around the time of the New Moon on May 25, innovative new elements get introduced into the culture and creativity can be at an all-time high. We can also expect to experience breakthroughs in our values, as we re-examine our beliefs about money and other priceless resources. Additionally, the necessary and most inspired choices and the clearest course of action in our love relationships becomes apparent, and with that clarity present, it becomes simple to embrace a lighter way of being in love, whether that be with a mate, a friend or a family member.

For the month of May By Chetan Parkyn

A Snapshot of the Human Design Energies for May

For the Merry Month of May, it is a great time to be practicing something you have a yearning to give more time to. Whether that involves arts, music, writing, drama, sports, gardening, cooking or whatever is close to your heart. If your practice allows you to incorporate new approaches to old ways of doing things through the insights you receive, all the better!

Opportunities in property and material aspects of life are highlighted for about a week from May 16th followed by a burst of energy that can carry you forward to some substantial achievements in the weeks following.

It is essential that we’ve all recently upgraded our attitudes towards what we consider important to ourselves in the areas of wealth, beauty and our personal moral appreciations of life, so that when opportunities appear, we are clear from within how to proceed in accordance with our true nature.

Expect more political craziness in the month of May and beyond, as Pluto pulls the cover off things that have been temporarily concealed. We all have the opportunity to watch the “play” of life, or to get upset, annoyed, angry, or even outraged at beliefs and strongly-held opinions that appear to affect us personally, but in actual fact do not.

2017 is a great year to identify what really has personal meaning and therefore requires personal involvement …. and what is just an interesting sideshow.

The destiny of mankind has shifted into the arena of what I call “the Big Yes!” and we can all allow ourselves to feel the urge and drive of an inner release that can propel us all into fun endeavors and adventures. Remember what fires you up, and set your course accordingly.

  • *Full description of the Personal Life Theme of the Vessel of Love is in the Book of Destinies, Discover The Life You Were Born To Live by Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood.
  • **From The Book of Lines, by Chetan Parkyn

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