Newsletter March 1, 2017

As the world and our consciousness moves deeper into the Age of Aquarius, we can all appreciate that dramatic transformation becomes more and more our way of life. We come to realize we are being propelled towards living our lives in the present moment – moment by moment. The past becomes less and less relevant, and the future less and less predictable. So what are the instances in our lives, and who are the people in our world who contribute most to the revelations that take us all into appreciating this new present time reality? Is it just the attraction to “reality-shows,” spontaneous interactions and instant gratifications?

Celebrity Spotlight…

 Who are the ones who bring about real changes?

Hollywood and Los Angeles have always been recognized for introducing revolutionary portrayals of life, and in this article, we’ll look at the Human Design of a 32 year old film director who recently was given Oscar for his work, La La Land.
Damien Chazelle is born with the Human Design Life Chart of a Manifesting Generator with Sacral Authority, a 4/6 Profile, and into the Personal Life Theme of “The Laws.” For anyone born into the Life Theme of The Laws, theirs is a life of constant transformation…..and this transformation extends into the lives of anyone who associates with them, whether through family ties or shared endeavors.
family ties or shared endeavors. Damien is an agent for change and transformation, not only through his Life Theme, but also through what becomes very evident in the defined Channels that are present in his Life Chart.

In Human Design Life Charts, there are many different “circuits.” Circuits are made up of sequences of particular Channels that connect the 9 Centers. There are three predominant circuits :

The Collective circuits embrace the past through experience, tradition and belief systems, and the future through experimentation, science, and logic. They set up rules, guidelines and beliefs that make gradual progression possible.

Tribal circuitry supports familial, community and corporate cohesion. It provides an inclusive support system for those who “belong.”

And Individual circuitry empowers transformational, individual and mutative interaction with life. Innovation and breakthrough creativity are linked to Individual circuitry. Each Channel in the Individual Circuitry has an acoustic attunement.

In Damien’s Life Chart there are 4 defined Channels and each one makes up a part of the Individual Circuitry. Damien is empowered not only in his own life and in the projects he takes on, but also empowers anyone who “gets” him and trusts in his different, mutative and creative endeavors. This does not mean that everything he does is “right,” but it does mean that he will always move from the “tried and true” established ways of doing things into the more mysterious and creative possibilities.

The Channel 28-38 gives him the intuitive sense and drive to push into new arenas of life provided he is not distracted by challenges that do not relate directly to him.

The Channel 60-3 gives him the mutative drive to produce novel and dramatically different expressions to what might be considered ordinary or uninteresting.

The Channel 34-10 empowers him to follow his own convictions, regardless of nay-sayers or those who prefer to play safe and follow others’ “sensible” ways.

The Channel 1-8 gives him a creative leadership where he will ask the people around him to trust his guidance, whether he can fully explain what he is attempting or not. He is the creative person’s leader, hence with his last two movies, Whiplash, about the empowerment/disempowerment of both a young drummer and his mentor/nemesis, and La La Land, a musical drama that interplays the ups and downs of life with love relationships that are enhanced and tested by personal ambitions in a peculiar reality called Los Angeles.

In broad terms, the Channel 1-8 provides leadership that takes humanity out of a past associated with repeating concepts that are already overworked and doomed to obscurity, and into the exploration of mankind’s genius for creativity.

For Damien, his Channel 1–8, of The Creative Role Model, is activated by his unconscious Saturn, (the potential for trials and restrictions, or alternatively skills and maturity that are part of a genetic inheritance……), in Gate 1, Creativity. The activation is in Line 5 of “Magnetic Creativity : A means to fascinate people with your creative Pursuits,” and “Your Creativity is hard for others to ignore, even if no one grasps what is really happening,” highlights Damien’s potential trials in finding people who really “get” him! Without doubt now he has proven himself!

On the other end of the 1 – 8 Channel, Damien’s Gate 8, Contribution, is activated by his North Node destiny (….” our Soul’s purpose for the present lifetime….”) which for Damien is not coming into full strength until July 2029, and his “Uranus mid-point”, in Lines 2 “Being the Friend : Friendliness is an expression of the highest human ideal,” and Line 4, “Being Statesmanlike : Empowering cooperation by welcoming all contributions.” (All in italics taken from The Book of Lines).

It is clear that Damien is not only admired for his gifts and creative contributions, but also recognized as a great friend to all who work with him. As to whether Damien will spend his whole life in the movie industry or branch out into other mediums through which he can be a force in the growth and expansion of human consciousness remains to be seen, however, he is definitely someone to watch!

Much more can be said about his Human Design….and I will write again after his next endeavor.

For the month of March

By Chetan Parkyn 

  • From the Human Design perspective, the month of March is going to have us all appreciating who are the people that are really dear and meaningful to us in our lives, as the Solar eclipse on February 2th was triggered in the Channel of Community (37 – 40). Are we all to be segregated or can we begin to see the importance of embracing a world and a world community as being more important than the religions or nationality titles that have been invented?


  • Venus, our yin, feminine, beauteous, attracting planet, does her “retrograde” turn in Gate 21, Control, and Line 4, “Biting the bullet : Dealing with all situations in life using great self control,” implying that we are all going to have the opportunity to reexamine what is in our control and worth our attention, and what is not…..


  • “Beware the Ides of March” was a warning (ignored) given to Caesar before he was assassinated. I am not predicting any assassinations as such, but an observable instance in an inevitable downfall, and a day on which we can all take extra care…..around March 15th.


  • On March 18th, Jupiter moves out of Gate 32 and temporarily releases the pressure from our entrepreneurial activities briefly, (through its interaction with Pluto and the transiting definition of the 54-32 and the Channel of Transformation). Jupiter moves into Gate 57 and opens the possibility of heightening our acoustic, intuitive awareness for the next 6 weeks.

Planetary Cycles

By Carola Eastwood

Planetary Energies in these Volatile Times

The total solar eclipse in Pisces that just happened on February 26 set the foundation for major changes on the world stage, as well as in our personal lives, meaning that the month of March opens, pregnant with possibility but also tinged with uncertainty, and marked by the necessity of change. Keep in mind that, unlike a lunar eclipse, which brings outward changes in our day-to-day life experiences, solar eclipses are experienced more inwardly. While the February 26, solar eclipse heralds significant inner changes for everyone, people with planetary activations near the eclipse point, from 5 degrees to 11 degrees of Pisces or Virgo, will be affected the most dramatically, and can expect to experience quite significant inner shifts of perspective, with the need to become highly discerning about the origin of our beliefs about the nature of life and our place within the grand scheme.

If you have planetary activations as described above in your astrological chart, they will appear in your Design in either gate 55, line 6, or all of Gate, 37, and/or, if you have activations in gate 59, line 6 or anywhere in all of gate 40, your personal changes will also involve your experience of family and relationships to those we consider to be part of our community, as Chetan points out in his segment.  For everyone, a shift in perspective around the validity of our beliefs and the quality of our engagement with community and family is called for and will be experienced over the next few months

While the sun continues its journey through the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, we are naturally compelled to find completions with elements of relationships or experiences that are ready for us to gain clarity and perspective upon.  In this way, we grow in wisdom.  If we fail to evaluate and conclude certain phases of our life experiences, we miss the point entirely and cannot benefit from and participate in the evolution of our consciousness.  Use this time window through March 19, to do some soul-searching, and meditation to find your highest truth about necessary completions in your life.  In this way, you will discover new meaning and be inspired to move forward with greater wisdom and compassion. 

Did you watch the Oscars?  If so, did you see the huge, “OOPS!” right at the end, when the wrong film was announced as winning Best Picture award?  And, did you see the chaos that followed that colossal mistake?  Well, friends that was a perfect example of the kind of thing that can happen when we have the conditions I’m about to describe in the heavens…. We were close enough to this one on February 26, to get a front-row experience of what can happen when we are not totally present in our lives!

The planetary BIG EVENT of the season happens on March 4 and 5, as the planet Venus, the goddess of love, romance, beauty and wealth, now traveling a bit uncomfortably in the masculine-oriented sign of Aries, stops moving forward and begins her retrograde (apparent backwards motion).  This means our love-life is up for review, as is our relationship to money and how we experience art, beauty and all the “goodies’ available on planet earth!  Every other year, the bright morning or evening star, Venus retraces her movement through part of the astrological and Human Design matrixes for a period of six weeks.  This year, she begins retrograde motion at 13 degrees of Aries on March 5, (gate 21.5 in Design) and resumes direct motion at 27 degrees of Pisces on April 16 (gate 36.5).  As this newsletter gets published, Venus can be seem shining brightly fairly close to the moon, in the evening on the western horizon in the Northern hemisphere…..take a look; she’s a beauty! 

While the Venus retrograde affects everyone, if you have planets between 10-16 degrees of Aries or Libra, and/or between 24 and 30 degrees of Pisces or Virgo, this Venus retrograde has your name on it; really sit up and take notice!  For everyone: look especially deeply at the balance of give-and-take in all of your relationships, find your equilibrium between the inner feminine and masculine aspects of your nature, and deeply evaluate whether or not, and to what degree, you are living in harmony with your highest beliefs! I know, this doesn’t seem like the fun stuff, but if you will do the inner work now, you will love yourself for it in late spring (May) when the energy turns to big and highly positive opportunities!

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