Newsletter - January 1, 2017

A New Chapter Opens for Humanity

From Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood

Christmas in Santa Fe

Chetan and I decided to start the New Year with a ‘Creativity Retreat’!  So we are writing from the pristine high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico, a place I once lived and began my astrological consulting and teaching career, three decades ago.  We have a little house on 20 acres of land just a few miles out of the city, and we are relishing the quiet, bathing in the powerful healing energies of the Land of Enchantment, and getting some much needed rest.

It’s been an extraordinarily busy year for us, culminating in the release of our newest book, ‘The Book of Destinies; Discover the Life You were Born to Live’!  And, with the almost simultaneous release of our new, Human Design for Us All APP [by EarthStar Services]!!!  We are over-joyed to be bringing you these two powerful tools for elevating your consciousness and getting into greater alignment with your Divine Destiny!  So, with a bit more free time to devote, we are happy to be reigniting our Monthly Newsletter…. Enjoy!


Chetan’s Insights

2017:  Five Essentials to start your year powerfully



In all times of great challenges come opportunities to alter the habits we’ve indulged in our lives, and consider using completely different ways to think, perform and live.

2017 brings with it massive potential challenges, and therefore massive potential transformations. The great thing to remember, even though it may not always be immediately apparent, is that, Existence is forever on our side.  So, whatever challenges appear, they do serve a purpose. There are many potential ways to encounter and grow through the current energies, and we’ll find success so long as we’re prepared to move on from old patterns that do not fully meet the needs of the opportunities and challenges confronting us, and try something different.

To contemplate:  What are you being called to do next? And, what must you release so that new growth can occur?

Here are the five most important things we need to be clear about as we get ready for this landmark year: 

  • It is essential we are clear in our need to be fulfilled and enriched by whatever we do in 2017. ​

  • 2017 is going to be a great year for those people who want to open or expand on their Entrepreneurial Capabilities.

  • Stepping up in life by going beyond any limitations of what is considered “appropriate” or “allowed” for us will be a big part of the year’s continuing message, and will directly impact our success.

  • Ideas, particularly relating to how we bring harmony and true satisfaction to our lives and world, are going to be predominant.

  • Health and well-being are high priorities, perhaps more than ever before.

As January opens, be particularly aware of the people around you. Make strong impressions and connections when you have the opportunity.

Have your resolutions and visions for 2017 done, and preferably written or recorded and in place by January 22, 2017.

Be clear that you are here living your life, and that you are the only one who can know what is true and right for you, so that you have no potential regrets in blindly following what you consider someone else’s best advice or intentions.  


Carola’s Message



To Chetan’s recommendation that you know what is true and right for you, I would add: Remember to use your personal Human Design “Authority” key in all important decisions so you only engage with people and situations that will be the most fulfilling and successful.

The year 2017, offers a powerful turning point in our evolutionary journey.   But, with Mercury, the planet of communication, now in retrograde motion, we begin January in a period of reflection that will last through the first week, and extend to the second week of the month.  Use this time to tie up loose ends, complete what has been waiting for completion, and do your visioning and planning. 

The full moon on January 12 sheds light on the most essential steps we can take now, and brings the important choices before us into full view.  This will be the most fruitful time to make significant decisions and begin to take action on far-reaching, sweeping changes that will transform your life.

During the third and fourth weeks of January, you may find yourself in a highly productive time.  Do things that truly make a difference in peoples’ lives, and things that matter most to you!   

I’ll conclude with an inspiring note: I was recently so delighted during a breakfast meeting with the woman who was my beloved daughter-in-law, and remains one of my closest, dear ones.  Now living in San Francisco, she’s just finishing her last semester of a long journey to get her degree, and she is using her limited resources to travel to Washington DC, to join the Women’s march on the US Capitol, January 21!  I do believe that our young ones are worth nurturing and supporting; they are the light of our future!